Give the Gift of Direction for more Focus~Clarity~Confidence

We want to put a compass in your hand and a map in your pocket and a commitment in your heart as we teach you how to navigate through the thick of thin times.  Our Chart Your Course Leadership Training is simple, inexpensive and great for anyone doing a LIFE DO-OVER, anyone wanting to hit the RESET button.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think & Grow Rich said, “The greatest gift you can give is the Gift Of Direction. Your struggles will become your opportunities as your biggest stumbling blocks dissolve into the stepping stones to success as you gain clarity, focus and direction you need”.
The Thanks And Grow Rich Master Class provides the journal you need to map out where you want to go … and the planner you need to chart your course.  compass_on_map
Our program is ridiculously affordable for everyone. You noticed, we did NOT say it was ridiculously easy for everyone, because What Happens in Vagueness Stays in Vagueness. If you have been “out of focus” and have been living your life in VAGUENESS, it is going to take personal effort to chart your course out of the wilderness!!

Our Thanks & Grow Rich Master Class is a hybrid of head and heart, masculine/feminine and only $100 for the first 100.  That $100 includes a PDF-download of the Manifesting Journal, a PDF download of the Chart Your Course Planner and the replay links for all of the monthly Tele-Rituals, (Mp3 recordings sent monthly).


THE ART OF THE START Use Napoleon Hill's legendary Think & Grow Rich principles to boost your profits + productivity in this Chart Your Course Leadership Masterclass
Napoleon Hill said: "The best GIFT you can give someone is the gift of DIRECTION!"
The GIFT of DIRECTION includes 3 products:
(1) Thanks & Grow Rich Manifesting Journal HEART
(2) Chart Your Course Leadership Planner HEAD "THANKS & Grow RICH" is a hybrid blending of HEAD & HEART
(3) Twelve recorded Thanks & Grow Rich MasterClasses which will teach you how to apply the TAGR principles into your life!
Jane A. Herron, the Gutsy GURU believes in sequential learning so you will receive one recording every 30 days!
The Chart Your Course Leadership System with the Thanks & Grow Rich Manifesting Journal + the MasterClasses starts when you do-because this program is NOT tied to the calendar year, but to YOUR year (start to finish). Jane will meet you where you are at today . . . we call that The Art of the Start!
Jane Herron has been a Member of National Speakers Association since 1986 and was hand picked by Dr Stephen R. Covey to be the 1st female National Trainer for the Covey Leadership Center! For six years she taught "The 7-Habits" and "First Things First" to executives, managers and employees at his 3-day Leadership Retreats across America.
So if you are looking for an Individual Achievement Coach / Productivity Coach who can help you Chart Your Course to where you are going in 2018 ... stay FOCUSED ... and learn great leadership skills, sales + communication skills, goal-setting & time management, self-confidence + self-esteem, and even, how to deal with difficult people (even when one of them is YOU), then Jane Herron is your coach!!
This entire program is only $100 for the entire year! (for the first 100 to enroll)
WHO can you Praise + Raise by gifting them this Mastermind Alliance program?
In 1933 before writing Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill was employed by FDR to create a Mastermind Alliance that consisted of working with both houses of Congress, all News sources, all Churches and many Unions across American to communicate the "positive psychology" presented by the President and First Lady (Eleanor).
Collectively this Mastermind Alliance p(raised) + raised America out of the Great Depression.
From the stories of this time, you will discover that depression visits those who are not inspired with a vision for their personal existence, so expect to be inspired over the next 12 months...and expect to 'pay it forward' . . . meaning . . . if you know someone who has been in the dumps, please p(raise) them, please raise them by gifting them this: (1) Year Long Thanks & Grow Rich Master Class, (2) the TAGR Manifesting Journal, (3) the Chart your Course Leadership Planner
WE will PRAISE + RAISE you!
Three big "Art of the Start" products for $100!!
ASK YOURSELF: where can "I" find someone who plans to p(raise) + raise ME for an entire YEAR for only $100?
Jane Herron has been a member of National Speakers Association for 30+ years working with major corporations and companies in a 50 U.S. states and 10 countries. She estimates that she has trained over 30,000 students. Now she wants to work with YOU and your TEAM.
ALL OF THIS for only $100/person
Your VOICE carries POWER.
Jane’s 30 years of Leadership studies, degrees + certifications in the arena of Positive Psychology and a wide array of Napoleon Hill’s materials is why the Hill Foundation authorized her to use Thanks & Grow Rich™ as the title of this new motivating MasterClass which INCLUDES your 52-week Chart Your Course Leadership Planner.
Jane wants to put a Map in your pocket, a Compass in your hand, and a Commitment in your heart for an entire year for only $100.
The TAGR Manifesting Journal acts like a road MAP to get you 'on course' while the Chart Your Course Leadership Planner acts as your COMPASS to keep you 'on course'.
You will MAP out your desires in the TAGR Manifesting Journal ...and then... and then you will CHART Your Course in your Leadership Planner.
BOTH will be sent to you as digital downloads, as a PDF link: you print it, you bind it.
It is yours to customize, then ADD your TAGR masterclass NOTES each month to it!
EVERYTHING is provided for you for only $100 as you learn how to apply the Mindset & Skillset Secrets delivered in Napoleon Hill's legendary Think & Grow Rich
For the first 100 only, your $100 will include direct access to Jane with your admission into The Mastermind Alliance FB Group. This is a private community of 100 who are interested in growing their sales, learning leadership, motivation, speaking & communication skills, and of course, the power of gratitude.
We want you to add your Vision Board to the front/back covers of your binder. Your TAGR Vision Board transforms into a "Visual Prayer" protecting all of your deliberate creations.
Having a TAGR Vision Board (a visual prayer book) in your hands daily brings your affirmations to LIFE!
Later in the Masterclass Series, we will do a deep dive into Napoleon Hill's 13 TAGR principles. These are the principles that have turned men into millionaire.
REMEMBER: it does not matter what month you get started with this Thanks & Grow Rich MasterClass, just trust the process, trust the Mastermind to know exactly how to engage you where you are at right now in your lifeplan. That is called "The Art of the Start"!!
This Thanks & Grow Rich MasterClass combined with the Mastermind Alliance of 100 PLUS the Gusty GURU's leadership will most assuredly LIFT you to new heights and you will accomplish more in the next 12 months than ever before.
ALL of this for only $100
All we ask of you?
""Please don't Keep us a Secret""
WHO do you know who needs (1) Direction in their life/in their business? (2) Leadership skills from someone who has been in the Leadership Business working as a national trainer with the top seminar companies in the world (3) A deep dive into Gratitude in a way that no one has ever told you about. All we ask is that you Tell--Tell--Tell until we get the first 100 to join us for a fabulous journey of 'Transformation & Thanks' as you grow rich with a Mastermind Alliance over the course of 12 months.
We have made this TAGR MasterClass affordable to everyone because we want you to experience success in your life!
The GIFT of DIRECTION includes: (1) Twelve Thanks & Grow Rich recordings [one/mo], (2) The Thanks & Grow Rich Manifesting Journal (3) the powerful Chart your Course Leadership Planner (4) Direct access to the Gutsy GURU Jane Herron in the private Mastermind Alliance FB Group (5) A Vision Board that turns into your "Visual Prayer" that wraps your dreams + desires in a way that will INSPIRE you every day.
We have made this Leadership Program so AFFORDABLE to everyone-everywhere, will you please share US today with your BFF, your co-worker, your daughter, your team.
The first 100 will get all 3 products and all of the support for only $100 for one full year!!
Will you GIVE Thanks & GROW Rich with Us over the next year?
This is a one time Art of the Start offer for the first 100 to enroll. When we hit 100, the price will go back to $497, so JOIN US today!

