Gather Your Bearings as JANE gives you Direction~Focus~Clarity~Confidence~Productivity~Income
Simple compassCHANGE is challenging and navigating the road to your leadership success can be a rocky one. If you are busy managing multiply projects, mulitiply priorities, then you know, finding Leadership Skills decicated to help developed emerging and high achieving women’s special needs has been hard to find, until now!

Jane A. Herron is a Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Certified Leadership & Productivity Coach who Jane has facilitated executives, managers and small business in all 50-US States and 10 Countries, and now, she is delivering her trainings without the high costs of travel, hence, her company name is: Training Without The Travel.
Jane has been raising & praising aspiring women to higher ground for over 30 years. Jane Herron PodcastingWhile developing and presenting full day leadership seminars, webinars, and coaching executive programs for companies, Jane saw a sincere GAP in the curriculum that was not addressing the special needs of grooming their women leaders into effective managers and executives. She did what she could for women while working within these companies, so now as an independent consultant her MISSION is “to help aspiring women development as a leader so that they may show up, speak up, and step up in their field and achieve greater career success”.
Her MOTTO is to put
A Map in your Pocket~a Compass in your Hand~a Commitment in your Heart
(psssst … M.A.P. = Motivation~Action~Purpose
and Jane wants to put a M.A.P. in your pocket)

Her GOAL is to “help you discover WHAT you are GOOD at and then help you navigate the system so that you may give THAT GOOD to the WORLD!!

Jane also privately coaches progressive women who want to achieve more both personally and professionally.

The easiest and most economical way to work with Jane, is to enroll in her year long masterclass that will train you and give you a place to privately practice before you publicly perform
…it’s called Chart Your Course Leadership Masterclassand it will teach you these topics over your year to clear as you prepare for your success:
• Powerful communication skills that build courage, confidence, and clarity
• Success Strategies that will help you establish credibility in the workplace
• How to develop your executive presence so you look, sound, and act like a leader
• Dynamic Public Speaking: best practice for meetings, seminars, webinars, etc
• Learn how to navigate office politics, deal with difficult people, and more!
• Learn the lessons of Survivor: build strategic alliances, manage assertively
• Learn persuasion, influence and negotiation skills to apply to your sales conversations
• Learn how to manage your Time and Projects
• A dive into Brené Brown’s work on Daring Greatly

WHY do women need Leadership Skills?
In February 2018, this flyer was posted to engage smart female math student to a BYU meeting? Do you see anything strange?

It contains pictures of four male speakers. Below their pictures, the poster reads,

I thought it was just a joke that someone was playing: ‘Women in Math’ and then four white guys!
It was almost comical to see. The sad truth is women must be able to see the deficient to change the deficient. Having a same sex role model is so important when developing skills that may be counter intuitive to your culture. It’s GURU time.

The profoundly gifted spiritual teacher, Osho, said the real meaning of “guru” is “
Gee, You Are You
.” Jane Herron, Leadership & Individual Achievement Coach has been coined The Gutsy GURU because she reminds YOU that

Gee, You Are You” (g u r u) and she is so happy to remind you that “no one does YOU quite like you“.


Hit the picture for details on the MasterClass!

Dr Stephen R Covey: The 7-HabitsBack in the early 90’s, Jane had the good fortune to be the first woman hired to train and to coach Dr. Covey’s 7-Habits of Highly Effective People and his First Things First to executives, managers, employees for the Covey Leadership Center at their 3-day executive retreats held across the country. The opening exercise asked participants to close their eyes and point North. When they opened their eyes, (still pointing) participants quickly discovered that very few were pointing north!

Leadership Lessons Learned?
Your internal compass must be trained to navigate and to lead.
No one is a born leader. And Women do have special needs!

We want to put a Map in your Pocket,
a Compass in your Hand,
and a Commitment in your Heart!M.A.P.
represents your Motivation, Actions, Purpose

Coach with Jane HerronJane Herron has had the privilege of working as a National Trainer and Executive Coach with the top training & development companies in the USA:
Covey Leadership Center: The 7-Habits of Highly Effective People and First Things First
CareerTracks: Leadership & Management Skills for Women, Image & Communications Skills, Communicating Assertively with Tact
National Seminars: Image, Leadership, Time & Priorities,Communications, Sales, Dealing with Difficult People, Public Speaking
Skill-Path Seminars: The Art of Coaching & Team-Building, Negotiating with Diplomacy
The Stock Market Institute Learning: Wealth Building in Real Estate & Stock Market
Professional Education Institute [PEI]: representing Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad; Carleton Sheets; Jack Canfield’s The Success Principle and Covey Leadership’s Coaching Programs in the 7-Habits and First Things First. For a full list of companies Jane has worked with with testimonials, go to see JANE.

