In June we are offering a Tele-Ritual series: Are You Afraid of Selling & Speaking?
ImportantSelling is a skill that is so natural to women, but we resist because of the fear of rejection. Little boys learned a lot about rejection in grammar school from whom?? Little Girls!! The same girls (women) who avoid developing their speaking & presentation skills to sell their products and services. The same girls who are afraid to go for the close and ask for the sale.  The same girls who would prefer the ‘squirm dance’ over “making BANK”. Ask yourself: Isn’t it time to take your message and PLAY where a company is willing to PAY? If you have never been trained on the art of selling, then why not join us in JUNE for our Tele-Ritual Series on Are You Afraid of Selling?
NSA-milestone-30 years Why join Jane Herron?   Jane was the first woman hired by three Fortune 500 companies, given the largest territories in the USA: Levi Strauss & Company; General Mills; and Blue Bell America.  She has been a member of NSA for 30 years, spoken to major corporations & conventions in all 50-US States, 10 countries, and 1 Cruise Ship. Today she spends her time in “virtual presentations” at Training Without the Travel 
  • Jane was the first woman certified to teach Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s 7-Habits of Highly Effective People with the book first launching, the demand became high to teach executives the principle in a 3-Day Intensive.
  • Jane was then certified and trained First Things First to executives nationally.
  • She was consistently in the top 10% of sales with all three of the Fortune 500 companies at a time when there were no other women to collaborate with.  She was a trail-blazer introducing a more feminine approach to selling.
  • Her unique style of selling earned her a position on the platform with all of the top major US Training & Development firms:  Covey Leadership Center, National Seminars, SkillPath Seminars, Career Track Seminars, Stock Market Institute of Learning and The Professional Education Institute where she continued to work with Franklin-Covey Coaching; Robert Kiosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad; Carlton Sheet’s No Money Down; Wade Cook’s Real Estate Money Machine; J.G. Banks Secrets of Probate Profits:  Buying Real Estate at 30-50% below Fair Market Value.
  • Jane worked as a Productivity Coach with Keller Williams Real Estate teaching agents their Secret 4:4:3 Formula and she certified as a national trainer for Real Estate expert Joe Stumpf’s By Referral Only.
  • Jane was in the top 3% in selling from the platform with those companies and in performance reviews from her audience, AKA: Paid for Performance.  As an independent contractor (an entrepreneur with a contract that promises that SHE will perform), if she did not meet the terms of the agreement in her contract which had very high expectations, she would be dismissed. Her audience members gave her thumbs up/thumbs down never knowing HOW important their reviews of her was to her livelihood. Isn’t it time for you to be paid for your performance? And if you are NOT performing, then what?
  • And then on the softer side of life, Jane did all of her PhD work (minus her dissertation) in Positive Psychology at LaSalle University.
  • She also did 1-year of Practitioners training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and then went on to get her Masters in NLP the following year.  Jane has been teaching NLP skills in all of her trainings for the past 25 years.

Soooooo Training Without The Travel is a virtual training company that provides a huge amount of value to you personally and professionally.  Get started by downloading the Chart Your Course Mastermind Journal. The Journal comes to you as a PDF file, you download it, print it, and put it into the binder of your choice–preferably with one with a clear cover on the front/back so you can house your 8×11 vision board.  And when we deliver a new training, add your handouts to add to your journal.  Now you are Charting Your Course and keeping your Dream Maps all in once single location.Vision Board Cover Please JOIN US in JUNE, for this 4-part Are You Afraid of Selling?  IF you will register your name here, we will sent you a wonderful Mastermind Blueprint that will teach you how and why a mastermind group is essential to your success. Week One: “What Happens in Vagueness, Stays in Vagueness” Staying in vagueness too long is the surest way to losing it all: losing your mind, your matters of the heart, your money. Vagueness is addictive and it is not easy to get out. It is the foolish risk taker who stays playing the games in Vagueness.  What will it take to get you to MOVE out of Vagueness? What Happens in Vagueness-Stays in Vagueness
Week Two: we begin to Chart Your Course In week two, you learn to navigate.  IF you were lost in the forest, would it be beneficial to have a compass and a map??  Yes, of course!  BUT what if, you did not even know HOW to use a compass and apply it to a map??  Likewise, what if you had never been trained in presentation skills or public speaking? Aside from watching some really great speakers, and imagining that you could be “that good” too, please note: if a person makes a skill that most people are afraid of, LOOK EASY, that is because they are a well trained, experienced PROFESSIONAL.  They get PAID to make it look easy. So week two will teach you the basics of charting your course in the form of a professional presentation.  You do NOT miss this Tele-Ritual!public speaking charlie brownpublic speaking The TWO biggest fears? Public Speaking & Going in for the Sale
Week Three  “Your Word is Your Wand Step into “The Magic Circle” and learn how your Self-Talk creates your reality.  Learn how to “Magnify your Manifesting” by use your psychic mega-phone to call forth that which you do desire.  More customers, a higher rank, more confidence, an ideal job, an ideal mate, more income from doing what you love.  You name it! You may also love Florence Scovel Shinn’s body of work . . . the third Tele-Ritual will lean heavily into her second book: Your Word is Your Wand. Additionally, we will do a very fun “Magnify your Manifesting” exercise called “Tell~A~Vision” that you will LOVE … so do not want to miss our third Tele-Ritual. Your Word is your Wand
