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Chart Your Course with US 
We put a Map in your pocket, a Compass in your HAND, and a Commitment in your HEART 

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Chart Your Course with US
Our Webinars will keep you motivated and On Course
We blow up limiting beliefs, resistance, negativity
You will be empowered to lead the change.
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Chart Your Course with US
Learn the S-Y-S-T-E-M 
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Chart Your Course with US
Accelerate your Manifesting learning curve
Monthly Trainings | Journal | Planner
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Chart Your Course with US
Leadership, Management, Communications, Sales, Public Speaking, Self Esteem, Productivity Skills

Monthly Trainings | Journal-Planner | MasterClass

Have you been looking for a great all-inclusive Leadership Training for Women?

offers you a year to clear with Jane A. Herron,
a 30-year veteran Professional Speaker, National Trainer and a
Covey Leadership Certified Productivity Coach & National Trainer.
Jane has trained over 300,000 professionals over the past 30 years
in full day Leadership, Management, Productivity, Communications,
Self-Esteem, Sales, Assertiveness, Dealing With Difficult People Workshops
in all 50-US states and 10-countries.
IF you having been looking for a professional trainer and experienced coach
to motivate your team, you have found Jane A. Herron,
aka The Gutsy GURU.
See the JANE TAB above for more details! WHO do you know who needs to be Praised + Raised for one Full Year with our:
The MasterClass includes:
(1) TWELVE Leadership & Individual Achievement Trainings
sent to your IN-Box (only one Mp3 every month)
(2) A Magnify Your Manifesting Journal™ [digital PDF]
that is used to define your purpose, values, dreams + desires.
Is it time to discover what's most important in your life and take action?
(3) A Year to Clear Productivity Planner™ [digital PDF].
Here is where we chunk down your dream into actionable steps, chart them onto your planner, and we get you off of the Manifesting Couch for a whole Year to Clear!

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We would love you to join our
Chart Your Course Leadership for Women MASTERCLASS™ today!.