OMG this story has kept me giggling for months.

A Utah dad, Scott Mackintosh, got so fed up with his teen daughter’s too-short shorts that he decided to teach her a fashion lesson she would never forget. However, in the process,became an Internet hero…and Talk Show sensation.

Here is the story behind Scott Mackintosh sporting daisy duke short-shorts.

In an effort to try to create special family time, the Mackintosh family from Lehi, Utah reserves Monday nights for just that. School was just getting started, so the family decided to go out to eat and then go play a round of miniature golf as a last summer hurrah.

As everyone was getting ready, Scott heard his wife, Becky, ask Myley (their teenage daughter) if she would please change into some longer shorts before leaving the house.

Myley said “NO!”   So, instead of turning her disrespectful attitude into a “big” battle,dad Scott decided to make a “small” statement about how daisy duke short-shorts may not be as cute as Myley thinks!

In the spirit of having a good time, Scott ran into the bedroom, grabbed some scissors and cut some off some old worn out jeans just short enough that the ends of the pockets were hanging out the bottom. He then opened his T-shirt drawer and grabbed a T-shirt that his older daughter had given me for Father’s Day that said: Best. Dad. Ever. and thought to himself “geezers I have never worn this T-shirt, I think this will look perfect with my daisy dukes”.

As he adorned himself with his daughter’s in mind, he knew this was the perfect moment and the perfect way to make a personal statement to Myley on the way out of the house. Completely certain that when she saw him, that would be as far as the daisy dukes would have to go . . .

Scott walked out to the car where he saw Myley and son in the back seat with their heads down focused intently on their phones. NEITHER had noticed the daisy dukes on their dad . . . not even a glance.  So he stood by the open driver’s side door for a minute, even spoke to them, but their faces stayed focused on their phones.

NEITHER had no clue of how he was dressed.

He then pranced about 50 feet in front of the car to meet his wife: “What did they think?” Scott told her NEITHER had even noticed, but he was sure that they had noticed him by now. NOPE . . . their faces were still glued to their phones and they still had no idea of the spectacle that stood before them.

DRATS, this little plotted personal experiment did not work “at home” as Scott hoped, so he quietly whispered to his wife: “well I guess we’re taking the show on the road!”

Once at the restaurant, they were greeted by many funny looks in the parking lot as Scott adjusted the daisy dukes as all girls do. Scott’s daughter gave him a disgusted look and said, “Why are you dressed like that?” quickly followed by “Oh well, I don’t care.”

As they entered the restaurant, they were recognized by several small town people they knew. The adults all roared laughing as Scott gave them the explanation for his short shorts and instead of being embarrassed, Myley took a couple of pictures and posted them to her social media.

DRATS, the joke seemed to be on Scott without a lesson for Myley, so the question was, “Do I let the LESSON fail or take it to the next level?”

Take it to the next level of course!    “OK, let’s go miniature golfing” Scott said.

The family laughed that Scott might go golfing in daisy dukes, but game on as they arrived at the miniature golf course. Despite the fact that Myley had expressed that her dad’s manner of dress didn’t bother her, she was not about to let him stand next to her as they collected their golf clubs and waiting in line for their turn to start.

Interestingly there was a small group of teenage girls in the area who were “acting” as if they were taking pictures of each other, but in reality, they were lining themselves up for a Kodak Moment with “the old guy in the daisy dukes”.

Myley noticed these girls and shouted out as if her dad was a circus act, “If you want a picture of my dad, just ask, I am sure he won’t mind.”   Click–Click–Click

WOW what a memorable family night this had been so far!  Scott then drove the family out for milk shakes at a favorite ice creme shop town that everyone loved to frequent.

As they pulled into a stall, Myley said, “Uh, no! We are NOT going in!”

“Sure we are, let’s go!” Scott announced.

“No!” She cried, “Let’s go through the drive up.”

We went in, but Myley stayed in the car. She had had enough of her Dad in short shorts in public and did not want to go through any further embarrassment.

NEVER was there a “Dad I get it” or “Dad you’re the best…. thanks for the lesson.”

To this day, Scott is not completely sure if his desired lesson of teaching his daughter “modest is hottest” sunk in, but she will always know that her dad loves her enough to make a complete fool out of himself.

UPDATE 9/13/13: I sent this story to KSL News [NBC affiliate] in SLC-UT on 9/04/2013.

On 9/05/2013, Scott Haws interviewed Scott Macintosh LIVE on Browser 5.0. woot woot

The story was so funny, that I then sent a link to all of the other news outlets and today, this story will featured on: CNN LIVE, the TODAY SHOW, GOOD MORNING AMERICA, INSIDE ADDITION, FOX NEWS with Dana Perino, NBC NEWS and Scott’s story is flying all over the HUFFINGTON POST and YAHOO news.

Pretty amazing from my personal FB wall now to you. WATCH this Clip on the Today show!  and the second clip is from the TOP morning show in Australlia.  Way to go Scott!

OR go to his wife’s blog at: And who know, they may get a book deal out of this story!