How do you set your goals?

Most of you use one or more of the following:

1. A definite decision
You are proactive and choose to set goals knowing that a goal puts you into the driver’s seat . . . empowering you to BE-DO-HAVE more.

2. You feel pressured by circumstances or others to change, so you are force to do something different.  You are Reactive

3. By drifting
You drift into habits and before long those habits have become a way of life for you … it is what you know.  You are asleep at the wheel headed for a vision collision.

Our January topic was: What Happens in Vagueness ~ Stays in Vagueness
And, as a result of staying in Vagueness, by not choosing, you drift into habits, default into attitudes that determine your priorities for you. How is that working?
How do you set your goals?

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Falling on your Face

One of the most common causes of failure is the HABIT of QUITTING when one is over taken by temporary defeat.

Failure is the Trickster with a keen sense of irony . . . the trickster always has his foot out just waiting for you to trip and fall on your face.

Well here is the good news, Mr. Trickster, if you fall on your face . . . you are still moving FORWARD.Falling on your face  So if you are working on something new in 2016, the trickster is out to get you, sooooooo YOU will need a great sense of humor!

How about this?

I am giving Tele-Rituals this month on What Happens in Vagueness, Stays in Vagueness.  HA!  Isn’t that the truth??  IF you know anyone ready to Get of Vagueness,  and/or if you are ready to take a deep dive with your 2016 goal-setting, join us this week for a Tele-Ritual as we get serious about HOW to do your goal-setting this year!

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What Happens in Vagueness, Stays in Vagueness

What Happens in Vagueness-Stays in VaguenessHow many people do you know who have never been given the “Gift of Direction“ and they have been “Out of Focus” living in VAGUENESS for years and years and years?

Can you imagine how many of these these people have carried a cargo load of abandoned, unrealized, underdeveloped potential . . . BUT . . . they do own a 52 inch flat screen TV! They are so cool — plus they have a big house, a boat, an new car . . . but if you pull back the curtain, you might find out they are just one paycheck away from disaster!
 But What Happens in Vagueness ~ Stays in Vagueness . . . right?
Vagueness is the city you go to when you want to WIN BIG with all of the gold and the glitter, with all of the ‘bright shiny objects’, seminars in the big fancy hotels, people shouting, clapping their hands–stomping their feet and they feel like a million dollars in the moment. Here is the dirty little secret that most seminar leaders who charge you thousands of dollars don’t tell you while you are in Vagueness: most people forget 90% of what they have learned after 7-days. Especially IF you went to the seminar in Vagueness, came home to all of your STUFF and it only took you those 7-days to come back to your SSDD. (same stuff different day)
Staying in Vagueness is worse than playing the slot machines, casino games (blackjack, craps, roulette). The LIE these 52-inch TV screen owners are living is a lot like the games they play in Vagueness produces a short term HIGH that has a head throb LOW that gnaws at you within days after leaving that seminar with the ‘would a’ — ‘could a’ — ‘should a’ s.
OTHER games people play in Vagueness are those whom call themselves “serial entrepreneurs” . . . they too have 52 inch TV screens and they live on a different street in Vagueness, because the number of distractions they are able to ‘manage’ is just mind blowing.
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M.E. = Mental + Emotional
That is a great place to START if you want to get out of Vagueness because it does start with ME–ME–ME. Getting out of Vagueness is one of the times that it is OK to be selfish as you Chart Your Course back home to where you are really dialed in and living ON PURPOSE.
You have seen these people who are really “in the zone” demonstrating the gifts they were given and they are not only making a living at it . . . IT is WHO they are.
These people AVOID Vagueness, they dislike themselves the most when they visit that city for even short stays. They hate it because they have lot daylight doing nothing and that feels awful to squirrel away their blessings. They refuse to step down to a lower level, which means if you are in their presence you have 2 choices:
step UP or step OUT.
Step UP to meet them at a new level, or step OUT and head back to where you feel most comfortable, living in Vagueness.
In reality you have those 2 choices right now: step UP or step OUT
This is an invitation to step UP with a group of people who are ready to get the hell out of Vagueness in 2016. We are creating the biggest step UP mastermind group on the planet. We are inviting people who have been living in Vagueness to step UP and show UP with is as we chart a new course in to individual achievement.
Age does not matter.
Gender does not matter.
Economic status does not matter.
Color does not matter.
Wave whatever flag you wave, what ever your orientation, we love diversity, nationality, spirituality, religion. Our focus is getting out of Vagueness for ONE and for ALL.
So we said, Tribe Leader. What we know is that your VIBE attracts your TRIBE, so we are creating a ‘getting out of vagueness Tribe’ that has a specific vibe . . . the vibe of ALCHEMY. By definition, ‘alchemy‘ is ‘a seemingly magical process of transformation and creation‘. Alchemists have always been able to transform their old metals, their old dead weight (that cargo load of abandoned, unrealized, underdeveloped potential) called LEAD into GOLD. Real gold–not the bright shiny fake stuff found in Vagueness.
So how do we go about the vibe of alchemy and transform an entire mastermind tribe out of Vagueness into a group who are charting their course into their true potential.
1. Spaced Learning: we teach on the 1st Saturday of every month at 9:00 am for 1-hour (that is free to you if you can get onto the call as space is limited). In January 2016, we will work on the 2nd Saturday January 09, because of the holiday weekend. So this gives you time to go over to to register your name so we can send you the call in information for the TELE-RITUALS.
So with Spaced Learning we teach, then you apply what you learned, then you come back for more the next month on the first Saturday @ 9:00 am for the next HELPING. And this is exactly what we are all about “helping”. Helping you to get out of Vagueness.
2. The Spaced Learning is the SUPPORT we are giving and it is FREE if you make it onto the call, the TOOL we have designed to HELP you get out of Vagueness is called the Chart Your Course Mastermind Journal.Chart Your Course Mastermind Journal
The MM Journal has 2-parts:
Part ONE: an Out of Vagueness Mastermind Journal that is layered with Mastermind Principles. You will gain clarity quickly!!
Part TWO: a Planner that charts your course from DREAM into small detail, then it turns your around from that detail and brings you back to the Dream in a weekly, monthly, quarterly rotation so that within 4-quarters, you will be completely OUT OF VAGUENESS. (as long as you don’t leave us for some bright shiny detour that you just have to have)
So our tribe will have the TOOLS and the SUPPORT to get out of Vagueness in 2016.
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Bottom line-if you are ready to Get out of Vagueness in 2016 with others who are just like you, and you want to start at the same place at the same time with other Alchemists who are ready to turn their old LEAD into GOLD, the party gets started on January 09. You have lots of time to download your Chart Your Course Mastermind Journal, get started, and have your questions ready for the first Tele-Ritual.
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Your Divine Purpose Vs Setting your Goals

