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 We are committed to putting a COMPASS in your pocket,
a MAP in your hand and a COMMITMENT in your heart
as you learn how to navigate the territory of CHANGE and chart your course
through the THICK of THIN times with us.

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Details on our Women Leading Women Masterclass

Become the Master of your own universe and do not let anyone else’s negative words, actions or deeds sway you from your purpose, goals and dreams.
SELF Mastery is the most important thing you can do for yourself in this lifetime!
Live your life to the fullest, and follow your passions and happiness.
Remember, when you let your LIGHT shine forth onto the world, it is then that YOU are on your Earthly Journey. That means that playing it safe is not always the best, however, you do want to play it SMART.
That is where a good coach comes in!  The most economical way to work with Jane Herron is to join the Women Leading Women Masterclass.
Watch how your life changes when you tune into your intuition, psychic senses, and the blessings that are coming to you from paying attention to the still small voice within [AKA] your spiritual guidance.
By ”Listening and Obeying” to that Still Small Voice, you will change and improve your life. As Osho says, your intuition is your best teacher. What does your intuition tell you about jointing the Women Leading Women Masterclass, will we see you in 2018?
. . WOMEN LEADING WOMEN™ . . . A Journal, A Planner, A Life Coach, A Year to Clear in one great MASTERCLASS
And Don't Keep Us A Secret! Where can you find A Leadership, Communication, Productivity Coach to work with for about $40/month?
You're done playing SMALL
You're done hiding your LIGHT
You want to wake up feeling inspired and go to bed feeling you have delivered your highest and best good!
Because you have NOT been living ON purpose, because you have been living with a lampshade on your head foolishly trying to please others, YOU have not been shining your LIGHT
You are a Woman in Business leading other women-but you lack confidence in certain areas as the Boss. Question? Are you the buddy or the boss?
Awhile ago you took a LIFE detour not realizing that every life detour has a COST attached: TIME-ENERGY-MONEY
You ask yourself: WHY was I so unaware of the tangible & intangible costs of these life detours? How do I get back ON course?
And what sucks even more...your still small voice [your intuition] did send YOU several 'warnings' about HOW you were leading this situation, but you chose NOT to listen when it beaconed.
You are now thinking "UGH-I dread facing the Time-Energy-Money that I must deal with to get out of this DETOUR and back ON COURSE with my HEART's DESIRES" and I am doing this while other people are watching.
And YOU absolutely know that you cannot + will not do that detour for another minute, another day, another week, another month, another quarter.
NO NO NO You have proven to yourself time and again that living your life to please others does NOT work.
IF you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there...but that's NOT where you want to BE.
If there has been a detour in your destiny, don't let it steal your joy! Let's undo what is done and begin again with a leadership coach.
CHANGE begins with CHOICE
Your VOICE carries POWER
NOW you have the ABILITY and the RESPONS-ABILITY to make better choices ... are your ready?
YOU created your circumstances by your past choices, and You do not need more proof or more time to think things over to reach better conclusions.
You need the truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the TRUTH. This is where JANE HERRON, aka The Gutsy GURU come in.
JANE is the trainer who will teach you the 'navigation skills' that you need to get through the thick of thin times.
She is a GURU because she reminds YOU that “Gee, You Are You (g u r u) and nobody does YOU quite like YOU".
She is GUTSY because for the past 30+ years she has criss-crossed the country as motivational speaker, writer, corporate trainer, executive coach and member of National Speakers Association.
SHE has trained over 30,000 professionals in full day Leadership, Communication + Productivity Workshops that she conducted for major seminar companies. See the JANE tab above. And Don't Keep Us A Secret! There are lots of great reasons to work with the Gutsy GURU, Jane Herron Women's Leadership Coach!
And on the DIMMER side of life, Jane KNOWS what it means to live with a lampshade on her head and having to deal with the consequences of not being her authentic self.
She is a RECOVERING people pleaser, time waster, lamp shade wearer.
She also knows how good it feels to SHINE & be a LIGHTHOUSE for others who are lost in the storm, so she teaches this lighthouse principle:
**When the LIGHTHOUSE strikes its light, it does not measure the storm ... it does not judge the storm. It does not say to itself: 'I' must understand where that storm is coming from or is headed before 'I' chooses to SHINE my LIGHT. NO-it does not judge, measure or wait because it knows its purpose is to SHINE. SHINE, SHINE, SHINE, SHINE, SHINE - that is all you have to do.**
Privately, Jane works with Women Leaders to help them know their PURPOSE and to recognize their LIGHT with an organization.
Publicly, she is growing her tribe teaching them how to tap into their under utilized power and ability to persuade in her WOMEN LEADING WOMEN MASTERCLASS.
