Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoorToday, we are distiguishing the difference between a GOAL and your DIVINE PURPOSE,
I think a lighthouse is a great example of understanding your Divine Purpose:
When the LIGHTHOUSE strikes its light,
 * it does not measure the storm.
* It does not judge the storm.
* It does not say to itself: “I must understand where the storm is headed before ‘I’ chooses to SHINE my light.
No, the LIGHTHOUSE has a DIVINE PURPOSE to SHINE its light into the darkness.
IT was built to endure the darkness, mighty wind and the powerful waves that crash endlessly over its structure.
Because it was built with its divine purpose in mind the LIGHTHOUSE is not afraid of when the storm will end, how powerful it might become, or the reasoning behind the storm.
to SHINE a light in the darkness to help others find the safety of the harbor.
It never questions it ‘life assignment’ or DIVINE PURPOSE to be a LIGHT in the harbor. It just SHINES its LIGHT.
When you discover your LIFE purpose, your DIVINE purpose
* YOU will know who you are and what you stand for, just like the LIGHTHOUSE knows those in the dark are looking for and depending upon ITs LIGHT.
May I suggest you use this phrase to as many people you see today: SHINE ON!!