Week Four “Unlocking Your Potential” Here is where we pull it all together. Think about a 4-legged chair, ok?  Now let’s label each leg, you choose which leg to start the labels: # 1 mental; # 2 emotional; # 3 physical; # 4 financial NOW cut ONE leg off so you only have THREE remaining, STAND on that chair. Can you remain standing on that chair with one leg chopped off? YES you can–but it is a lot of work on YOU and the three remaining legs, right? By taking something important away (consciously or unconsciously), it requires that you ferociously balance everything in a brand new way, a brand new learning curve … all on three legs when you really need four to function.  Hang in there! So imagine IF, you chopped off a second leg.  You decide which two are gone. Could you remain standing on a chair with only two legs? YES you could–but it would require a lot of training to remain upright on 2-legs. And one more chop, imagine IF you chop off a third leg so all you have left is ONE Could you remain standing on a chair with only 1 leg? YES you could–but it would seriously be a fleeting moment of balance only to exhaust you beyond any recognition of yourself that you have ever know. For some of you, it would be a big ugly FALL, for some of you, it is a big blind leap because you were convinced there was a knight in shining armor who would support you in all ways into eternity; you were convinced to quit your job to become self-employed; you were convinced it was safer to keep the blindfolds on for years only wake up in VAGUENESS.  Deep deep deep in VAGUENESS and you don’t know HOW to get UP, get OUT, get GOING!! Falling on your face Unlocking Your Potential So on week 4 we Unlock Your Potential by applying these 4 labels to the chair you are standing on! Then you decide, which one of these can you live without! Systems, Strategies, Skills, Someones Staying out of Vagueness Saying it right:  Your Word is your Wand Chart Your Course: Where are you going? What’s the best way for you to get there? Why? How will you know when you have arrived? What or Who is Stopping you?
What Happens in Vagueness–Stays in Vagueness:  A Year to Clear 
WHY do you want to purchase the Chart Your Course Mastermind Journal?  Research shows that to own your desires, to chart your course, to check your progress in black + white, you will accomplish more when you have a tangible tool in your hand.
  • The Chart Your Course Mastermind Journal helps you define who you are and what you want to achieve for the year.
  • Your year starts when you do, you do not have start on January 1st, so you have the opportunity have a “DO OVER” with 52 new weeks, 12 new months, and 365 new days to chart your course and then we will keep you on course, through the activities we teach monthly on the Tele-Rituals and in the Chart Your Course Mastermind Journal Facebook Group. This is a PDF file that you print and put into your favorite binder.
  • Within the journal, you have areas to create your master plan, your mission statement (aka … your tell~A~vision) … and then you bring these dreams into reality through learning how to “schedule in success” into your Monthly, Weekly, and Daily calendar (your planner).
Important “Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” Gloria Steinem My leap of imagination continues to be one of serving entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, small business owners and students of success by exercising their courage and creativity muscles. It is my mission, my “Tell~A~Vision” to make a difference in your life by delivering low cost, but highly effective training and development. So please don’t keep me a secret!   Join us in The Chart Your Course MasterClass
Mentoring has a long tradition and is valued most for empowering one’s talent(s).
 Jane A. Herron has been empowering, mentoring & training women in business for almost 30 years.
BUT, have you noticed that times are changing in the training world?
Yes, workshops, seminars, in-house meetings are very exciting, but they can also be very expensive in time away from one’s job, the expense of travel, hotels, food and the time away from home (husband, children, pets). empowered women-smAnd YES, there are times we definitely want to get away from LIFE, but generally, to get the skills developed that we need, going to a destination meeting is less exciting because of the high costs to your time and energy.   And, typically the excitement of those meeting sticks around for 3-5 days, then SSDD sets in (same stuff different day).
NOTHING really changes because we are creatures of HABIT
and old habits die hard.
To ensure the long-term success of team leaders, individuals, small business owners, employees, etc., we believe empowered women empower women!  And when you feel empowered, when you are empowering others, guaranteed, it will lead to the development of tomorrow’s business leaders.
It is the small stuff that makes a big difference.  
What we have learned about training and empowering adults internationally, young and old is that small changes that are applied daily, weekly, monthly will create sustainable growth and long lasting change.  IF you take important topics, chunked them down into bite sized pieces, teach them in a fun strategic sequential way over a period of time, instead of all in one day, the lessons stick. We have discovered that when you learn a little, apply that information immediately, the lessons stick. That is why our business is called Training without the Travel.
Along with that consistency of small chucks delivered at the right time, in the right order, it is super important to have a mentor that can lead you through the dark spots … The tricky corners of fear!!!  So please consider Jane as your mentor.
It is important to know that Jane didn’t just read a book to figure out what she trains.
She has walked this path herself. She has been certified by professionals.
She knows this path and she knows how to help you Chart Your Course.
You never know who needs you. Joyful Energy is Contagious . . . Please accept some of mine and be sure to share some of yours!

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