When teaching the 3-day intensive for Dr Stephen R. Covey’s 7-Habits of Highly Effective People, we opened the first day with a clip from the 1989 movie Dead Poets Society. Do you remember Robin Williams portraying the passionate English professor John Keating? From the beginning of this opening scene, Mr. Keating demonstrates he is not just at Welton private prep-school to convey academic information.   No, he is there to inspire the students by demonstrating they can do great things in their everyday lives if they start now by applying just a bit of great knowledge.

The first class session is not much of a lesson in English literature as Mr. Keating instructs all of the students to tear out the first page of Pritchard book on Prose. He quickly moves the students into the hallway and asks them to look at the old photographs of the former Welton students that filled the glass cases where he delivers his first wake-up call…also known as “a paradigm shift”.

He quotes Robert Herrick’s famous poem written in the 1600s to the Virgins where Herrick is teaching women to “Make Much of Time

Mr. Keating has the same intent as he read the poem to the Welton boys:

“Gather the rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying; And this same flower that smiles to-day, To-morrow will be dying”.

“Why does the poet write these lines?” Keating asks the boys. There is only nervous laughter among the boys.
“Because we are food for worms, lads! Because we’re going to experience only a limited number of springs, summers, and falls. And one day, hard as it is to believe, each and every one of us is going to stop breathing, turn cold, and die!”

To drive the point home even further, Mr. Keating asks the students to lean into the pictures and he says:
“Those boys are not that different from any of you, are they? The hope in their eyes is just like in yours. They believe themselves destined for wonderful things, just like many of you. So what happened to that hope? where are those smiles today, boys?

Did most of them not wait until it was too late before making their lives into even one iota of what they were capable? In chasing the almighty deity of success did they not squander their boyhood dreams? Most of those gentlemen there in the glass case are now fertilizing daffodils. However, if you get very close, boys, you can hear them whispering to you. Go ahead, lean in. Can you hear it?”

(Keating whispering) “Carpe … Carpe Diem. What does that mean lads? One shouts out: Seize the day. Carpe Diem is Latin for Seize the day.

(Keating whispering again) “Carpe Diem! Seize the day. Make your lives extraordinary!”

Herrick wrote over 2,500 poems with the over-riding message of his work telling his readers that life is short, the world is beautiful, love is splendid, and we must use the short time we have to make the most of it.

What dreams have you shelved? You had great intentions but LIFE got in the way and you never got around to completing those plans. Right? Or you are without a job right now, you wish you could just do what you have always wanted to do, but money is tight and it would be so foolish to go after your dream at this time!

Hear Mr. Keating whispering at you as you lean into this message: “Carpe Diem! Seize the day. Make your lives extraordinary!”

Making a million dollars is a dream I often hear from clients. Do you know that more millionaires are made when times are tough? People are much more resourceful when they “have to be”.

OK-you don’t want to be a millionaire, you just want to make a good living. That is OK, but when will you begin? Getting started and staying in the game are the 2-toughest things about fulfilling a dream.

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There will never be a better time to do what you have always wanted to do than NOW.

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