I love talking about other people, don’t you?  

I mean I love to talk about people who are doing everything right to create new relationships; to nourish their network; and to do something so unique for those people they create a “memory” which is attached to them.

So we all know some basic network building activities include:
  1. Make it a point to meet a new person every day.
  2. Look for community activities that link people.
  3. Join professional associations.
  4. Volunteer to become part of the membership committee.
  5. Pass out name tags at events, which ensures that you meet everyone attending.
Shane & Cathi Hughes do that because they understand “the Secret” of Abundance, “the Secret” of top of mind awareness, “the Secret” of brand recognition, and most important, “the Secret” of remembrance!

Take look at their branding, what does it remind you of?  It is not a Secret.

Let’s look at what THEY do right!

Shane & Cathi Hughes @ www.realestate-888.com
Here are a few “secrets” I would try to emulate after meeting the HUGHES:
1-Focus On Power, Not Position 
Referent power is one of the Five Bases of Social Power, as defined by Bertram Raven and his colleagues in 1959.
Definition: Referent power refers to the ability of a leader to influence a follower because of the follower’s loyalty, respect, friendship, admiration, affection, or a desire to gain approval.
Referent power comes from being a role model and others seeing you as someone they want to emulate. You become a mentor of sorts, and others will consider what you might do in a similar situation before acting. When you lead with patience, build relationships based on trust, and lead by example, you can influence others toward a shared vision with ease.
By branding themselves with a wildly successful image, they have aligned themslves with the loyalty, the admiration, the affection, and the respect created with the 2006 best selling self-help book “The Secret”.The Secret, written in 2006 by Rhonda Byrne
2-Meet people who know people, and let them introduce you to others. 
A technique used by politicians forever, but having 10 people in a studio to create a vision board when people are unconsciously chattering about their heart’s desires is a great way to build rapport.  After meeting Shane and Cathi you want to connect them to others.
3-Successful salespeople are masters at creating new relationships for their customers.
The introducer plays a vital networking role. A salesperson has a client who bemoans her inability to find a good vendor for “something”.  The salesperson has another client whose firm offers exactly what the first person needs.  The salesperson suggests to both of them, “Why don’t I get you two together for lunch?”
If the two hit it off, they owe their good fortune and abundance to the introducer. This sort of networking has a pay off for everyone!
4-Create a MEMORY that is so powerful that NO ONE forgets. Last night was one of those experiences for me and 9-others. I happened to see a FREE workshop posted on Facebook What you Visualize you Materialize from the Abundance Realty Client Appreciation Group.
Here are a few KEYS to getting people to attend meet & greets from Facebook, they are:
1-Free 2-Fun 3-Something they will take home and put on their wall.

Upon arrival at a darling art studio, they gave us these beautiful large abundance goal boards to work on, magazines to cut pictures out of, and glue, scissors, pens, post-its, etc.


Shane-Cathi Goal Board
As a certified master practitioner in NLP, as a national trainer of NLP, I always say, you must first engage the 5-senses to get to the sixthThe sixth sense is the storehouse of intuition, the meter board to test rapport, and the BANK where you make deposits into the TRUST Account. IF you can activate the sixth sense, you will SELL. WHY?  People buy emotional, then, they rationalize their purchase, so . . .


5-Make HUGE deposits into the TRUST Account.
For Cathi and Shane, they make HUGHES deposits into the Trust Account because they are the ABUNDANCE Realty Group.
And as we were busy “engaging” our minds, our hearts, our hands, our souls, and our mouths (they brought snacks), Cathi and Shane took turns teaching back and forth, back and forth John Assaraf‘s (from The Secret) Neural Linking 4-Step process (see above).
AND, I loved the way they were neural linking US to THEM as they were teaching us the 4-step Neural Linking process.  SMART!!
Here are the 4-Steps:
  1. Search your memory for a positive event in your life that was especially empowering, a moment where you felt a thrill of accomplishment, excitement or triumph.  What EMOTIONS do you feel? Write those down in the Box # 1
  2. Choose your “I AM” AFFIRMATIONS and place them in Box # 2
  3. To help visualize what you do want, cut out pictures that represent your dream, VISUALIZE Box # 3
  4. And Box # 4 we were told to use the power of REPETITION.
Come to your board daily, maybe more than once a day, do the 4-Step Neural Link process for yourself. And who are they linking the 4-step process to?

Abundance with Cathi & Shane

So when you think about nourishing your network, ASK yourself?

  • Did YOU focus on POWER and not position to win friends and influence people?
  • Did YOU meet people, greet people and anchor yourself into their MEMORY BANK?
  • Do YOU make a huge deposit into their emotional TRUST account? build rapport? make the sale because someone referred YOU–because you had created top of mind awareness?


You never know who needs you. Joyful Energy is Contagious . . . Please accept some of mine and be sure to share some of yours!


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