For only $100 . . . We can Get you out of Vagueness (not Vegas–but Vagueness)  

Chart Your Course is $100TOOLS: You are buying a Manifesting Journal and a Chart Your Course Leadership Planner.  Your receive  a PDF download, you print it, put it into a spiral binder or into a 3-ring binder of your choice.  When we work on your Vision Board, it goes in the front or back clear slide in panel so it may become your Visual Prayer.

SUPPORT: that $297 (reduced to $100 for the first 100 women) includes access to our monthly Tele-Rituals  which employs sequential spaced learning delivering every 30 days. Sequential spaced learning is an extremely powerful learning tool, where we teach and then you apply the lesson to your goals, to your life for that month. Thirty days later, We teach and You apply again for 30 more days.

That $100 includes a private Chart Your Course Facebook Group where you can tap into other empowered women who desire to empower you with their leadership skills. Our consistency, quality of training and the mastermind energy helps to rebuild and restore your confidence, credibility and creativity.

We are BIG believers in personal and professional coaching, BUT feel coaching is a total waste of your money IF/WHEN (you) are not clear about what you want or where you are going!!

You have heard the old saying:

If you don’t know where you are going,
any road will get you there!

Just because someone is good at marketing does not mean they know how to coach (you).  Even worse, is (you) pay for a coach who is not certified and/or has not ‘done that’ or ‘been there’. They do not offer what you need, but they have marketed into your knowing that you do need HELP.  We suggest before rushing out to hire a coach . . . . to maximize your time, energy and money . . .

You let us help you

“Get you out of Vagueness”

You will get more bang for the buck if you sort out where you are now and where you really really want to go  . . . before you hire a coach.

Our Thanks & Grow Rich Mastermind Journal
is designed to help you sort-sort-sort!

Hiring a COACH to do YOUR sorting is expensive!  It is so much smarter to hire a good coach to train you on what they do BEST.  Hire them for their expertise, hire them for their experience, hire them for what is in their wheelhouse.

Let us help you sort things out

Let us help you ‘Get out of Vagueness’

Seriously we will save you thousands of dollars by getting you clear and back into focus before you shop for the right coach.

