What Happens in Vagueness-Stays in VaguenessHow many people do you know who have never been given the “Gift of Direction“ and they have been “Out of Focus” living in VAGUENESS for years and years and years?

Can you imagine how many of these these people have carried a cargo load of abandoned, unrealized, underdeveloped potential . . . BUT . . . they do own a 52 inch flat screen TV! They are so cool — plus they have a big house, a boat, an new car . . . but if you pull back the curtain, you might find out they are just one paycheck away from disaster!
 But What Happens in Vagueness ~ Stays in Vagueness . . . right?
Vagueness is the city you go to when you want to WIN BIG with all of the gold and the glitter, with all of the ‘bright shiny objects’, seminars in the big fancy hotels, people shouting, clapping their hands–stomping their feet and they feel like a million dollars in the moment. Here is the dirty little secret that most seminar leaders who charge you thousands of dollars don’t tell you while you are in Vagueness: most people forget 90% of what they have learned after 7-days. Especially IF you went to the seminar in Vagueness, came home to all of your STUFF and it only took you those 7-days to come back to your SSDD. (same stuff different day)
Staying in Vagueness is worse than playing the slot machines, casino games (blackjack, craps, roulette). The LIE these 52-inch TV screen owners are living is a lot like the games they play in Vagueness produces a short term HIGH that has a head throb LOW that gnaws at you within days after leaving that seminar with the ‘would a’ — ‘could a’ — ‘should a’ s.
OTHER games people play in Vagueness are those whom call themselves “serial entrepreneurs” . . . they too have 52 inch TV screens and they live on a different street in Vagueness, because the number of distractions they are able to ‘manage’ is just mind blowing.
OK–WHO wants out of Vagueness in 2018?
M.E. = Mental + Emotional
That is a great place to START if you want to get out of Vagueness because it does start with ME–ME–ME. Getting out of Vagueness is one of the times that it is OK to be selfish as you Chart Your Course back home to where you are really dialed in and living ON PURPOSE.
You have seen these people who are really “in the zone” demonstrating the gifts they were given and they are not only making a living at it . . . IT is WHO they are.
These people AVOID Vagueness, they dislike themselves the most when they visit that city for even short stays. They hate it because they have lot daylight doing nothing and that feels awful to squirrel away their blessings. They refuse to step down to a lower level, which means if you are in their presence you have 2 choices:
step UP or step OUT.
Step UP to meet them at a new level, or step OUT and head back to where you feel most comfortable, living in Vagueness.
In reality you have those 2 choices right now: step UP or step OUT
This is an invitation to step UP with a group of people who are ready to get the hell out of Vagueness in 2016. We are creating the biggest step UP mastermind group on the planet. We are inviting people who have been living in Vagueness to step UP and show UP with is as we chart a new course in to individual achievement.
Age does not matter.
Gender does not matter.
Economic status does not matter.
Color does not matter.
Wave whatever flag you wave, what ever your orientation, we love diversity, nationality, spirituality, religion. Our focus is getting out of Vagueness for ONE and for ALL.
So we said, Tribe Leader. What we know is that your VIBE attracts your TRIBE, so we are creating a ‘getting out of vagueness Tribe’ that has a specific vibe . . . the vibe of ALCHEMY. By definition, ‘alchemy‘ is ‘a seemingly magical process of transformation and creation‘. Alchemists have always been able to transform their old metals, their old dead weight (that cargo load of abandoned, unrealized, underdeveloped potential) called LEAD into GOLD. Real gold–not the bright shiny fake stuff found in Vagueness.
So how do we go about the vibe of alchemy and transform an entire mastermind tribe out of Vagueness into a group who are charting their course into their true potential.
1. Spaced Learning:
So with Spaced Learning we teach, then you apply what you learned, then you come back for more the next month on the first Saturday @ 9:00 am for the next HELPING. And this is exactly what we are all about “helping”. Helping you to get out of Vagueness.
