Magnify Your Manifesting

The people who are able to MAGNIFY THEIR MANIFESTING and get what they really want in life understand that a small rudder on a big ship in the hands of a skilled captain can chart a course and keep the course in the face of the strongest winds and biggest waves.

Becoming that skilled captain means you will need a plan mapped out on your Map, a Magnifying Glass, a Compass, and a Commitment in your heart to change what’s not working, then to clarify what is most important!

All too often we are living for someone else, behaving in ways that please the family dynamics but do not illuminate or magnify what’s most important to us. This is NOT about being selfish, this is about becoming self fulfilled.

So, being willing to try on some new behaviors to see things differently with a magnifying glass and a compass means you will be scrutinizing some things and you will be redirecting other things to make necessary changes.


We want to help you to learn how to Chart Your Course while Helping Others to Navigate Theirs!

I am a motivational speaker who is often asked to train or coach in house or at corporate retreats to help others navigate their way into productive Sales, Leadership &  Management through powerful Communication strategies.

What I have found is that inspiration and motivation are no substitute for the perspiration that people must use when wanting to make the big changes in their lives.

Mahatma Gandhi says:
BE the change you want to see in the world.

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The Seven Steps to Magnify Your Manifesting as taught in the Chart Your Course Masterclass
1• Passion.
How would it be if you could DREAM, but did not possess the MASTERY to manifest those dreams?
The first step in creating your MANIFESTING MASTERY is to develop passion, your strong enthusiasm for that which you want in your life, a real longing for something which is not here now.
Find your passion, use the magnifying glass and start sorting out what you do want and what you don’t want.
♥ Key Actions: Sort-Sort-Sort (we will talk about amplifying and magnifying later on this page)
2• Decision.
Know definitely what it is that you want to be, what it is that you want to do or to have, and be willing to pay in spiritual values. No woman may have access to great power without availing herself to Master Mind.
This is a very BIG DEAL in the Chart Your Course Leadership MasterClass because think of how easy it would be to be ‘lost at sea’ with so many choices available to women. The biggest challenge is choosing ONE.
When you Chart Your Course, you cannot sail your ship in multiple directions, you have to choose ONE. It is only then that the MasterMind’s energy and force will come to assist you, provide the wind in your sail to give you the boost of energy to ‘go in one direction for the fastest results’.
Think about the computer you are ON right now reading this page.  IF you had multiple browser windows opened would that slow everything down? and if you had so many opened, could that crash the system or at least bring it all down to a snail’s pace?   What do you do?  you close down everything you do not need!
♥ Key Action: Choose One
3• Ask.
[When sure and enthusiastic] ask for it in simple, concise language.
You may ASK in many ways, some PRAY, and it is important to note that a prayer is not the time to bargain or beg.
It is the time to PRAISE, [remember-review-revisit-revise], ASK, then YIELD.
Key Action: Pray with lots of R’s [remember-review-revisit-revise]
4• Believe.
Believe in the accomplishment with strong faith, consciously and subconsciously. I was living in Santa Monica and had the inspiration to become a motivational speaker, I went to St. Monica’s Church (which was on the block where I lived to pray) where I met Sister Felice.
I was very frightened of this dream to become something bigger than what I was (an account executive for a Fortune 500 Company) and when I got nervous, I would studder–how could I be a speaker, because speaking is the exact things that triggered my studdering?
She told me these very wise words:
“the HOW is not up to YOU,
all you have to do is commit
all you have to do is believe.
Key Action: Believe / Commit!
5• Work.
Get off the manifesting couch and work at it. . . a few minutes daily do something is the specific direction that you have chosen, even when you see no proof that this idea is practical, every day in every way see yourself – hear yourself – feel yourself in the finished picture.
Never outline the details, but rather see – hear – feel yourself enjoying the particular thing . . .
Eventually, you will see a ‘sign post’ like you see on a highway that will tell you that you are getting close and you will recognize that signpost.
And just like looking at a roadmap, you know that it will appear, and as you use this MANIFESTING formula, that which you desire most, that which you have chosen will just appear, as a gift or such, or you may see an opportunity to get what you were asking for.
I currently have a wonderful affirmation written on my computer screen, that says:

My INCOME increases in delightful and surprising ways.

I do work hard (put in long hours) everyday in everyway
and because my work delights me so much … it never feels like ‘work’. Have I chosen MY one thing accurately? YES
♥ Key Action: Get off the manifesting couch and WORK at it!   [IT is your ONE thing]
6• Feel gratitude.
Always remember to say, “Thank you, God [or the universe],” and begin to feel the gratitude, the happiness, and the joy in your heart. The most powerful prayer we can ever make is those three words, provided we really feel it. Feel as though you already have what you wanted.
♥ Key Actions: Thank You God
7• Feel expectancy.
Train yourself to live in a state of happy expectancy…believe in magic…and only share with those whom are trained to hold your space of expectancy, like a good midwife who is ready for you to deliver.
This is your baby so choose the right people to share the birthing of your experience with; choose ONE direction to float your boat; believe in your vision, commit to your vision and continuously look for a way and it will appear in your life … keep believing in that.  May it be that someone gives it to you, or you find an initiation to get it.