In Chapter 9 of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, Edwene Gaines writes: finding and following your divine purpose is very different from setting your goals.
goal is a desire with an end result, but your divine purpose is really a way of living. For example, a goal might be to learn to paint with watercolors, but your divine purpose might be to bring joy to peoples’ lives through your art. Another goal might be to get a PhD, but the divine purpose would be to live in the world of the intellect, the world of ideas.

purpose-960x350Your goals have tangible finite deadlines, but your divine purpose is an intangible frame around you that you will be working with and growing with for the rest of your life.

Years ago, a teacher explained to Edwene that if she wanted to fully realize her potential in this lifetime the first thing she had to do was look out upon her world (understanding that we all look out through our own consciousness to see different worlds) and notice all the things that need healing, or fixing, or transforming.

Very frankly she says, in her world, she saw a multitude of areas where we as a human family needed to direct our attention, change our priorities, get rid of the systems and concepts that were not working, and begin anew. Just to name a few examples,she believes that some new thinking needs to be done about the way we take care of our children, treat the environment, feed the hungry, share with the homeless, and provide for the disabled, the elderly, the imprisoned, the hurt, the abused, and the lonely.

The task, then, her teacher instructed, is that after looking carefully at the world, You must pick out one thing that you feel needs transforming, something that would be fun for you to get involved in repairing, shifting, restructuring, fixing, and perfecting. Please note she uses the word fun. This is not about martyrdom or great personal sacrifice. It is about focus, joy, and a sense of purposeful possible achievement.

Next, you must take a bold step and make a 100 percent commitment to “fixing” the problem you have identified, followed by devoting your energies, time, talents, skills, and money to transforming that one piece of the earthly puzzle. Even as you’re working toward solving the problem, keep in mind that what is really important is not whether the problem ever gets solved; it’s that you are working toward the solution with dedication and persistence.

We are all children of God. But children eventually grow up. And the evolving and advancing you will do when you begin to live according to your divine purpose is part of that growing up.

When you choose your divine purpose, you are framing your life with meaning.

  • You are taking an important step in your spiritual development
  • You are demonstrating to yourself that you are a divine being
  • You are proving to yourself that you have the power to affect change
  • You are learning that you are bigger, stronger, more powerful, and more creative than you thought.

Have you defined your divine purpose?  Using our Mastermind Journal-Planner is the best way to discover your divine purpose and to define your goals. PLUS, we will be doing FREE Tele-Rituals every month and would love to have you join us as we teach Mastermind Principles.

