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The profoundly gifted spiritual teacher, Osho, said the real meaning of “guru” is “Gee, You Are You.”  Jane Herron, Individual Achievement Coach and GURU at Training without the Travel reminds YOU that “Gee, You Are You (g u r u) and as the Gutsy GURU on her internet radio show she is so happy to remind you that “no one does YOU quite like you“.

Jane Herron, Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Certified Leadership Coach has facilitated executives, managers and small business for the past 30 years, and now, she is delivering her trainings and master classes without the the high costs of travel, hence, her company name is: Training Without The Travel.  Training Without The TravelCHANGE is challenging. How many times have you resolved to break a bad habit — or form a positive new one — and ended right back in VAGUENESS?  And you know, what happens in vagueness-it-stays in vagueness . . . . sometimes for years!!  

We have 2 great tools at our disposal at all time: our IMAGINATION + WILL-POWER. And in truth, you can imagine yourself being successful at something all you want, but if you cannot tap into your desires which is charged by your will power, and get off the sidelines, to get into the game and DO something, then you are resisting change also meaning that we get to experience your under utilized potential!!
(Imagination vs Will-Power)

Staying stuck in the SSDD (same stuff different day) means you value your comfort over getting what you want in your life. But if you want something else, but you are stuck in the SSDD, then you may need our HABIT REHAB . . . where we introduce you the ART OF THE START.

Dr Stephen R Covey: The 7-HabitsJane had the good fortune in 1993 when she was chosen as the first woman to train Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s 7-Habits of Highly Effective People and his First Things First to executives, managers and employees across the USA.  In an ART OF THE START opening exercise she facilitated, participants were instructed to close their eyes and point North. When they opened their eyes, (still pointing) the participants were amazed that very few were pointing north!

Lessons Learned?
1. Your internal compass needs training to learn how to LEAD.  No one is a born leader.
2. IF you are lost, the first thing you must do is gather your bearings and align yourself with what is most important (your inner compass)…because without an inner compass –how can you LEAD anything? anyone?
3. Leadership demonstrates that there are times that that you may be required to RETREAT so that you can ADVANCE effectively.  Your (physical and emotional) Retreats are very important in determining your what, when, where, how, and why?
4. Choosing to hire a leader who has been certified from someone as esteemed as Dr. Stephen R. Covey just makes sense! Couple that certification with 6-full years of platform experience as a National Trainer and Executive Coach for the Covey Leadership Center, and then add 30 years of experience as a keynote speaker in National Speakers Association, Jane Herron is the right leader for you.
5. And it’s smart to hire someone like Jane who understands ‘there is no such thing as a full grown tree’ because just like a healthy tree, you continue to grow for as long as you LIVE and as long as you are WILLING to GROW.autumn-tree

Contact Jane A HerronAs your Individual Achievement Coach, Jane will help you stretch and grow taller and will help you ground and root youself deeper in ways you did not know you could. She will hold the LIGHT up for you so you can see things in yourself that you have not seen before so you can embrace aspects of yourself that have never been acknowledged.

Jane has been training LEADERSHIP skills to professionals for over 30 years and estimates that she has personally trained in excess of 30,000 students in formal full day classes that she conducted for national training companies (including Covey Leadership Center) as she crissed-crossed the country.

Jane Herron is the ideal sales trainer and presentation skills coach to help you to close more sales and secure more revenue.  She will help you to increase your productivity, develop your self-confidence and overcome fears/self doubts and teach you leadership skills that include inspiration, motivation and perspiration. 

Jane tells the story of Polaris, the North Star.  Did you know that Polaris is not the brightest in the sky, however, Polaris it is the most consistent?!!

Likewise, YOU do not have to be the brightest star on the team to deliver a shining performance, and your consistency will create a ton of credibility.

One shining performance Jane is most proud of is completed all of her Ph.D requirements in Positive Psychology through LaSalle University. The LaSalle Extension is part of the University of Chicago, where Napoleon Hill once built up this extension by delivering trainings that were full of rich rewards and spiritual growth.

Jane has studied and delivered full day seminars, keynotes and breakouts using the principles found in Positive Psychology, Think & Grow Rich, NLP, Negotiations, Leadership, Image-Self Esteem-Sales, Communication Skills  for over 30 years.

Jane worked with the Professional Education Institute who developed two coaching programs based on Jack Canfield’s books, The Success Principles and then his Keys to Living the Law of Attraction: A Simple Guide to Creating the Life of Your DreamsWe offered individuals the logical next step to implementing the philosophies in each program so they could go from where they are to where they want to be!!