Here is what we offer to help you “Get out of Vagueness” and back into FOCUS.

And please don’t keep us a Secret . . . In order to get what you want in life, you have to be willing to receive it when it appears, and in order to do that you must to be ‘open to receiving’. We would like to send you a complimentary copy of a 22 page eBook teaching you the Powers of using the Mastermind, titled Your KEY to your SUCCESS is with the MASTERMIND, please Register Here to receive.

And you never know who needs you.
Joyful Energy is Contagious
. . . Please accept some of mine and be sure to share some of yours!

NSA-milestone-30 years

17-Principles of SuccessBecome the master of your own universe, and do not let anyone else’s negative words, actions or deeds sway you from your purpose, goals and dreams.
Live your life to the fullest, and follow your passions and happiness.
Remember, when you let your truest light shine forth onto the world, it is then that you are on your Earthly Journey.
Watch how your life changes when you tune into your intuition, psychic senses, and the blessings that come to you from paying attention to your still small voice and/or your spiritual guidance.
By ”Listening and Obeying” to that Still Small Voice, you will change and improve your life.

Jane Herron has been a motivational speaker, corporate trainer, best selling author, transformational leader for over 30 years and she wants to teach you the principles of Thanks & Grow Rich in her new Master Class.  She will be a loving guide that will lead you by the hand from your old stumbling block to new empowering stepping stones.

IF your Still Small Voice has led you to Jane Herron, then we encourage you to join us on a journey of Transformation and Thanks for one year, starting now!

And by getting out of Vagueness (not Vegas) . . . every ethical coach will appreciate that you are READY to work with them now. It really is a pain for them to spend their time Getting You out of Vagueness when they could be advancing you into their ‘wheelhouse’.

Here are a few frequently asked questions that you will get answered as we pull you out of Vagueness in our Chart Your Course Leadership Training for only $100.

  • How do I answer: ‘what do I want?‘  when I have not had time to think of myself for myself in years and years!  I don’t even know HOW to get started!
  • How can I set a goal when I have not really examined my beliefs, what I value most, what are my strengths, or what is going to get me on course?
  • How do I discover my purpose, my big WHY when I am so unclear my wants?
  • How do I set and prioritize my goals?
  • How do I chart my goals onto a 30 day map, a 90 day map, a 1-year map?
    And how about my long term 3-5-10 year goals?
  • How do I organize, prioritize and stay focused?
  • How do I stay balanced in the midst of so many distractions?
  • How do I learn how to trust the process and enjoy the journey?

Jane believes that Napoleon Hill, Dr. Stephen R. Covey and Jack Canfield were three of the best transformational leaders of their times who revered the principles of self reliance, self completion, and self responsibility.  Feeling deep respect and admiration for these principles did not turn them into a ‘popular leader’.

A ‘popular leader’ knows how to HYPE, they can make you feel drunk and giddy from the intense EMOTIONAL BLAST they provide in an hour, a day, or over a long expensive weekend. They will make you walk on glass, break boards, get you on stage so you will “announce your junk” to people you do not know, and then, they do their best to fill your mind with ideas of wealth and fortune. They say what you want to hear, when you want to hear it. They pump and pump and pump, but do they really teach you how to handle the rough times?? I mean really handle the nitty gritty hard decisions that people may not like (that you may not like) . . . and when their event is over, when they have deposited your money, when the HYPE is gone–how do you feel?? do you really feel you can sustain yourself and your team through the thick of thin times??

A transformational leader is not about hype; they are not all about looking good or sounding great, but they are about telling you the truth. This means they are willing to tell you what you need to hear, not always what you want to hear.

Tranformational Leaders
are willing to risk your feelings temporarily

to affect your future permanently!

  • A true transformational leader speaks to all people like rising leaders — not their lucky followers.
  • A true transformational leader is not about constant SELFIES on FB, Pinterest & Instagram.
  • A true transformational leader does not need a PERISCOPE of themselves at the homeless shelter to let everyone see how benevolent they are. I am sure you know this sort of need for SELF aggrandizing is not transformational…but it is sure popular!

A true transformational leader is all about helping YOU get to the next level, whether that is direct sales, within a company, within a community. Jane Herron is all about YOU, your next step and how you are going to take it.  One of the best things you can do is to work with Jane for 10 weeks with 3 others in a small Mastermind Group.
Do you know 3 others who are ready to stretch & grow? Depending on the group and individual’s needs, this session of Masterminding will be on Image + Communications Skills; Sales Presentation Skills; and Public Speaking. Jane will customize the group to YOUR needs so you may “stretch & grow” the most, the fastest. Join Jane today!

Tele-Ritual Register here

Did you notice that we are starting a new THANKS & GROW RICH MASTERCLASS? If you will get registered here, we will send you a very special free gift (22 page eBook) on accepting the Master Keys from the Master Mind.

National Speakers Association

Jane Herron has been a member of National Speakers Association for 30 years.