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Chart Your Course with US
The ability to attract success is within you, regardless of your past. We use the Think & Grow Rich Mastermind Principles that will change your life.

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Chart Your Course with US
We put a Map in your pocket, a Compass
in your hand, and inspire a Commitment in your head & your heart. IF you are a Team Leader, this is the best team-building available for $100 each.

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Chart Your Course with US
Our Tele-Rituals will support you by teaching you:
Powerful Communication Skills: Sales Copy Formulas, Presentation Skills, Formulas for Handling Objections, CTA Closing Skills
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Chart Your Course with US
Learn the S-Y-S-T-E-M to


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Chart Your Course with US
Join one of our Mastermind Groups
to accelerate your learning curve

And to create your own personal focus group!

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Chart Your Course with US
Telling is not Selling: Master your Speaking Skills and your ability to Call to Action:
Learn: Tele-Seminars, Webinars, Podcasts

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Magnify Your Manifesting by using Mastermind Principles
In the process of becoming who you are and creating the life you love, you go through the experience of being inspired to do something and then you realize that you need to find the tools and the coach who can help you with your individual achievement.
We teach the same Mastermind Principles found in Napoleon Hill's Think & Grow Rich and we have a toolbox of full of creativity that will practically help YOU move out of neutral and get YOU back on track.
Here is a sample of what you will find in your 2017 Mastermind Journal
which is included in your Chart Your Course Leadership Training.
See the Coaching Tab for details.