2. The Spaced Learning is the SUPPORT we are giving and it is FREE if you make it onto the call, the TOOL we have designed to HELP you get out of Vagueness is called the Chart Your Course Planner
The Manifesting 
Journal has 2-pts:
Part ONE: an Out of Vagueness Manifesting Journal that is layered with Mastermind Principles. You will gain clarity quickly!!
Part TWO: a Planner that charts your course from DREAM into small detail, then it turns your around from that detail and brings you back to the Dream in a weekly, monthly, quarterly rotation so that within 4-quarters, you will be completely OUT OF VAGUENESS. (as long as you don’t leave us for some bright shiny detour that you just have to have)
So our tribe will have the TOOLS and the SUPPORT to get out of Vagueness in 2018
THE ART OF THE START Use Napoleon Hill's legendary Think & Grow Rich principles to boost your profits + productivity in this Chart Your Course Leadership Masterclass
Napoleon Hill said: "The best GIFT you can give someone is the gift of DIRECTION!"
The GIFT of DIRECTION includes 3 products:
(1) Thanks & Grow Rich Manifesting Journal HEART
(2) Chart Your Course Leadership Planner HEAD "THANKS & Grow RICH" is a hybrid blending of HEAD & HEART
(3) Twelve recorded Thanks & Grow Rich MasterClasses which will teach you how to apply the TAGR principles into your life!
Jane A. Herron, the Gutsy GURU believes in sequential learning so you will receive one recording every 30 days!
The Chart Your Course Leadership System with the Thanks & Grow Rich Manifesting Journal + the MasterClasses starts when you do-because this program is NOT tied to the calendar year, but to YOUR year (start to finish). Jane will meet you where you are at today . . . we call that The Art of the Start!
Jane Herron has been a Member of National Speakers Association since 1986 and was hand picked by Dr Stephen R. Covey to be the 1st female National Trainer for the Covey Leadership Center! For six years she taught "The 7-Habits" and "First Things First" to executives, managers and employees at his 3-day Leadership Retreats across America.
So if you are looking for an Individual Achievement Coach / Productivity Coach who can help you Chart Your Course to where you are going in 2018 ... stay FOCUSED ... and learn great leadership skills, sales + communication skills, goal-setting & time management, self-confidence + self-esteem, and even, how to deal with difficult people (even when one of them is YOU), then Jane Herron is your coach!!
This entire program is only $100 for the entire year! (for the first 100 to enroll)
WHO can you Praise + Raise by gifting them this Mastermind Alliance program?
In 1933 before writing Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill was employed by FDR to create a Mastermind Alliance that consisted of working with both houses of Congress, all News sources, all Churches and many Unions across American to communicate the "positive psychology" presented by the President and First Lady (Eleanor).
Collectively this Mastermind Alliance p(raised) + raised America out of the Great Depression.
From the stories of this time, you will discover that depression visits those who are not inspired with a vision for their personal existence, so expect to be inspired over the next 12 months...and expect to 'pay it forward' . . . meaning . . . if you know someone who has been in the dumps, please p(raise) them, please raise them by gifting them this: (1) Year Long Thanks & Grow Rich Master Class, (2) the TAGR Manifesting Journal, (3) the Chart your Course Leadership Planner
WE will PRAISE + RAISE you!
Three big "Art of the Start" products for $100!!
ASK YOURSELF: where can "I" find someone who plans to p(raise) + raise ME for an entire YEAR for only $100?
Jane Herron has been a member of National Speakers Association for 30+ years working with major corporations and companies in a 50 U.S. states and 10 countries. She estimates that she has trained over 30,000 students. Now she wants to work with YOU and your TEAM.
ALL OF THIS for only $100/person
Your VOICE carries POWER.
Jane’s 30 years of Leadership studies, degrees + certifications in the arena of Positive Psychology and a wide array of Napoleon Hill’s materials is why the Hill Foundation authorized her to use Thanks & Grow Rich™ as the title of this new motivating MasterClass which INCLUDES your 52-week Chart Your Course Leadership Planner.
Jane wants to put a Map in your pocket, a Compass in your hand, and a Commitment in your heart for an entire year for only $100.