To BE the change, as Mahatma Gandhi advised … start yourself in the silence of your own space and listen to that still small voice, that loud critical voice, that encouraging voice and begin to journal.

I love teaching the importance of JOURNALING.

Journaling allows you capture everything you see with your eye, behind your eyes in your imagination, what you hear in your mind, and what you feel in your heart.

Florence Scovel Shinn says:
Your WORD is your WAND!

Henry Ford once told his assembly line workers:
Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t—you are always right”.

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Florence Scovel Shinn says: The TONGUE is mightier than the sword and therefore one of the most important and powerful organs in your body. Through the tongue, you are able to communicate and express yourself.  The words that come out of your mouth may seem of no consequence, but they can either build up or tear down yourself [and others] faster than any one thing in your life.  The words you use can be a source of good fortune as well as the source of misfortune.


Joel Osteen says: Watch your words…. “Sometimes, the enemy doesn’t have to defeat us—we defeat ourselves. Pay attention to what you’re saying. What are you prophesying over your life? Make sure you are blessing it, not cursing it.”
 Absolutely DO NOT APPLIFY or MAGNIFY what you do NOT want more of by broadcasting IT with your psychic megaphone.  I seriously watch people post on Facebook every little dirty rotten feeling, event, and situation they stumble upon. DO NOT APPLIFY or MAGNIFY what you do NOT want more of by talking about it, this includes: GOSSIPING, COMPARING, COMPETING, COMMENTING or CRITICISING.

When you  gossip, compare, compete, comment or criticize others, you are not paying attention to your intentions. You have stopped paying attention to that small rudder in your hands that is guiding ‘your ship’ to a predetermined destination.  You do You!

The words that come out of your mouth will either MAGNIFY YOUR MANIFESTING or KILL THEM ON THE SPOT.

The people who get what they want in life understand that a small rudder on a big ship in the hands of a skilled Captain can chart a course and keep the course in the face of the strongest winds and biggest waves.

Image result for tongue as a rudderJournaling allows you to sort out your feelings, chart a course, keep the course if you are willing to “use your tongue as your small rudder“.

Journaling makes you “that skilled captain” in the roughest waters!!

Training your mind to focus on your ONE THING and taming your tongue through journaling, allows you to clearly see-hear-feel what you are projecting to the world.

And you know what?
The world responds “in kind”

to what you deliver in “equal to”
or “better than”  results!


Blessing or Curse
your tongue is the rudder
managing the words slipping out of your mouth
is a good idea because you know
Loose Lips Sinks Ships



Dr Phil says you have to “Name it to Claim it”.

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you are receiving it, and it will be yours”. Mark 11:24

When you are being pulled off course, STOP ACTION LISTEN THINK (S.A.L.T.) Loose Lips Sink Ships, journal!

JOURNAL: who or what is pulling me off course?  what triggers me? when does it happen? how does it happen?where does it happen? and the BIG QUESTION that is so revealing is WHY does it happen?

Once you get to that NUGGET of information, that GEM, that WHY it happens, don’t post it on FACEBOOK.

Instead move into your GOAL SETTING SECTION of your Year to Clear Productivity Planner and write some immediate goals for the following 7-days around these questions: What DO I want?  How DO I want to FEEL? That is a biggie, because we don’t always write FEELING BASED GOALS but your emotions drive your feelings and your feelings drive your actions and your action deliver you consequences that you then think about positively or negatively and the cycle either is empowering or disempowering.

Remember on the TRIBE page we talked about being Alchemists coming from BARRA or becoming BARREN?

And then, your journaling can transform your old dead weight into a written prayer!

Front Cover Vision BoardI have taken my vision board off my office wall and have added it to the front/back cover of my daily mastermind journal.

By reading it, by touching my journal every day, it is my walking visual prayer.  It is where I protect all of my heart’s desires, my heart songs, my heart’s sadness.

It is where I make my


When I hear my clients say:
my life sucks . . .
well the truth is . . . so do you!

IF your life sucks you, that means to me that you are NOT the skilled captain of that small rudder.

That small rudder is first your mindset, next your heart felt feeling and half way between your head/heart is your MOUTH, so TAME the TONGUE.  You become the captain of your big ship with your small rudder which is the PEN, the PENCIL, the PAINTBRUSH, the PIECE OF CHALK in your hand, journaling or drawing peace, love, positive vibes, goals, dreams, visions and all good things to get you through the choppy times.

The PEN with your Magnify Your Manifesting Journal, your Visual Pray, like this one, becomes the front/back covers of your Journal in our Chart your Course Leadership for Women MasterClass™. 

Jane designed the Chart Your Course Leadership Masterclass for women to give you the leadership mindset and tools needed to navigate through the thick of thin time. We want to put a map in your hand, a compass in your pocket and a commitment from our heart to your heart to help you for a full year!

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