What Happens in Vagueness, Stays in Vagueness

January 1, 2018 Off By Jane A. Herron

How many people do you know who have never been given the “Gift of Direction“ and they have been    “Out of Focus” living in VAGUENESS
for years and years and years?

Can you imagine how many of these these people have carried a cargo load of abandoned, unrealized, underdeveloped potential?
. . . BUT . . .
They do own a 52 inch flat screen TV!  PLUS they have a big house, a boat, an new car . . . but if you pull back the curtain, you might find out they are just one paycheck away from disaster!
 But What Happens in Vagueness ~ Stays in Vagueness . . . right?
Vagueness is the city you go to when you want to WIN BIG with all of the gold and the glitter, with all of the ‘bright shiny objects’, seminars in the big fancy hotels, people shouting, clapping their hands–stomping their feet and they feel like a million dollars in the moment. Here is the dirty little secret that most seminar leaders who charge you thousands of dollars don’t tell you while you are in Vagueness: most people forget 90% of what they have learned after 7-days. Especially IF you went to the seminar in Vagueness, came home to all of your STUFF and it only took you those 7-days to come back to your SSDD. (same stuff different day)
Staying in Vagueness is worse than playing the slot machines, casino games (blackjack, craps, roulette). The LIE these 52-inch TV screen owners are living is a lot like the games they play in Vagueness produces a short term HIGH that has a head throb LOW that gnaws at you within days after leaving that seminar with the ‘would a’ — ‘could a’ — ‘should a’ s.
OTHER games people play in Vagueness are those whom call themselves “serial entrepreneurs” . . . they too have 52 inch TV screens and they live on a different street in Vagueness, because the number of distractions they are able to ‘manage’ is just mind blowing.
OK–WHO wants out of Vagueness in 2018?
M.E. = Mental + Emotional
That is a great place to START if you want to get out of Vagueness because it does start with ME–ME–ME. Getting out of Vagueness is one of the times that it is OK to be selfish as you Chart Your Course back home to where you are really dialed in and living ON PURPOSE.
You have seen these people who are really “in the zone” demonstrating the gifts they were given and they are not only making a living at it . . . IT is WHO they are.
These people AVOID Vagueness, they dislike themselves the most when they visit that city for even short stays. They hate it because they have lot daylight doing nothing and that feels awful to squirrel away their blessings. They refuse to step down to a lower level, which means if you are in their presence you have 2 choices:
step UP or step OUT.
Step UP to meet them at a new level, or step OUT and head back to where you feel most comfortable, living in Vagueness.
In reality you have those 2 choices right now: step UP or step OUT
This is an invitation to step UP with a group of people who are ready to get the hell out of Vagueness in 2016. We are creating the biggest step UP mastermind group on the planet. We are inviting people who have been living in Vagueness to step UP and show UP with is as we chart a new course in to individual achievement.
Age does not matter.
Gender does not matter.
Economic status does not matter.
Color does not matter.
Wave whatever flag you wave, what ever your orientation, we love diversity, nationality, spirituality, religion. Our focus is getting out of Vagueness for ONE and for ALL.
So we said, Tribe Leader. What we know is that your VIBE attracts your TRIBE, so we are creating a ‘getting out of vagueness Tribe’ that has a specific vibe . . . the vibe of ALCHEMY. By definition, ‘alchemy‘ is ‘a seemingly magical process of transformation and creation‘. Alchemists have always been able to transform their old metals, their old dead weight (that cargo load of abandoned, unrealized, underdeveloped potential) called LEAD into GOLD. Real gold–not the bright shiny fake stuff found in Vagueness.
So how do we go about the vibe of alchemy and transform an entire mastermind tribe out of Vagueness into a group who are charting their course into their true potential.
1. Spaced Learning:
So with Spaced Learning we teach, then you apply what you learned, then you come back for more the next month on the first Saturday @ 9:00 am for the next HELPING. And this is exactly what we are all about “helping”. Helping you to get out of Vagueness.
2. The Spaced Learning is the SUPPORT we are giving and it is FREE if you make it onto the call, the TOOL we have designed to HELP you get out of Vagueness is called the Chart Your Course Planner
The Manifesting 
Journal has 2-pts:
Part ONE: an Out of Vagueness Manifesting Journal that is layered with Mastermind Principles. You will gain clarity quickly!!
Part TWO: a Planner that charts your course from DREAM into small detail, then it turns your around from that detail and brings you back to the Dream in a weekly, monthly, quarterly rotation so that within 4-quarters, you will be completely OUT OF VAGUENESS. (as long as you don’t leave us for some bright shiny detour that you just have to have)
So our tribe will have the TOOLS and the SUPPORT to get out of Vagueness in 2018
Women Mastering Leadership
It takes courage to sail in uncharted waters,
completely out of your comfort zone, with no direction, no map, no compass, no navigation skills.
The people who get what they want in life

