When Life takes something from you … You are not being punished, 
but merely being asked to LET GO and OPEN YOUR HANDS to receive something better.

I was giving a motivational talk (as a guest speaker) at the Church of Religious Science a few years ago and used this story as the theme to that very special talk: In India monkey meat is a delicacy.  

Hunters have always found it particularly easy to capture monkeys. HOW?    

All they had to do was to drill a hole in the side of a young coconut. 

The hole had to be just big enough for the monkey to put his fingers together and slide his hand in. 

Monkeys love the meat of the young coconuts, so they easily slide their hands into the hole, scrape the coconut meat away from the sides of the coconut wall…but it is when they try to take too much, too often, they get sloppy and that is where they “get caught”. 

The hole was not large enough to pull out their hand and to bring out a bounty.. 

This is the point of choice to Let Go and LIVE, or Hold on and DIE … or at least be caught up in something dangerous that is going to have a very negative consequence. How many of you have held on to a relationship to a person, a family, a job, a sum of money, a situation, a job . . . that was killing you day by day . . .  but you simply could not let go of the coconut meat long enough to “pull your hand out”  so you could  . . . not only LIVE, but YOU could THRIVE … if only … you could LET GO. 

OK, so this week, think about the places that don’t work in your life. 

IF you have read earlier posts, you know the Mastermind require HARMONY with you, within you to work for you.  

You may have to become a 12-Stepper and simply Let Go and Let GoD. Looking for a speaker for your next event?  Consider bringing Jane Herron in as a speaker, trainer, webinar delivery, tele-seminar instructor.



You never know who needs you. Joyful Energy is Contagious . . . Please accept some of mine and be sure to share some of yours!


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