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Meet Jane
Jane is a personal achievement and success coach, a leadership developer, author, keynote speaker and retreat owner dedicated to the advancement of women worldwide. Her company, Training without the Travel, offers an array of coaching option filled with leadership, sales, assertive communications, and productivity tools to help you to "own your value~earn your worth." Jane will help you dig deep, discover your true self, and elevate your sales, leadership & communication skills. She draws on her former experience as a executive sales representative with three Fortune 500 Companies: Levi Strauss & Co., General Mills, and VF Corporation/Wranglers Womenswear. She then went on to work with the top five Training and Development firms in America: Covey Leadership Center, National Seminars, SkillPath Seminars, Career Tracks Seminars and the Professional Education Institute. While earning her Masters in NLP, completing her PhD work in Positive Psychology at the same University that Napoleon Hill taught Think & Grow Rich, she was busy training full day seminars in all 50-U.S. States, 10-countries, and 1-working vacation as a speaker on Royal Cruise Line. Her NLP book, The Magic of Rapport, and her LEADERSHIP talk "The 5-Moments of Truth" share the critical steps to rise up, speak up and stand up bravely for yourself when you are ready to transform your life. Audiences love Jane's passionate and energetic style; her ability to enthuse her participants; and the balance she provides in blending your personal and professional life. If you are looking for a great speaker, trainer, and corporate coach who can make a difference in your life – on your team – in your corporations . . . please contact Jane Herron TODAY!!


The Participants Say it Best . . .


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