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The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity (part 2 of 5)

Money is like Love: The more you give away, the more you have to give.
The Truth of the Law of Compensation says that You cannot out give God.— Edwene Gaines

In these 5 posts, I will share a 5-part interview with Edwene Gaines, author of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance. This in number 2 of 5.
WHY am I sharing Edwene Gaines with YOU? I love her, and finding a female role model who has so much conviction and natural humor needs to be highlighted. Edwene turned 76 years old this summer.
I ask you, how many 76 y.o. women do you know who are making a living speaking internationally on a topic that they love? We see many male motivational speakers of all ages, happy to have them in my life, but YOU need to get to know Edwene Gaines.
Edwene Book

Diane: Edwene, you are considered to be one of the forerunners in the prosperity movement,
please speak a little bit about your first Spiritual Law: tithing. It seems that many people get confused is that they give to charity and they think that’s a tithe, and it is not. It is a wonderful thing to do, but a tithe has to go where you’ve been spiritually fed.

In my opinion it is a sacred commission that we’ve been given which does several things for us. It increases our faith one hundredfold, because when we tithe it puts us in a position where we feel in integrity with spiritual law. When we feel in spiritual integrity, then we allow ourselves to receive what is here for us.

Diane: I have practiced tithing at various points in my life and I could never get away from thinking ”I’m going to tithe because I’m ‘supposed to’ ,” or, ”I’m going to tithe to get something back.” There seems to be a challenge to get into the ”I’m freely giving” kind of mindset. How do you do that?

Edwene: There are several different ways. I’d like to go from the foundational scripture that the Bible gives us on tithing. Malachi 3:10, says ”Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith,” said Jehovah Lord of Hosts, ”…if I will not open you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it.”[1]

So it’s already connected, not by us but by the writers of this scripture. It says you bring your tithe in, you prove God in your life, and the windows of heaven are open for you.

So I say to people, ”Look, do you go to the water faucet and say, ”I’m going to turn you on but you don’t have to bring water out unless you want to”? You turn on the facet and water comes. You don’t even have to think about it.

Diane: Are you saying that it doesn’t matter what your personal attitude is about it?

Edwene: That’s right, at first it doesn’t matter. Ideally, it all would be most wonderful if we could begin it with the most pure of motivations, but I did not, so I can’t say it has to be that way.

I started tithing because I had tried everything else. I couldn’t make my life work. It was an absolute mess. I thought, What if this was the way and I missed it? I’m going to give it a try.

Because this scripture said ”prove me now.” I felt that gave me permission to put it to the test. So I decided to do it as a research project to see if it worked. I did it, and absolutely amazing things began to happen. The scriptures say that if you have faith as big as a mustard seed, that is enough — and that’s all I had.

I came to the discipline not knowing, but hoping that it was true. I began to tithe not because I was such a lover of God but because I wanted to pay my rent! That’s not the reason I tithe now, of course. I believe in an Infinite Being that loves us enough to allow us to start where we are.

Diane: Let’s talk about getting ”on purpose.” This has to do with your passion, right?

Edwene: Absolutely! The question I urge people to ask themselves is, ”What would be the most fun thing I could do with my life? What makes my heart sing? What do I get excited about?” and then go and do that. Even if at first it seems like it is playing video games or growing garlic. It’s going to lead you to the most magnificent of lives. But you have to go the way of your joy — ”the way of your bliss,” as the mystics say.

Diane: Many people who are involved in a 9-to-5 job, have a family, a mortgage, and credit card debt feel that the risk to move from that to their passion is too drastic and too great.

Edwene: Yes, it is very scary sometimes. Here’s how I did it in my own life. Within a three-month period, I moved from being an employee of a school district — secure, with tenure, a retirement plan, all that stuff — to opening my own business. It was very frightening so I didn’t quit my day job until I had my night job fairly well established. It required a great deal of juggling — of time, energy, skills and talents — but all my passion was with what I was doing in the evening, which was teaching these kinds of classes. I kept up the work that I was doing in the day until I got to see that the thing I was doing in the evening would support me.

In that transition period, my belief is that you have to spend a lot of time in prayer asking for guidance. ”Show me the way to do this.” Ask for those ideas. It does take courage.

But courage is the commitment to begin without any guarantee of success. And it takes courage for us to step out of the comfort zone even though we are not happy there. To move into the possibility of living a magnificent and joy-filled life — it takes courage to do that.

Diane: Because you come right up against the edge of fear of failure, and the possibility that reality is never going to match the picture in our pipe-dream.