understand that a small rudder on a big ship in the hands of a skilled captain can chart a course and keep the course in the face of the strongest winds and the biggest waves.
Your chances improve 100%
when that old LIGHTHOUSE strikes its LIGHT for you.
Have you noticed that the Light House
does not measure or judge the size of the storm?
Can you imagine hearing the Light House say to itself:
hmmmmm 'I' must understand where that storm
"is coming from" before 'I' choose to
NO-it does not measure, judge or wait
because the LIGHTHOUSE has a calling, it knows its purpose!
It has ONE purpose and that is to SHINE.
for emerging female leaders

who are discovering their calling and their purpose!
These are the courageous women who are elevating their leadership skills by charting their course in uncharted territory,
where the consistency and strength of the
is imperative to their journey 'personally' and when 'guiding others'.
Jane is the one who is going to put
a MAP in your pocket,
a COMPASS in your hand
a COMMITMENT in your heart!
The LEADERSHIP M.A.P. in your pocket is your
Roadmap Up Ahead
Jane elevates your Skills in Sales, Management & Leadership, Productivity and Communications!
With Jane as your Leadership Development Coach,
You have a Confidant with a roadmap in her hand!
Jane is growing her tribe by teaching them how to tap into their underutilized leadership powers
through their newly developed abilities to persuade & influence others in her
Jane offers you so much in the areas of
Sales, Leadership, Productivity & Communication Skills
. . . that she calls it your
WHY a Year?
365 days goes by so fast
it is so easy to get pulled off-course into a new detour
... because OLD HABITS die HARD
We want to put a MAP in your pocket,
a COMPASS in your hand and
a COMMITMENT in your heart!
The LEADERSHIP M.A.P. represents your
The real magic of working with a transformational coach
who carefully takes you from a caterpiller to a butterfly
is that she is going to keep you going while you struggle to get out of your warm safe cocoon,
remind you that this struggle is imperative to build your wing strength,
and then she will help you celebrate as you emerge into your own greatness!
As a certified national trainer-executive coach
Jane is going to hear your fears privately,
then give you the time-space to develop your skills
so that you can deliver publicly in a way that helps you
find your V.O.I.C.E.Your Leadership V.O.I.C.E.
What do You Value Most!
Overcome Obstacles
Inspire & Influence
Capture your vision
Execute & Express
We want you to "CHART YOUR COURSE" with US!!
Jane is a Transformational Leader
who is willing to RISK
your feelings temporarily
so she may affect your future permanently!
Jane will remind you
What you grew up with you learned,
What you learned you practiced,
What you practiced you became and
What you became has consequences!
YES she will put you into HABIT-REHAB
as you look at your time-energy-money.
Isn't it time to look at your PRODUCTIVITY!
YES, you will practice REJECTION THERAPY
so that you can confront the thoughts, fears or feelings that are
holding you back ... until ... they no longer scare you.
Jane learned her productivity skills from the best of the best
when she was hand picked by Dr. Stephen R. Covey
to be one of his first National Trainers & Certified Leadership Coaches for 6-years with the
Covey Leadership Center!
And Jane has been a National Trainer & Coach for the largest
Training & Development Companies in America
She has worked with over 300 companies and an estimated 300,000 participants
over a 30 year time span.
Jane was coined The Gutsy GURU on her radio show
where she combined her years of LEADERSHIP training + development experience with the powerful lessons taught by:
Louise Hay, Brené Brown, Earnie Larsen, Stephen R. Covey, Jack Canfield, Oprah, Wayne Dyer, Harriet Lerner, Martha Beck, Abraham Hicks, Edwene Gaines, Terry Gorski, Rhonda Britton, Florence Scovel Shinn, Napoleon Hill, Émile Coué, Marianne Williamson, Jim Rohn, Abraham-Hicks, Lynn Grabhorn ... and more!
This is your Year to Clear!
This is your year to look at HOW got you here and WHEN you are going to step into being the true leader you know yourself to be ... inspiring and propelling women in your organization and on your team to take their leadership positions . . . besides you!
And here is a little Coaching Secret:
You should hire a coach only after you have done your homework
and you know WHAT SKILLSET you are shopping for!
You are shopping for the skillset they can transfer to you.
YOU are the consumer!
The money you invest with a 1:1 coach should be well worth it.
Ask Yourself: What do I want? Do they have what I need?
After you have sorted out the direction you are going and the skillset you really need,
then find that ONE on ONE coach that is a good FIT to move you forward.
... Tips to Develop your Leadership Skills
1. Get a mentor, a coach, a GURU to develp your Sense of SELF
As the Gutsy GURU Jane is the one who reminds you that: GEE You are YOU ( g u r u).
To gain the most self-confidence
a same-sex role model who has 30+ years of experience training LEADERS
in all 50 U.S. States, 10 Countries, and 1-working vacation as a guest lecturer on Royal Cruise Line is the right Leadership Coach to work with you this year.
2. Pay attention to your SKILLSET
Whether you're looking to move into a position of leadership or you're already in one,
it's important to pay attention to the skills & strengths you currently have to carry out the role, and then consider your future moves and the skills you can start building in readiness.
3. Learn how to manage TWO things:
(1) your Emotions and (2) your Team