Over the past 30 years, Jane has had the privilege of working as a National Trainer with some of the most prominent public Training & Development companies in the world:
Covey Leadership Center training The 7-Habits at their 3-day Executive Retreats
CareerTracks: Leadership & Management Skills for Women: Assertiveness for Mgrs
National Seminars: Image, Leadership, Sales & Presentation Skills, Assertiveness
Skill-Path Seminars: Covey’s First Things First, Communication & Negotiation Skills
The Stock Market Institute Learning: Wealth Building in Real Estate & Stock Market
Professional Education Institute: representing Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad; Carleton Sheets; Jack Canfield’s The Success Principle and Covey Leadership’s Coaching Programs in the 7-Habits and First Things First.

And lastly and most recently, the Napoleon Hill Foundation authorized Jane to use the name Thanks & Grow Rich MasterClass  for her newest online training where she takes you from where you are now to where you want to be . . . and then, she keeps you on course for 52 weeks as you learn the Art of the Start!

OK if you team Dr. Covey, Napoleon Hill, Jack Canfield with the Gutsy GURU, Jane Herron, then, you have found the right transformational coach at the right price for you!  Let’s talk about the Thanks & Grow Rich Masterclass™  This masterclass includes a Thanks & Grow Rich Manifesting Journal, a Chart Your Course Planner, and Positive Psychology trainings based on Think & Grow Rich.  Like so many transformational leaders, Jane believes the best way to incorporate information is through sequential learning, meaning: she teaches, then you apply that lesson for 30 days in as many ways in as many areas that you can . . . then she teaches the next step, and you have the opportunity to apply that next lesson.  And so on and so on for 12 months.

Because this method has been utilized by the masters that she has worked with and been certified by, you will experience sequential learning and receive a Mp3 in your IN BOX every 30 days (and no you cannot get them all of the trainings at one time) but Jane does stays with you keeping you on course for a 12 full months.c-o-a-c-h

The Thanks And Grow Rich Masterclass™ is an incredibly inexpensive way to be coached for an entire year. You notice, we did not say it was incredibly easy way to be coached for an entire year because change is not always easy–especially if–you have been stuck in Vagueness (not Vegas) for way too long.  Lesson One is What Happens in Vagueness, Stays in Vagueness — and we did not say Vegas!!

The best way to work with Jane in 2018 (if you want to gain clarity, stop derailing yourself or others, have a great sounding board who will help you explore your success beliefs, your sabbotaging beliefs, and what you are willing to do to align those beliefs) is by purchasing the Thanks And Grow Rich Masterclass. It includes a Thanks & Grow Rich Manifesting Journal, a Chart Your Course Planner and the recordings of the Class . . . ALL for only $100 for the first 100 women.

Where can you find 1-year of support to help you stretch and grow for only $100?

This price is good for only the first 100 women, then the price goes up to $497.