Jane calls it your YEAR to CLEAR
WHY a Year?
365 days goes by so fast and it is so easy to get pulled off-course into a new detour because OLD HABITS die HARD
You get 52 new weeks because Jane will remind you that what you grew up with you learned, what you learned you practiced, what you practiced you became and what you became has consequences.
Jane created CHART YOUR COURSE LEADERSHIP for you--a female leading & managing other women.
Her MOTTO: I want to put a MAP in your pocket, a COMPASS in your hand and a COMMITMENT in your heart
YES she will put you into HABIT-REHAB as you look at your time-energy-money. Isn't it time to look at your PRODUCTIVITY!
Jane learned her productivity skills from the best of the best when she was hand picked by Dr. Stephen R. Covey to be a National Trainer & Certified Executive Coach for 6-years with the Covey Leadership Center!
And Jane has been a National Trainer for the largest Training & Development companies in America, take a peek at the JANE TAB above!
She was coined the Gutsy GURU on her radio show where she combined 30 years of leadership experience with the powerful lessons taught by: Louise Hay, Brené Brown, Earnie Larsen, Stephen R. Covey, Oprah, Deepak, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks, Edwene Gaines, Terry Gorski, Rhonda Britton, Florence Scovel Shinn, Napoleon Hill, Émile Coué, Marianne Williamson, Jim Rohn, Abraham-Hicks, Lynn Grabhorn.
This is your year to look at HOW got you here and WHEN you are going to step into being the true leader you know yourself to be ... inspiring and propelling women in your organization and on your team to take their leadership positions.
So until YOU are doing YOU, until you are staying in your LANE in a beeline to your predetermined destination, YOU need Jane Herron, the Gutsy GURU in your Year to Clear.
So here is how to work with Jane so she may Praise + Raise you into Leadership status this year
Hit the ADD to CART button, then you will receive her WOMEN LEADING WOMEN prgm: (1) Year Long Women Leading Women MasterClass sent as mp3 download for 12 months (2) Magnify Your Manifesting Journal PDF (3) Chart Your Course Leadership Planner PDF
WHY is this so ridiculously AFFORDABLE?
(1) Jane listens to + obeys her intuition (2) After 30 years of being on the road, she is now creating an online presence, so you are working with a professional speaker for about $40/month (3) Jane has been teaching Image--Leadership--Sales since she first joined NSA in 1986.
Jane believes in 3 things:
(1) SEQUENTIAL SPACED LEARNING: so you will get a Women Leading Women MasterClass™ MP3 in your IN box 'once a month for 12 months'. You take that lesson + learn it to the fullest in the first 30 days and before you know it, the next lesson will arrive.
(2) What she teaches will be progressively MORE DIFFICULT. Yes she promises to make you very uncomfortable with your current situation especially if you have had a lamp shade on your head dimming your light for way too long.
(3) What she teaches will be progressively MORE EMPOWERING You will go from stumbling blocks to stepping stones . . . from grief to gratitude in a very short time and then things will get very exciting for you as you discover how powerful it is to be ON course & to stay ON course!
She will take you on a journey that will put a map in your pocket, a compass in your hand and a commitment in your heart . . . for a full year!
At the end of the year, the clarity and the confidence that you will have will be so compelling, so life changing, you will look back and wonder why you did not shine your LIGHT (full ON) sooner.
Here is a sneak peek at what we do in your Year to Clear! HIT the ARROW on the Video!
*You will begin by learning a new way to create your life vision by journaling to Manifest Your Desires
*Next you will learn how to Chart Your Course on your Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily Calendars
*Over the year, you will develop Strong Leadership & Management Skills
*New levels of Profitability & Productivity
*How to read the signs of change and be ready for a change in terrain
*Principle-centered GOAL-setting
*Why putting the compass before the clock changes how you establish your priorities!
*Why nothing succeeds like cooperation & the power of HARMONY
*How a winning TEAM can truly perform and the lessons we can learn from a winning team.
*Gear Shifting—problems generate paradigm shifts and shifts create new options.
*Examine the internal needs of what human beings want in life…. the keys to motivation!
*How to manage those human needs to help your team do their very best!
*How to LEAD the process of CHANGE in yourself, in your family, on your team
*Discover what is stopping you as your major road blocks and what to do to get around them.
*Specific techniques that will help you let go of the past, so you may move forward.
Are you ready to say YES to SUCCESS?
And Please don't keep Jane a Secret
People around the world love Jane's Magnify Your Manifesting Journal™, the Chart Your Course Planner™ and her Women Leading Women Masterclass™ because it is the only program in the market that gets people OUT of VAGUENESS (Law of Distraction) and gets their HEAD & HEART into harmony with themselves and the people they are working with. Remember NOTHING succeeds without cooperation!
. . WOMEN LEADING WOMEN™ . . . A Journal, A Planner, A Life Coach, A Year to Clear in one great MASTERCLASS for about $40/month total, or $497 for the Year to Clear!