Always Remember: People remember the way you make them FEEL!!
The way you react to situations will impact on the perception people have of you.
Recognizing that a person, a situation or a task evokes an emotional response (you name it & claim it) allows you to have an objective internal conversation about why and what can be done to resolve the issue.
Finding this neutral, grounded space allows for you to MANAGE the SITUATION.
You are only as good as your team.
Whether you recruited them or inherited them, your team is crucial to your success.
A reoccuring theme throughout your Year to Clear will be:
What Happens in Vagueness~~Stays in Vagueness
As the LIGHTHOUSE in your LIFE,
Jane is determined to get you out of VAGUENESS.
Jane is a master at pushing women out of Vagueness
and into FOCUS of what they really do want!
She is a master at helping you to sort-sort-sort so you can prepare yourself for your next BIG LEADERSHIP MOVE.
Jane has priced her
. . . well below industry standards (and at about $40/month)
This MasterClass provides you the perfect place to sort and to develop all of your Leadership skills that you will rely upon.
Jane Herron has been praising + raising emerging leaders
while training Sales, Leadership, Productivity & Communication Skills
with the best Training & Development companies in the world. And for about $40/month you can join this experienced senior trainer in the

Here is what comes with the

. . . Elevating Your Leadership Skills . . .
While Helping Others to Navigate Theirs:
(1) Twelve Leadership + Individual Achievement Trainings
ONE (Mp3) will be delivered each month for 12 months
teaching you how to CHART YOUR COURSE
while creating your LEADERSHIP & MENTORING M.A.P. Motivation~Action~Purpose
(2) A 50-page Magnify Your Manifesting Journal
PDF designed to help you sort out what you really want and what is most important!
Here is where you will create a Visual Prayer . . .
different from a Vision board on the wall, this ArtWork becomes the front/back covers of your journal
and it protects your dreams-desires within with a clear strong MESSAGE communicating to you daily!
Remember your M.A.P. is your Motivation~Action~Purpose
Your Visual Prayer captures that + creates a visual MAP for you!
And the lesson on the VISUAL PRAYER will be sent to you within the first 3 months.
(3) A Year To Clear Productivity Planner
The PDF productivity planner is NOT dated,
so your Year to Clear starts when you do.