Edwene: Exactly. You know, a lot of people do experience what the world calls failure before they accomplish their dreams. But at least they are moving in the right direction. As scary as it might be, it’s scarier to stay stuck in a dead-end, joyless life, then retire and get a gold watch, and die, and never know what pure joy of living is about. That, to me, is a terrible hell!

Diane: Yes, for myself I can’t begin to think of dying without accomplishing the dreams that I have or going to the places that I choose to, yet I see people doing that all the time. They give up their dreams. . .

Edwene: . . .and just settle with the idea that ”this is impossible so I can’t even think about it.” These are the lives I want to touch by opening the door to new possibilities.

Diane: Have you ever reached the point in your own life where you lost touch with your passion for a time?

Edwene: Not really. There have been times when I have been tired and when I’ve overscheduled myself. There have been times when I’ve had family situations and what seemed to be emergencies and I just felt I was in overwhelm. But I really never lost the passion for this teaching that I love so well.

There have been times when I’ve had to take time off for self renewal. But, no, the passion has always been there since I first discovered it, which was about thirty years ago.

Diane: Do you feel that if someone does lose their passion for whatever it is they are doing it might not be what they came here to do?

Edwene: It could be that, or it could be that they just overdid it. There must be balance. You can only go as high as you are willing to go low. So I take out regular times of privacy and solitude to feed my soul. I go apart a while from the work and do something else that feeds me at another level. So if you lose your passion, well, just go and do something else for a while. And come back if you come back. Maybe you won’t.

Diane: Are there exercises we can do to discover our passion?

Edwene: I suggest people ask themselves questions like, ”What is the most fun thing I can do with my life?” What would you do with your life if money was no object, if you didn’t have to work, if you didn’t have responsibilities, if you could do anything, be anything, have anything? I suggest to people that they begin to go there in their fantasies and write about it. Visualize it. And start taking baby action-steps towards those things. In that way we begin to discover that life is a lot bigger than we thought it was.

Diane: How can we get into the flow of money and stay there? I have a friend, for instance, who is working her passion, but her work ebbs and flows. How can we live above the line while working with the tides of life?

Edwene: Catherine Ponder says that if you’re stuck and life isn’t going the way you want, something has to give — and it is usually you. My suggestion is that whatever you can give, give that. Whether it means clean out your closet and give away all those unused or old clothes, or make cookies for a school class, or give away all your books — somehow, make space to receive. You can do that by giving away things, and also by doing forgiveness work. Because it is not the universe that is stopping the flow. The only one that can stop the flow is ourselves.

In order to prime the pump and get the flow going again, we’ve got to give something, and it usually has to be something of self, like forgiveness or giving ”stuff” — because we want ”stuff” like money to flow in.

Diane: Could we do service work, as well?

Edwene: It could be service, certainly. It could be time and talent, phone calls, writing letters. Or giving gratitude — that is a wonderful thing to do.

Chart Your Course Mastermind Journal-Planner

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity (part 1 of 5)

Prosperity is the manipulation of spiritual substance and bringing it into form as matter so that we can use it in the physical world.
— Edwene Gaines
Edwene BookIn the next 5 posts, I will share 5-parts of a wonderful interview with Edwene Gaines, author of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity:  A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance.  This in number 1 of 5.
WHY am I sharing Edwene Gaines with YOU?  I love her, and finding a female role model who has so much conviction and natural humor needs to be highlighted.
Edwene turned 76 years old this summer.

I ask you, how many 76 y.o. women do you know who are making a living speaking internationally on a topic that they love?  We see many male motivational speakers of all ages, happy to have them in my life, but YOU need to get to know Edwene Gaines.

Edwene, you are considered to be one of the forerunners in the prosperity movement, having been in this field for some thirty years. Would you please give me your definition of prosperity?  Edwene:  Sure. My definition may be a little bit different from what most of the world conceives prosperity to be. 

  • having a ”vitally alive healthy body for the God-being that we are to express through;
  • relationships that are joyous, satisfying, intimate, honest, and nurturing, and that work all the time;
  • work that we love so much it’s not work but play; and
  • all the money that we can spend.
  • In order to live at that level, which I believe is the level that Jesus was speaking about when he talked about ”the Kingdom of Heaven,” we’ve got to come into alignment with four spiritual laws.
    Here are The Four Spiritual Laws are:

  • Tithing. Keeping your money in circulation, returning the first 10% of everything of what you earn weekly back to the person, place or institution where you’ve received your spiritual food.
  • Engaging in forgiveness work every day.
  • Setting clear-cut, tangible goals.
  • Discovering what your divine purpose is here in the world.
  • Chart Your Course Mastermind Journal-Planner