THE ART OF THE START Use Napoleon Hill's legendary Think & Grow Rich principles to boost your profits + productivity in this Chart Your Course Leadership Masterclass
Napoleon Hill said: "The best GIFT you can give someone is the gift of DIRECTION!"
The GIFT of DIRECTION includes 3 products:
(1) Thanks & Grow Rich Manifesting Journal HEART
(2) Chart Your Course Leadership Planner HEAD "THANKS & Grow RICH" is a hybrid blending of HEAD & HEART
(3) Twelve recorded Thanks & Grow Rich MasterClasses which will teach you how to apply the TAGR principles into your life!
Jane A. Herron, the Gutsy GURU believes in sequential learning so you will receive one recording every 30 days!
The Chart Your Course Leadership System with the Thanks & Grow Rich Manifesting Journal + the MasterClasses starts when you do-because this program is NOT tied to the calendar year, but to YOUR year (start to finish). Jane will meet you where you are at today . . . we call that The Art of the Start!
Jane Herron has been a Member of National Speakers Association since 1986 and was hand picked by Dr Stephen R. Covey to be the 1st female National Trainer for the Covey Leadership Center! For six years she taught "The 7-Habits" and "First Things First" to executives, managers and employees at his 3-day Leadership Retreats across America.
So if you are looking for an Individual Achievement Coach / Productivity Coach who can help you Chart Your Course to where you are going in 2018 ... stay FOCUSED ... and learn great leadership skills, sales + communication skills, goal-setting & time management, self-confidence + self-esteem, and even, how to deal with difficult people (even when one of them is YOU), then Jane Herron is your coach!!
This entire program is only $100 for the entire year! (for the first 100 to enroll)
WHO can you Praise + Raise by gifting them this Mastermind Alliance program?
In 1933 before writing Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill was employed by FDR to create a Mastermind Alliance that consisted of working with both houses of Congress, all News sources, all Churches and many Unions across American to communicate the "positive psychology" presented by the President and First Lady (Eleanor).
Collectively this Mastermind Alliance p(raised) + raised America out of the Great Depression.
From the stories of this time, you will discover that depression visits those who are not inspired with a vision for their personal existence, so expect to be inspired over the next 12 months...and expect to 'pay it forward' . . . meaning . . . if you know someone who has been in the dumps, please p(raise) them, please raise them by gifting them this: (1) Year Long Thanks & Grow Rich Master Class, (2) the TAGR Manifesting Journal, (3) the Chart your Course Leadership Planner
WE will PRAISE + RAISE you!
Three big "Art of the Start" products for $100!!
ASK YOURSELF: where can "I" find someone who plans to p(raise) + raise ME for an entire YEAR for only $100?
Jane Herron has been a member of National Speakers Association for 30+ years working with major corporations and companies in a 50 U.S. states and 10 countries. She estimates that she has trained over 30,000 students. Now she wants to work with YOU and your TEAM.
ALL OF THIS for only $100/person
Your VOICE carries POWER.
Jane’s 30 years of Leadership studies, degrees + certifications in the arena of Positive Psychology and a wide array of Napoleon Hill’s materials is why the Hill Foundation authorized her to use Thanks & Grow Rich™ as the title of this new motivating MasterClass which INCLUDES your 52-week Chart Your Course Leadership Planner.
Jane wants to put a Map in your pocket, a Compass in your hand, and a Commitment in your heart for an entire year for only $100.
The TAGR Manifesting Journal acts like a road MAP to get you 'on course' while the Chart Your Course Leadership Planner acts as your COMPASS to keep you 'on course'.
You will MAP out your desires in the TAGR Manifesting Journal ...and then... and then you will CHART Your Course in your Leadership Planner.
BOTH will be sent to you as digital downloads, as a PDF link: you print it, you bind it.
It is yours to customize, then ADD your TAGR masterclass NOTES each month to it!
EVERYTHING is provided for you for only $100 as you learn how to apply the Mindset & Skillset Secrets delivered in Napoleon Hill's legendary Think & Grow Rich
For the first 100 only, your $100 will include direct access to Jane with your admission into The Mastermind Alliance FB Group. This is a private community of 100 who are interested in growing their sales, learning leadership, motivation, speaking & communication skills, and of course, the power of gratitude.
We want you to add your Vision Board to the front/back covers of your binder. Your TAGR Vision Board transforms into a "Visual Prayer" protecting all of your deliberate creations.
Having a TAGR Vision Board (a visual prayer book) in your hands daily brings your affirmations to LIFE!
Later in the Masterclass Series, we will do a deep dive into Napoleon Hill's 13 TAGR principles. These are the principles that have turned men into millionaire.
REMEMBER: it does not matter what month you get started with this Thanks & Grow Rich MasterClass, just trust the process, trust the Mastermind to know exactly how to engage you where you are at right now in your lifeplan. That is called "The Art of the Start"!!
This Thanks & Grow Rich MasterClass combined with the Mastermind Alliance of 100 PLUS the Gusty GURU's leadership will most assuredly LIFT you to new heights and you will accomplish more in the next 12 months than ever before.
ALL of this for only $100
All we ask of you?
""Please don't Keep us a Secret""
WHO do you know who needs (1) Direction in their life/in their business? (2) Leadership skills from someone who has been in the Leadership Business working as a national trainer with the top seminar companies in the world (3) A deep dive into Gratitude in a way that no one has ever told you about. All we ask is that you Tell--Tell--Tell until we get the first 100 to join us for a fabulous journey of 'Transformation & Thanks' as you grow rich with a Mastermind Alliance over the course of 12 months.
We have made this TAGR MasterClass affordable to everyone because we want you to experience success in your life!
The GIFT of DIRECTION includes: (1) Twelve Thanks & Grow Rich recordings [one/mo], (2) The Thanks & Grow Rich Manifesting Journal (3) the powerful Chart your Course Leadership Planner (4) Direct access to the Gutsy GURU Jane Herron in the private Mastermind Alliance FB Group (5) A Vision Board that turns into your "Visual Prayer" that wraps your dreams + desires in a way that will INSPIRE you every day.
We have made this Leadership Program so AFFORDABLE to everyone-everywhere, will you please share US today with your BFF, your co-worker, your daughter, your team.
The first 100 will get all 3 products and all of the support for only $100 for one full year!!
Will you GIVE Thanks & GROW Rich with Us over the next year?
This is a one time Art of the Start offer for the first 100 to enroll. When we hit 100, the price will go back to $497, so JOIN US today!
Chart Your Course Mastermind Journal


. . .  because you never know who needs you.
Joyful Energy is Contagious
Please accept some of mine and be sure to share some of yours!