NSA-milestone-30 yearsWhile working with [PEI], Jane was introduced to Jack Canfield’s books The Success Principles and The Keys to Living the Law of Attraction. From there, she designed the Chart Your Course Masterclass which offers women A Simple Guide to Creating the Life of their dreams and then how to navigate themselves to the next step! Jane will take you fromwhere you are now to where you want to be” in her Chart Your Course Masterclass™.

The Year to Clear is super affordable, about $40/month with everything included.

Our Philosophy of Success
& Individual Achievement Rocks!
It takes courage to step out of your comfort zone,
even then, there's no guarantees
but your chances improve 100%
when you discover what you are good at
and then determine how to deliver "that" to the world.
THAT is why you should work with Jane Herron!
AND because . . .
YOU are so done playing SMALL
DONE hiding your LIGHT
It's time to wake up feeling inspired and go to bed feeling like
you have delivered your highest and best good.
Yes, you have been living with a lampshade on your head
foolishly trying to please others
which has made it impossible for YOU to shine your LIGHT.
You have been a people pleaser, wanting to be liked
... now you see that got you no where,
and it cost you big time
because now you are sooooo out of focus,
and so disconnected from yourself.
Some days it feels impossible to like yourself or manage/mother others.
Hmmm, am I trying to be their buddy or their boss?
Maybe you have begun to doubt your skillset
because you are constantly talked over, second-guessed, or find yourself in toxic environments that suggest you are less than.
Maybe you have been hanging with the wrong women.
Cream rises to the TOP
and if women aren’t hanging with other top leaders
or champions of women
it's hard to stretch, grow, build, or harness your power!
Maybe you have forgetten to give yourself credit.
Do you pat yourself on the back, openly celebrating your accomplishments and proudly discussing your success?
Is it difficult for you to acknowledge
'how great thou art'?
Does it feel too braggy, too confident or too bold?
To avoid stepping up, standing out and OWNING your power,
did you choose to instead take a LIFE DETOUR?
That darn TRICKSTER made that detour look so very very appealing,
and I guess you didn't get the memo reminding you that
ALL detours have a tangible or intangible COST attached to them:
That nice little life detour allowed you to play small and dim your light for a little longer because it made it easier for you to get along instead of standing out!
And detours are good because
you deal with fewer questions, fewer doubters, and fewer haters, right?
(ALL of those folks sit in the CHEAP SEATS
meaning THEY have done NOTHING more
than 'provide criticism' of which is a reflection of their fears of doing what you ARE wanting to DO)
And what sucks even more...
your still small voice did send YOU
several loud verbal 'warnings',
but you chose NOT to listen when it beaconed.
So today is the day that you are now thinking and feeling UGH
I dread facing the Time-Energy-Money that it is going to take
to get out of this DETOUR and get myself back ON COURSE.
UGH I really hate backing out of this mess
while those CHEAP SEAT PEOPLE are watching me ...
however it is time to regain lost ground.
And even with all of that inner regret and fear of the future,
YOU absolutely know
you cannot + will not do that detour for another minute,
another day, another week, another month, another quarter.
You have proven to yourself time and again
that living your life to please others does NOT work.
YOU have the ABILITY
to make better choices.
YOU created your circumstances by your past choices,
and You do NOT need more proof or more time to think things over
to reach better conclusions.
How do You get back ON course?
You need the truth.
The whole truth.
And nothing but the TRUTH.
This is where Transformational Leader Jane Herron come in.
There are lots of great reasons to work with Jane Herron
as your Leadership & Individual Achievement Coach
specializing in emerging Leaders and Sales Professionals
Jane Herron
teaches leadership and personal achievement
to executives and emerging leaders around the world.
Named Who's Who of American Women,
Jane’s groundbreaking programs and speaking engagements
have been instrumental in teaching women the navigational skills
required to emerge as a high achieving leader!
CHANGE begins with CHOICE
Your VOICE carries POWER
Jane has been called
The Gutsy GURU
because she reminds YOU that
Gee, You Are You (g u r u)
and nobody does YOU quite like YOU".
She is GUTSY
because for the past 30+ years she has criss-crossed the country
as motivational speaker, writer, corporate trainer, executive coach
and member of National Speakers Association.
SHE has trained over 300,000 professionals in full day workshops in:
Sales, Self-Esteem, Leadership, and Powerful Communication Trainings, Productivity, Outdoor Team-Building/Ropes Courses.
You've already accomplished so much in your life.
On the outside, it looks like you've got it ALL together.
But, on the inside, you can sense of the fact that you're not living a life that truly FILLS you UP. You long for purpose and meaning.
As Brené Brown would say:
"You are lost in the Wilderness",
and you are on a "Quest for True Belonging"
Jane has been a student and advocate of Brené Brown's powerful work on daring greatly, vulnerability, self-compassion, how shame affects your courage and how important this work is to women's personal growth!
She KNOWS what it means to live with a lampshade on her head,
having to deal with the consequences
of staying lost in the wilderness too long,
and not shining her light for her whole life.
She is a RECOVERING people pleaser
a lamp shade wearer,
and she did not have a map in her pocket, a compass in her hand,
or a FULL commitment in her heart for years,
so she knows what it feels like to be LOST in the Wilderness.
She also knows how good it feels to SHINE her LIGHT
and to be a lighthouse for others who are lost in the storm.
ONE lighthouse principle she teaches:
**When the LIGHTHOUSE strikes its LIGHT,
it does not measure the size of the storm,
it does not judge the storm.
It does not say to itself:
'I' must understand where that storm is coming from
before 'I' choose to SHINE my LIGHT.

