Meet Jane
Jane A. Herron is your trainer on retainer, a motivational keynote speaker and certified leadership coach who is dedicated to the advancement of women worldwide. She specializes is Sales~Speaking~Self Completion!

Her company, TRAINING without the TRAVEL . . .
offers an array of speaking & coaching options designed to move you from
Self-Limiting Stumbling Blocks to Self Sustaining Stepping Stones that will lead you to your SUCCESS. Jane has the experience + credentials you are looking for in a Personal Achievement Coach, Seminar Leader and Corporate Consultant.

Jane has lead full day Leadership & Success Seminars in all
50 States, 10 Countries and 1-Working Vacation on Royal Cruise Line.
As a prestigious member of National Speakers Association,
Jane has trained over 300,000 seminar participants and consulted
with more than 300 companies over the past 30 years.

Before SPEAKING & TRAINING, Jane was the first woman hired by
three Fortune 500 Companies in manufacturing sales:
Levi Strauss & Co., General Mills and Wrangler's Womenswear.
After proving herself to upper management by breaking sales records,
she was promoted to the West Coast as an Account Executive
and became known as the company's Sales Guru as she stayed in the
TOP 3% in the company wherever she lived/worked:
Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver and Salt Lake City

Once her speaking career took off and she had completed
most of her PhD work in Positive Psychology, Dr. Stephen R. Covey
hand picked her to train exec's at his 3-Day Executive Leadership Retreats.
Jane is "Covey Certified" to train his:
7-Habits of Highly Effective People
First Things First
Principle Centered Leadership

And is certified as a "Covey Leadership Coach"
so you are in great hands with someone with years of Leadership Heart & Soul.

As a matter of fact, Jane has a long history of training success
as she has trained nationally & internationally for the top
Training & Development Companies in the USA:
National Seminars
CareerTrack Seminars
SkillPath Seminars
The Professional Education Institute
Fred Pryor Seminars
The CPA Education Foundation
The Stock Market Institute of Learning
The Sandler Sales System
Keller Williams Real Estate
Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation Skills, NLP,
Sales, Public Speaking, and Executive Development
courses, Assertive Communications Skills,
Business Building, Management & Productivity.
AND Real Estate & Stock Market Investing

Now it is your turn . . . Jane wants to help
YOU find your V.O.I.C.E. by discovering your:
Values-What you Value Most!
Outcomes-What you really really WANT?
Influence-Can you influence & persuade other?
Courage -can you say NO so you can say YES?
Express yourself vision Execute your Plan

Is this your Year to find your V.O.I.C.E.?
Jane would love to work with YOU and your TEAM.


The Participants Say it Best . . .

Hire Jane as Your Trainer on Retainer

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