While attending a National Speakers Association Convention, I heard Mark Victor Hansen speaking about ‘stretching the rubber band‘ beyond your limit of possibilities.
To put some “rubber on the road”, Mark made a very bold, outrageous statement in 1994, stating: “Jack Canfield and I will sell over 100 million books together!
Such a huge audacious goal was one he could not get his head wrapped around it, but he announced it to the Universe and made a commitment.

Little did he know that 44 publishers would reject the book and their literary agent would give up on them, saying he just couldn’t sell the concept of Chicken Soup for the Soul. But then it happened!  Before they knew it, he and Jack had a major hit on their hands.  He then said:  I couldn’t imagine us doing more than 20-30 titles in the series and maybe sell 25 million books – at best!  THAT would have been a huge success . . . but was I ever WRONG!  My “limited thinking” was holding the two of us back as I was not allowing for our Success to Happen.

Their Art of Allowing came into daily practice and their sales blew past 100 million, beyond 150 million, not to mention other branding related products, TV interviews, and they were asked to be a contributors to The Secret [2006].
Mark and Jack then sold their company in 2008 for an enormous sum of money to a company who has expanded the Chicken Soup brand even further.

That expansion is another example of ‘stretching the rubber band’ beyond your limits of possibilities because most brand expansions fail, but not this one. Today, some 500 MILLION Chicken Soup For the Soul books have been sold!!

The 2006 best-selling book (and DVD) The Secret is another example of ‘stretching the rubber band.’ Rhonda Byrne’s book The Secret reached the top of the New York Times bestseller list, where it remained for 146 consecutive weeks (that is almost 3 full years). Since then, The Secret has been translated into 44 languages, and has over 21 million copies in print. Thanks in big part to the appearance in the Oprah TV show, the book and DVD have grossed over $500 million in sales.

Is it time to stretch your rubber band? Are you allowing for all of your good to reach you?

The WOMEN LEADING WOMEN MasterClass will stretch you – Join US!

Want a sneak peek of the Women Leading Women MasterClass??   

And please don’t keep us a Secret . . .
We would like to send you a complimentary copy of our book teaching you
the Powers of using the Mastermind, titled
The KEY to your SUCCESS is with the MASTERMIND
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Jane designed the WOMEN LEADING WOMEN Masterclass to give you the leadership  mindset and tools needed to navigate through the thick of thin time. We want to put a map in your hand, a compass in your pocket and a commitment from our heart to your heart to help you for a full year!.

And here is the good news, you do NOT need to start our program at the start of a new year. Yes, you start on the day that you decide to leave your NEGATIVITY behind. The Chart Your Course Planner is not dated, so you get the full 12 months of training no matter WHEN you begin.  The hardest part of your journey is just getting started, so decide right now to join us.
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17-Principles of SuccessBecome the master of your own universe, and do not let anyone else’s negative words, actions or deeds sway you from your purpose, goals and dreams.
Live your life to the fullest, and follow your passions and happiness.
Remember, when you let your truest light shine forth onto the world, it is then that you are on your Earthly Journey.
Watch how your life changes when you tune into your intuition, psychic senses, and the blessings that come to you from paying attention to your still small voice and/or your spiritual guidance.
By ”Listening and Obeying” to that Still Small Voice, you will change and improve your life.

Jane Herron has been a motivational speaker, corporate trainer, best selling author, transformational leader for over 30 years and she wants to teach you the principles of Thanks & Grow Rich in her new WOMEN LEADING WOMEN Master Class.  She will be a loving guide that will lead you by the hand from your old stumbling block to new empowering stepping stones.

IF your Still Small Voice has led you to Jane, then we encourage you to join us on a journey of Thanks & Transformation for one year, starting now!

You never know who needs you.
Joyful Energy is Contagious
Please accept some of mine and be sure to share some of yours!