Push the “EZ-PZ” Button on the hardest days 

These simple brain tricks can help you stay out of the highs and lows and move towards a more balanced flow:

  1. Meditate. You will find this at the top of any Spiritual how to list. There is no substitute for going within the heart center on the spiritual path.
  2. Listen to uplifting music. Anything that makes you feel good inside is acceptable, no matter what other people think.  IF I am feeling particularly stressed, my  favorite “sound” is to listen softly while meditating to Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls
  3. Fall in love. Being in love is the best way to be in joy.  Who or What can you fall in love with?  I love my Yorkie-Apso dogs: Thelma + Louise as they unconditionally love me back!
  4. Laugh.  Get together with positive friends and have a good time, or even watch a sitcom that makes you laugh out loud. Every now and then, TV can be used as a tool. Watch a hilariously funny movie and enjoy some organic popcorn.
  5. Smile. Try turning the edges of your mouth up right now and see if you can feel the energy that runs through your body. Try smiling at everyone you run across the grocery store and see if you can help spread this feeling to someone else. That in itself makes you feel good inside.
  6. Dance. Dancing gets your endorphins moving like nothing else. Dance like no one is watching. Your emotions can freeze just like the ice-cycles on a rain gutter.
  7. Touch. Your emotions can get locked into body tissue.  I have a wonderful body-worker who uses touch, EFT, LLLT, and many other modalities. How do I know when I need to make an appointment?  When I can’t shift myself? When I feel stuck.
  8. Journal. There is a Science to Positive Mental Health, and Journaling is one way to uncover and release the FEAR that binds you. Script your way back to a better time, a better place.
  9. Sunlight. Our sun is the fuel we need to dissolve negativity. If you live in a place that gets little sun, imagine being in the sun or take a vacation to a sunny place.  I take Thelma + Louise for a 15-20 minute afternoon walk every single day.
  10. Reminders. Place sticky notes by your bed so that when you wake up you will remind yourself of your goals. Put them in your workspace and in the kitchen and on the bathroom mirror. They can say whatever you want but a good place to start is “I am happy, I am healthy, and I am free”.