The TAGR Manifesting Journal acts like a road MAP to get you 'on course' while the Chart Your Course Leadership Planner acts as your COMPASS to keep you 'on course'.
You will MAP out your desires in the TAGR Manifesting Journal ...and then... and then you will CHART Your Course in your Leadership Planner.
BOTH will be sent to you as digital downloads, as a PDF link: you print it, you bind it.
It is yours to customize, then ADD your TAGR masterclass NOTES each month to it!
EVERYTHING is provided for you for only $100 as you learn how to apply the Mindset & Skillset Secrets delivered in Napoleon Hill's legendary Think & Grow Rich
For the first 100 only, your $100 will include direct access to Jane with your admission into The Mastermind Alliance FB Group. This is a private community of 100 who are interested in growing their sales, learning leadership, motivation, speaking & communication skills, and of course, the power of gratitude.
We want you to add your Vision Board to the front/back covers of your binder. Your TAGR Vision Board transforms into a "Visual Prayer" protecting all of your deliberate creations.
Having a TAGR Vision Board (a visual prayer book) in your hands daily brings your affirmations to LIFE!
Later in the Masterclass Series, we will do a deep dive into Napoleon Hill's 13 TAGR principles. These are the principles that have turned men into millionaire.
REMEMBER: it does not matter what month you get started with this Thanks & Grow Rich MasterClass, just trust the process, trust the Mastermind to know exactly how to engage you where you are at right now in your lifeplan. That is called "The Art of the Start"!!
This Thanks & Grow Rich MasterClass combined with the Mastermind Alliance of 100 PLUS the Gusty GURU's leadership will most assuredly LIFT you to new heights and you will accomplish more in the next 12 months than ever before.
ALL of this for only $100
All we ask of you?
""Please don't Keep us a Secret""
WHO do you know who needs (1) Direction in their life/in their business? (2) Leadership skills from someone who has been in the Leadership Business working as a national trainer with the top seminar companies in the world (3) A deep dive into Gratitude in a way that no one has ever told you about. All we ask is that you Tell--Tell--Tell until we get the first 100 to join us for a fabulous journey of 'Transformation & Thanks' as you grow rich with a Mastermind Alliance over the course of 12 months.
We have made this TAGR MasterClass affordable to everyone because we want you to experience success in your life!
The GIFT of DIRECTION includes: (1) Twelve Thanks & Grow Rich recordings [one/mo], (2) The Thanks & Grow Rich Manifesting Journal (3) the powerful Chart your Course Leadership Planner (4) Direct access to the Gutsy GURU Jane Herron in the private Mastermind Alliance FB Group (5) A Vision Board that turns into your "Visual Prayer" that wraps your dreams + desires in a way that will INSPIRE you every day.
We have made this Leadership Program so AFFORDABLE to everyone-everywhere, will you please share US today with your BFF, your co-worker, your daughter, your team.
The first 100 will get all 3 products and all of the support for only $100 for one full year!!
Will you GIVE Thanks & GROW Rich with Us over the next year?
This is a one time Art of the Start offer for the first 100 to enroll. When we hit 100, the price will go back to $497, so JOIN US today!
Tele-Ritual Register here

When you join us, we will send you a 22 page Blueprint (eBook) that teaches you all about the Mastermind and how to create your own Mastermind Alliance (and why that is Key to your Success).

If you want to experience the Mastermind in your LIFE then buy the Chart Your Course Planner and then you will be guaranteed to also get every Tele-Ritual, because we will send the replay link to you (that is ONLY available to those who have purchased the Thanks & Grow Rich Manifesting Journal + CYC Planner).
Bottom line-if you are ready to Get out of Vagueness in 2018 with others who are just like you, and you want to start at the same place at the same time with other Alchemists who are ready to turn their old LEAD into GOLD, the party gets started on January 09. You have lots of time to download your Chart Your Course Planner, get started, and have your questions ready for the first Tele-Ritual. www.MastermindJournals.com
See you soon! 
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