NO-it does not judge, measure or wait
because it knows its PURPOSE!
It has ONE purpose and that is to SHINE.
And that is also your purpose-to shine your light!
Jane is a Transformational Leader who is willing to RISK
your feelings temporarily so she may affect your future permanently!
Jane is the one who is going to put
a MAP in your pocket,
a COMPASS in your hand, and
a COMMITMENT in your heart!

M.A.P. = Motivation Action Purpose
And Don't Keep Her A Secret!
Jane coaches female Leaders to help them know their PURPOSE
and to recognize their LIGHT within themselves and their organization.
With Jane as your Personal Development Coach,
You have a Confidant

who has years of experience training & coaching Leadership, Management, Communications, Sales/Persuasion, Dealing with Difficult People
Jane is growing her tribe teaching them how to tap into their underutilized powers and abilities to persuade & influence others in her
Chart Your Course Leadership for Women Masterclass
Jane calls it your
WHY a Year?
365 days goes by so fast
it is so easy to get pulled off-course into a new detour ... because
We want to put a MAP in your pocket,
a COMPASS in your hand and
a COMMITMENT in your heart!
The M.A.P. represents your Motivation~Action~Purpose
The real magic of working with a transformational coach
who carefully takes you from a caterpiller to a butterfly
is someone who is going to work with you to help you to discover
WHAT it is that you are really really good at, what lights you up,
what makes you sparkle, what puts the wind beneath your wings!!!
And then, she is going to help you navigate
how you are going to deliver your message, your good to the world.
Jane is a certified national trainer-coach
who is going to hear your fears privately,
then give you the time-space to develop your skills
so that you can get to where you want to go.
Jane will remind you
What you grew up with you learned,
What you learned you practiced,
What you practiced you became and
What you became has consequences!
YES she will put you into HABIT-REHAB
as you look at your time-energy-money.
Isn't it time to look at your PRODUCTIVITY!
YES, you will practice REJECTION THERAPY
so that you can confront the thoughts, fears or feelings that are
holding you back ... until ... they no longer scare you.
Jane learned her productivity skills from the best of the best
when she was hand picked by Dr. Stephen R. Covey
to be one of the first National Trainer & Certified Executive Coach
for 6-years with the Covey Leadership Center!
And Jane has been a National Trainer for the largest Training & Development companies in America, take a peek at the JANE TAB above to see the list!
She was coined The Gutsy GURU on her radio show where she combined 30 years of leadership experience with the powerful lessons taught by: Louise Hay, Brené Brown, Earnie Larsen, Stephen R. Covey, Jack Canfield, Oprah, Wayne Dyer, Harriet Lerner, Martha Beck, Abraham Hicks, Edwene Gaines, Terry Gorski, Rhonda Britton, Florence Scovel Shinn, Napoleon Hill, Émile Coué, Marianne Williamson, Jim Rohn, Abraham-Hicks, Lynn Grabhorn ... and more!
This is your year to look at HOW got you here and WHEN you are going to step into being the true leader you know yourself to be ... inspiring and propelling women in your organization and on your team to take their leadership positions.
And here is a little coaching secret:
hiring an expensive coach to help you sort-sort-sort through
"WHAT do I want" and "HOW am I going to get there" is sort of dumb!
The average price of coaching packages typically ranges
between $200 to $750/mo
and if you want 1:1, I have seen the price up to $800/hr.
Are you in SHOCK?
I was
You should hire a coach only after you have done your homework
and you know what SKILLS you are shopping for!
You are shopping for the skills they can transfer to you.
YOU are the consumer!