Thank You

Want a sneak peek of the Mastermind Journal / Planner ??   

And guess what, you begin exactly where you are at right now today!

BTW if you are not really clear about where you are at  today, if you have not defined your True North, then, let’s face it, you are sort of lost is the woods with no tools, no compass, no map, no one to lead you out of darkness, no nothing. We call that being lost in VAGUENESS (not Vegas).

Jane designed her Thanks And Grow Rich Masterclass™ to give you the leadership tools,mindset and skillset to use if you felt lost, or needed a life re-boot!

We put a map in your pocket, a compass in your hand and a commitment in your heart . . . for a full year!

And here is the good news, you do NOT need to start our program at the start of a new year. Yes, you start on the day that you decide to leave your CRAP, you NEGATIVITY behind. The Chart Your Course Planner is not dated, so you get the full 12 months of training no matter WHEN you begin.

The hardest part of your journey is just getting started, so use your intuition, consider, then decide to join us.

Member: National Speakers AssociationAs a member of National Speakers Association, Jane has been training Leadership & Management Skills, Image & Communications Skills, Negotiation & Selling Skills, Presentations-Platform & Sales Skills, Assertiveness, Powerful Communications Skills and NLP for 30+ years for some of the largest public seminar companies in America! Jane has taught full day seminars for National Seminars, SkillPath Seminars, Career Tracks Seminars, Stock Market Institute of Learning and the Professional Education Institute.  Jane has completed all of her PhD work at LaSalle University in Positive Psychology where Napoleon Hill created the course of study back in the 1960’s.

Napoleon HillJane believes that Napoleon Hill, Brené Brown, Earnie Larsen, Stephen R. Covey, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks, Edwene Gaines, Terry Gorski, Rhonda Britton were / are some of the best transformational leaders of their times because they revered the principles of self reliance, self completion, and self responsibility.  However, feeling deep respect and admiration for these principles did not turn them into the ‘popular leaders‘. that you may see at weekend workshops or cheering themselves on at FB.

A ‘popular leader‘ knows HOW TO HYPE, they can make you feel drunk and giddy from the intense EMOTIONAL BLAST they provide in an hour, a day, or over a long expensive weekend. They will make you walk on glass, break boards, get you on stage so you will “announce your junk” to people you do not know, and then, they will do their best to fill your mind with ideas with unstopable wealth and good fortune.

They say what you want to hear, when you want to hear it. They pump and pump and pump, but do they really teach you how to handle the rough times?? I mean really handle the nitty gritty hard decisions that people may not like (that you may not like) . . . and when their event is over, when they have deposited your money, when the HYPE is gone and you are required to navigate yourself through the thick of thin times–how do you feel?? Principle Centered leadership is sustainability, but popular leaders know if you are giddy with delight, your emotions will pull out your wallet when they tell you to go to the back of the room.

Transformational leaders are not about hype; they are not all about looking good or sounding great, but they are about telling you the truth. This means they are willing to tell you what you need to hear, not always what you want to hear.

Tranformational Leaders 
are willing to risk your feelings temporarily so they may

 affect your future permanently!

True transformational leaders, like Jack Canfield and Jane Herron speak to all people like they are rising stars, rising leaders, not as if they are their lucky followers.

  • A true transformational leader does not need a PERISCOPE of themselves at the homeless shelter so you can see how benevolent they are. A true leader is not SELF aggrandizing, which is very popular but not transformational to YOU.

A true transformational leader is all about HELPING YOU get to the next level, whether that is direct sales, within a company, within a community. Jane Herron is all about YOU. She is your GURU (reminding you that G U R U) and SHE wants to help you take your next step up.

Besides keeping you ON COURSE over the next year, Jane will bring you topics she has trained on over the past 30 years: Image and Communications Skills; Sales Presentations; Public Speaking: Assertiveness Training, and of course Napoleon Hills: Think And Grow Rich. Jane will customize the monthly sessions to maximize your “stretch & growth”  . . . so Join Jane Today!

Habit Rehab: to make it HAPPEN . . . you have to make it HABIT

Have you ever noticed that we say time heals all wounds–only to see HABITS and HISTORY repeating itself? Time only heals all wounds if you don’t press rewind.Rewind-DeleteHave you noticed how the rewind button of FEAR that dominated the airwaves with Nazi’s 80 years ago have been replaced with ISIS?  Have you noticed how the rewind button of FEAR called the Great Depression repeated itself only a few year ago to be called the Great Recession?  Emotionally and economically we need to learn empowerment skills.

