No one is a born leader.
Your internal compass must be trained and conditioned to experience
 SELF Mastery which is among the most important things in your life! Self mastery said than done. So, eighty years ago, prolific writer Napoleon Hill was employed by President Franklin D Roosevelt to create a Mastermind Alliance that consisted of working with both houses of Congress, media + news sources, Churches and many Unions across the country to RAISE and PRAISE the American public to get back to work!
It had only been a few years since FDR’s 1933 Inaugural Address when he reminded America that there was “Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself”.
Napoleon Hill was hired to train SELF Mastery to the men + women in this Mastermind Alliance and each week the President and First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) used positive psychology on the American public over the radio. Collectively this Mastermind Alliance p(raised) + raised America out of the the Greatest Financial Depression this country has every seen and the book
Think & Grow Rich has gone down in history as the best self help (self mastery) book of all times. It is the Bible to most motivational speakers.

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In 1938 Napoleon Hill
felt compelled to deliver
an equally powerful manuscript
on the Principles of Failure
wrote Outwitting the Devil.

Interestingly, because Napoleon Hill shared some of his own failures and crises of faith as an introduction to HOW OUTWITTING THE DEVIL [OTD] came about AND because so many Americans were actively living “the principles of failure” in 1937-38, Napoleon’s wife Annie did not want him to lose his good name or their good fortune . . . so she (and then the heirs who followed) shelved the manuscript for 75 years and it was not published until June of 2011.

This is exactly what N.H. was fighting against, but the FEAR of LOSS can be so compelling, the DEVIL wins.

Author Sharon Lechter was chosen to annotate the OTD manuscript.  If people only knew,  I am sure her own Rich Dad/Poor Dad story could have been a chapter titled ‘dealing with the devil’ since she authored fifteen of the Rich Dad/Poor Dad books . . . but who got the credit?

OTD is about the conversations Napoleon Hill had with the Devil and what exactly it was going to take to Outwit The Devil.

In modern times, you could compare the genesis of this book to the TV show SURVIVOR where the winner must outwit, outplay and outlast the opposition.  Napoleon refers to people without a definite aim, or purpose in life, and those who have allowed their minds to be consumed by fear as “drifters“. The TV show Survivor would call them the cast offs, or the LOSERS of the game.

NH said: “The majority of people begin to drift as soon as they meet with opposition, and only 1/10,000 will keep on trying after failing two or three times.


Outwitting The Devil

Fear & Failure facilitate the Devil’s work in the book because FAILURE breaks down one’s morale and self-confidence while FEAR subdues one’s enthusiasm, dulls their imagination, and drives away definiteness of purpose. 

Are you ready to change?

Jane loves both books because one teaches the principles of Success while the other teaches Failure Success & Failure are like a mirror image [the identical but opposite].
It is imperative to understand both.

Additionally, Jane took this one step further to shift the teaching from the


as she combines the two books in her THANKS & GROW RICH MasterClass  which be available on Labor Day.

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Watch how your life changes when you tune into your intuition, psychic senses, and the blessings that are coming to you from paying attention to the still small voice within [AKA] your spiritual guidance.

 As Osho says,

Your intuition is your best teacher.

By listening-obeying your Still Small Voice, you will change + improve your life.

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When you combine your own strength with that of at least two or more like-minded persons — as well as that of the MASTERMIND [aka The Maestro], the collective abilities of each person is many, many times greater than the sum of the individual energies involved.

Coach Your Way to Success Mastermind GroupTo prove this to you, imagine a Maestro standing before only one orchestra member. The Maestro,
aka Jane A Herron-Your Success Trainer on Retainer could help that individual member, however, when the Maestro is allowed to bring in others members to sit with this ONE, this woman not only learns from others sitting around her, but she has more energy to go the distance . . . performing at levels she could have never done alone!

The group made her better!
The group has made her stronger!

The Maestro directs (or masterminds) the tempo and direction of the music being played.

The more skilled the players, the better the Maestro must be to lead the entire group to play their best!
Jane Herron is a skilled Maestro who has been working with executives, managers and entrepreneurs for over 30-years teaching self-esteem, leadership, sales, management, communications & team-building skills.

And even when a skilled “Life Player” comes into the group looking for “something more,” Jane Herron, your Maestro, knows how to help this committed skilled “Life Player” to stretch, and ultimately, everyone in the group will up-level . . . even the Maestro!!

Is this the sort of leadership experience that you’ve been seeking?

Law Of Success Mastermind GroupsNapoleon Hill explicitly taught that the mastermind had a spiritual element that would come into the group, network, solve problems, introduce resources.

He called this spiritual energy the third mind.”

Unfortunately, because Napoleon Hill was forced to dummy down the concept of the third mind,  some people put up resistance before they understood HOW the mastermind has gone to work for people like YOU for decades!

Jane designed two MasterClasses in 2019 (1) the Chart Your Course Masterclass™ for women to give them the leadership mindset and tools needed to navigate through the thick of thin time, and (2) THANKS &Grow Rich Masterclass™

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