YOU need to shop until you drop to find the coach
who has the years of experience that 'you need' to add to your toolbox!
YOU do not need to buy from the person who has NO skills,
but got your attention with a fancy website and some great marketing!
Make sure you find a coach that is a good fit
and has the training & experience to move you forward in your life.
Jane has priced her
Chart Your Course Leadership MasterClass
well below industry standards.
The money you invest with a coach should be well worth it. Consider what experience this person truely offers and ask yourself:
What do I want?
Remember THEY may have hired a really great marketing company to sell them, you absolutely have the right to interview them before you plop down $1000's of dollars.
Invest in yourself wisely!
Jane Herron has been praising + raising emerging leaders
for the past 30 years with the best Training & Development companies in the world. And for about $40/month you can join us in the
Leadership for Women MasterClass:
(1) Year Long Women's Leadership MasterClass™
with One Leadership + Individual Achievement Trainings mp3 training
sent each month for 12 full months teaching you about your M.A.P. Motivation~Action~Purpose
(2) Magnify Your Manifesting Journal
PDF designed to help you sort out what you really want and what is most important; Create a Visual Prayer, different from a Vision board on the wall, this ArtWork becomes the front/back covers of your journal and it protects your dreams-desires within with a clear strong MESSAGE communicating to you daily!
Remember your M.A.P. is your Motivation.Action.Purpose ... your Visual Prayer captures that + creates a visual MAP for you!
(3) A Year To Clear Productivity Planner
The PDF productivity planner is NOT dated,
so your Year to Clear starts when you do.

YES you start this program any time within a calendar year
and you work with The Gutsy GURU for 12-full months thereafter.
(4) A private Chart Your Course FB Group
where you will have direct access to Jane and to other women who also want to praise & raise YOU to higher ground!
WHY is this so ridiculously AFFORDABLE?
(1) Jane listens to + obeys her intuition! This course is an accumulation of 30 great years and this is her way of Thanking the Universe for being so Good to her!
(2) There comes a time in your life when you know it is time to give back generously!
... that means you are working with a seasoned professional speaker / certified executive coach for about $40/month
~so don't keep her a secret!!

(3) Jane now has the time to focus her attention onto YOU with your Leadership, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Productivity, Bulls-Eye Manifesting, Dynamic Public Speaking, Persuasive Presentations: Creating TeleSeminars + Webinars that SELL; Dealing with Difficult People; Managing Assertively and so much more.
Each month you will get a lesson that will be so valuable to your personal growth.
Jane believes in 3 things :
(1) Sequential Spaced Learning
Lesson one is foundational to your success, then number two builds on one.
Sadly when you impatiently try to jump ahead, the Universe penalizes you by sending you back to the START (which is where you are now)
... so you will get a Chart Your Course Leadership MasterClass™ in your IN box 'once a month for 12 months' [Mp3]. You take that lesson + learn it to the fullest in the first 30 days and before you know it, the next lesson arrives.
(2) What she teaches will be progressively MORE DIFFICULT.
And ... she promises to make you very uncomfortable with your current situation especially if you have had a lamp shade on your head dimming your light for way too long.
(3) What she teaches will be progressively MORE EMPOWERING
... so You will go from stumbling blocks to stepping stones
... from grief to gratitude in a very short time and then things will get very exciting for you as you discover how powerful it is to be
ON Purpose, ON course & staying ON course!
Jane will take you on a journey that will put a map in your pocket,
a compass in your hand and a commitment in your heart . . . for a full year!
At the end of the year,
the clarity and the confidence that you will have will be so compelling, so life changing, you will look back and wonder WHY
you did not SHINE your LIGHT (full ON) sooner.
Maybe it will have been because you did not have
a M.A.P. in your pocket:
an understanding of your personal
Motivation ~ Action ~ Purpose
Jane will help you
(1) Get out of VAGUENESS
and discover what you are really really good at