But don’t be hoodwinked when a trainer says ‘they teach empowerment’, only to be upsold and required to pay them for their next seminar to be saved from the doom. These fast talking, fast dancing ‘popular leaders’ are fostering levels of co-dependency, not inter-dependency (as found in Covey’s Maturity Continuum) to keep you in ‘their game’ as long as possible.  This is how they say KaChing!!

According to Dr. Covey, Empowerment happens when you share your power as a trainer, when you help others to understand and own their power, when your participants use their power step by step so that one day they no longer need you. You cannot do this at a weekend retreat!  At Training Without The Travel, we believe is space learning where we teach, and then you apply the knowledge. Napoleon Hill reinforced the importance of applied and specialized knowledge.
We empower you to learn and apply, learn and apply. And everyone needs a GURU.

A GURU is someone who reminds you that Gee YOU are YOU (g u r u)  and NO ONE does YOU quite like YOU. Jane is the Gutsy GURU who pays attention to  your personal development and individual achievement In this mastermind alliance.  The people you add to your group, your mastermind alliance acts as your personal Focus Group, so choose them wisely!  The THANKS & GROW RICH MasterClass is a very powerful, so join us for the entire year for only $100.

thanks-and-grow-rich-journalAnd, if you have a team in multiple locations, Jane has the perfect virtual solution to your training needs.

  • Jane would love to coach your team virtually so they may get “On-Course” and “Stay on Course”.
  • Jane wants to put a map in your pocket and a compass in your hand each week running weekly coaching calls to teach your group 30 years worth of Leadership  & Communication Skills.
  • As a matter of fact, Jane would love to keynote for you!

    You must use the Mastermind to receive the Master Keys

    By definition, the Mastermind consists of 2 or more people who work in perfect harmony for the attainment of a definite purpose.Think & Grow Rich

    1. It is the principle through which you may borrow and use the education, influence and the capital of other people in carrying out your own plans in life. It is the principle through which you can accomplish more in one year than you can accomplish in a lifetime, if you depended entirely on your own success. IF you work for a salary or wages, you have a wonderful opportunity to promote yourself into a higher income by forming a Mastermind Alliance. I will show you how to write your own price tag, write your own hours, and give yourself financial independence.
    2. When you form a true Mastermind Alliance with people and work with them in true harmony, you can draw freely upon the spiritual forces within you in carrying out your plan and desires.
    3. The Mastermind can give you absolute protection in failure, provided that your purpose is beneficial to all that you influence.

    Law Of Success Mastermind Groups

    As an individual, your philosophy of Success can rock!  As a Team Leader to reach a higher bracket of achievement you can only do that by taking others along with you. Thanks & Grow Rich Master Class is an easy choice to make.


    So please don’t keep us a Secret . . .

And in order to get what you want in life, you have to be willing to receiveAre you open to receiving a complimentary copy of a 22 page eBook that will teach you how to magnify your manifesting by using the KEYS of the Mastermind?
This powerful little book teaches you the Powers of the Master Mind
exactly as Napoleon Hill intended!  If you would like a personal copy of the
Your KEY to your SUCCESS is with the MASTERMIND,
please register here and get ready to receive!

A Best Selling Author… 

Jane has recorded and produced several Best Selling Audio Albums + Journals:

  • Image & Communications Skills for Women
  • Thanks & Grow Rich Mastermind Journal
  • Live In Gratitude . . . A Daily Journal
  • Passport to the Executive Suite: Leadership Skills for Women In Business

NSA-milestone-30 years

17-Principles of Success
 Become the Master of your own universe,
and do not let anyone else’s negative words, actions or deeds sway you from your purpose, goals and dreams.
SELF Mastery is the most important thing you can do for yourself in this lifetime!
Live your life to the fullest, and follow your passions and happiness.
Remember, when you let your light shine forth onto the world, it is then that YOU are on your Earthly Journey. That means that playing it safe is not always the best, however, you do want to play it SMART.
That is where a good coach comes in!  The most economical way to work with Jane is to join the  Thanks And Grow Rich Masterclass™.
Watch how your life changes when you tune into your intuition, psychic senses, and the blessings that are coming to you from paying attention to the still small voice within [AKA] your spiritual guidance.
By ”Listening and Obeying” to that Still Small Voice, you will change and improve your life. As Osho says, your intuition is your best teacher. What does your intuition tell you about jointing the Thanks And Grow Rich Masterclass™, will we see you in 2018?