I like to go to the Master Mind early in the morning and sometimes in the middle of the night.
  • Sometimes I do it in prayer
  • Sometimes I do it on a nature walk in the park
  • Sometimes I do it in my Journal
  • Sometimes I do it in my dreams + visualizations
Napolean Hill taught about his meetings with his executive committee. This was a committee of living and some who had passed. He used visualization to put himself with great men at a round table where they were there to support him 100% while manifesting the deeply needed ideas, strategies, structure, and system to become a success.
He did not worry about his SKILL level, because as your Mastermind Journal teaches you, there is Skill and there is WILL. Your willingness will take you where your skill will not. A little willingness to create a relationship with the Mastermind and your executive committee will take a little effort [once again willingness] and commitment.
It takes time to develop a friendship
It takes time for that closeness to grow
There are no short cuts to the Master Mind
One day I realized that I use an acronym for SALT almost everyday … and I live in SALT Lake City.
  • be STILL: let go of the chatter and the madness: suspend the judgements and conversations in your head and find a few Still moments to . . .
  • ASK the Master Mind, Ask your executive committee for what you do want. The more you ASK, the more clear your become, and clarity creates personal power, so ask-ask-ask
  • LISTEN, really really listen and you will be amazed at what you do hear. The Mastermind is just waiting for you to ask-ask-ask, so now it is time for you to listen-listen-listen. And here is where your Mastermind Journal comes in handy. You have a place on your daily journal to post what you have heard. It only takes a few moments to write down what you heard. Remember, the MM comes to you whispering in the beginning, requiring you to listen. When you accumulate the little snippets given to you over the week in your journal, they quickly begin to paint a picture of what exactly you are to be doing. Don’t expect it all to come to you the first time you Ask, the first time you Listen–you must be willing to develop a relationship with the MM.
  • TAKE ACTION!! OK, you were Still enough to Ask, you were committed enough to Listen, now it is time to Take Action on whatever it is that you heard. Don’t judge it–just do it!
You never know who needs you. Joyful Energy is Contagious . . . Please accept some of mine and be sure to share some of yours!

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