then how to deliver THAT to the world!
Here is a sneak peek at what we do
in your Year to Clear!

HIT the ARROW on the Video!
Leadership for Women™

A Journal, A Planner, A Life Coach,
A Year to Clear in one great MASTERCLASS
ALL for only $497 for the entire Year to Clear!
...that about $40/month
to work with a professional speaker, trainer, executive coach
Everyone can afford $40/month!
NO ONE can afford to remain lost in the Wilderness
without a personal M.A.P. Motivation~Action~Purpose
You want life-changing lessons, opportunities and guidance that will support and empower you. We want to put a M.A.P. Motivation~Action~Purpose
in your Pocket today!
The hardest part about making a positive change in your life is
making the commitment to yourself to change.
Engaging with someone who is willing to RAISE YOU & PRAISE YOU will help you create the new, healthy habits required to lead a purposeful and meaningful life!
It really is that simple.
Your are just One Click Away!

The Chart Your Course Leadership Masterclass is a powerful life-changing system that is designed for you, a woman in business, to lean for 1-Full Year. Our GOYA Strategies will push you from Stumbling blocks to new Stepping stones.

TOOL INCLUDED: (1) A Magnify Your Manifesting Journal which helps you get your ideas sorted out, put meaning to them, and decide what’s most important.
(2) A Year to Clear Productivity Planner which offers you a “Do-Over” with 12 new months, 52 fresh weeks, 365 new days of unclaimed, uncharted territory.
SUPPORT: (3) we send you twelve Leadership & Individual Achievement Trainings over the course of the year (only one Mp3 per month)
(4) You have direct access to the Gutsy GURU to ask question in a private FB group and we hope you will also be who you are ‘an empowered woman who is willing to empower other women’ be we know that nothing success like cooperation and harmony.
: By learning new navigation skills, your preparation will meet opportunity after opportunity after opportunity. We navigate you out of Vagueness where the Buffet of Nothingness has kept you busy and bothered for way too long.

A Best Selling Author…

Jane has recorded and produced several Best Selling Audio Albums + Journals:

  • Image & Communications Skills for Women-6 one hour recordings
  • Thanks & Grow Rich MasterClass™ – is a big part of the Chart Your Course Leadership…designed for Women…Masterclass!
  • Live In Gratitude . . . A Daily Journal
  • Passport to the Executive Suite: Leadership Skills for Women-6 one hour recordings

NSA-milestone-30 years

Chart Your Course Leadership Masterclass

Strong Leadership and Management skills are the most important skills when achieving high levels of organizational performance. Strong leadership begins with a vision. A vision then requires a strategy to move you and your team forward. And the momentum that will drive you forward comes with a productive, results-oriented attitude that is coupled with a declaration of purpose and a strong commitment to follow through. The courage to stand out, to express innovative new ideas and to demonstrate integrity is what it takes to truly manage the vision, the strategy, and the purpose once established. Effectively managed people tap a deeper level of consciousness and unity that produces new levels of profitability and productivity.

And in order to get what you want in life, you have to be willing to receive.

Are you open to receiving a complimentary copy of a 22 page eBook that will teach you how to magnify your manifesting by using the KEYS of the Mastermind?
This powerful little book teaches you the Powers of the Master Mind
exactly as Napoleon Hill intended! If you would like a personal copy of the
Your KEY to your SUCCESS is with the MASTERMIND,
please register here and get ready to receive!