YES you start this program any time within a calendar year
and you work with The Gutsy GURU for 12-full months thereafter.
The first month's training pulls all of this together for you,
so you can get started in getting rid of the clutter in your life and get clarity!
(4) A private Chart Your Course FB Group
where you will have direct access to Jane and to other women who also want to praise & raise YOU to higher ground!
There will be some free ZOOM SESSIONS offered to support you through out the year!
You will be notified either by eMail or within your FB-Group!
WHY is this so ridiculously AFFORDABLE?
(1) Jane listens to + obeys her intuition!
This course is an accumulation of 30 great years and the low price reflects her appreciation to the Universe for being so Good to her!
(2) There comes a time in your life when you know it is time to give back generously!
... that means you are working with a seasoned professional
speaker & certified leadership coach for about $40/month
So don't keep her a secret
(3) Jane now has the time to focus her attention onto YOU!
Each month you get a lesson that will contribute to your growth:
in Leadership, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Productivity, Bulls-Eye Manifesting, Dynamic Public Speaking, Persuasive Presentations: Creating TeleSeminars + Webinars that SELL; Dealing with Difficult People; Managing Assertively and so much more.
Jane believes in 3 things :
(1) Sequential Spaced Learning
Lesson one is foundational to your success,
then number two builds on one.
Sadly when you impatiently try to jump ahead, the Universe penalizes you by sending you back to the START
(which is where you are now)

... so you will get a Chart Your Course Leadership MasterClass™ [Mp3] training in your IN box
'once a month for 12 months'. You take that lesson + learn it to the fullest in the first 30 days and before you know it, the next lesson arrives.
(2) What she teaches will be progressively MORE DIFFICULT.
And ... she promises to make you very uncomfortable with your current situation especially if you have had a lamp shade on your head dimming your light for way too long.
(3) What she teaches will be progressively MORE EMPOWERING
... so You will go from stumbling blocks to stepping stones
... from grief to gratitude in a very short time and then things will get very exciting for you as you discover how powerful it is to be 'that skilled captain' can chart a course and keep the course in the face of the strongest winds and the biggest waves.
Jane will take you on a journey that will put a map in your pocket,
a compass in your hand and a commitment in your heart
. . . for a full year!
For a full year you will be guided by a force as strong as a LIGHTHOUSE
so you can get
ON Purpose, ON Course & Stay ON course!
At the end of the year
the clarity and the confidence that you will have will be so compelling and so life changing, you will look back and wonder
WHY you didn't SHINE your LIGHT (full ON) sooner.
Soon you will discover the importance of a
Leadership M.A.P. in your pocket:
an understanding of your personal
Motivation ~ Action ~ Purpose
Jane will help you
(1) Get out of VAGUENESS
(2) Discover what you are really really good at
(3) Create your LEADERSHIP M.A.P. + Magnify your Manifesting
(5) Find your V.O.I.C.E. as a Leader so that YOU become the LIGHTHOUSE to others while you are elevating your own Sales, Management & Leadership Skills
The LEADERS who get what they want in life understand that a small rudder on a big ship in the hands of a skilled captain can chart a course and keep the course in the face of the strongest winds and the biggest waves.
You will become that ELEVATED LEADER in your Year to Clear.
. . . Elevating Your Leadership Skills
. . . while Helping Others to Navigate Theirs!
A Journal, A Planner, A Life Coach,
A Year to Clear in one great MASTERCLASS for WOMEN
ALL for only $497 for the entire Year to Clear!
that's about $40/month
to work with a professional speaker, trainer, certified leadership coach!
Everyone can afford $40/month!
NO ONE can afford to remain lost in the WILDERNESS
without a M.A.P. in your pocket:
You will elevate yourself above the crowd when you LIVE & BECOME your M.A.P.:
The hardest part about making a positive change in your life is
making the commitment to yourself to change.
Engaging with a LIGHTHOUSE who is willing to

as you elevate your Leadership Skills
develop your V.O.I.C.E. as a Leader & Mentor,
while examining and trying on your desired
Values-Overcome Obstacles-Inspire+Influence-Capture your Vision with Courage-Execute your Plan &Express Yourself accordingly! EXPECT SUCCESS!!
through your new Mindset & Skillset year long Membership with your Leadership Development Coach Jane Herron.
Your VOICE carries POWER.
Jane Herron is Elevating Emerging Female Leaders into becoming Extraordinary Leaders AND We Want YOU to Join US!
Your are just One Click Away!
When you join us, we will send you a 22 page Blueprint (eBook) that teaches you all about the Mastermind and how to create your own Mastermind Alliance (and why that is Key to your Success).

See you soon!