We are creating a TRIBE with a specific VIBE . . . the vibe of ALCHEMY.

Alchemists have always been able to transform their old dead weight (called lead) into GOLD.

We deliver through our Chart Your Course Leadership system where we magnify our manifesting by magnificently creating something wonderful out of nothing!
If you have been looking for a tribe to support YOU as you move from Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones, then  WELCOME . . . you have found a magnificently creative tribe at Training Without The Travel.

WE are a Tribe of powerful alchemists who use simple repetitive acts to transform our old LEAD into GOLD.

Jane Herron will teach you the universal principles that will transform your old “dead weight (limiting beliefs + stumbling block) into your GOLD“.

By definition: ALCHEMY is ‘the magical process of transformation and creation‘.

Jane is a master at helping you transform your old dead weight.  Recently she heard an interview of a famous performer who became an overnight success in a twinkle of an eye. At the top of her game she still had some “old lead” that served her as a stumbling block because she had not prepared for her success!

So torn, she had to turn to her inner Alchemist (in rehab) to understand her insecurities and how her old lead was still controlling her.  SHE said:

“I think when you’re not prepared for SUCCESS,
it can be as crippling as failure to people.
(instant abundance without first dealing with and transforming your old dead weight into GOLD)
touches whatever insecurities you have, that you may not be as in touch with you as you should be,
(and suddenly, ‘IT‘ is abundantly in your face).”

In the book of Genesis, you see the word BARRA … a word that describes a ritual, a process, a gestation period that creates something out of nothing. Barra describes this TRIBE, because as Women, we understand creating something out of nothing at a core level that cannot be denied.

However, creating something out of nothing without transforming your old dead weight (limiting beliefs) leaves you barren and unable to navigate through the thick of thin times . . . unable to produce.

So Barra or Barren . . . which shall it be for you?


Interested in hearing a live talk from The Gutsy GURU?
Ok, here is just a short clip, titled: The Mirror Of Your Mind

IF you are looking for a Leadership &  Communications Skills Training that will stay with you for a full year of personal achievement and progress then you need to join the Chart Your Course Coaching Masterclass.


Magnify Your Manifesting using the Mastermind

In order to get what you want in life, you must to be “willing to receive” when it appears, and in order to do that you must to be “open to receiving”. We would like to send you a complimentary copy of a 22 page eBook teaching you how to manifest using the Powers of the Mastermind as taught in Think & Grow Rich, titled

Your KEY to your SUCCESS is with the MASTERMIND

Join The Movement

You never know who needs you.
Joyful Energy is Contagious
. . . Please accept some of mine and be sure to share some of yours!


Contact Jane A HerronJane Herron has spent over 30 years training, keynoting, coaching over 300,000 amazing people around the world. She has conducted leadership and communication workshops that have helped thousands of people achieve their most ambitious goals. During this 30 years, she has learned which strategies work best for people from all walks of life and then refined and perfected these universal principles so anybody can use them to create the life of their dreams (turning your weight to GOLD).

“He thinks in secret but it comes to pass,
environment is but his looking glass.”
James Allen

Top Secret

In June we presented a new 4-week Webinar series:


Are You Afraid of Speaking & Selling?

ImportantSelling is a skill that is so natural to women, but we resist it because of the fear of rejection. Little boys learn about rejection in grammar school from whom?? Little Girls!!

The same little girls (women) who avoid developing their speaking & presentation skills to sell their products and services. The same girls who are afraid to go in for the close and ask for the sale. The same women who would prefer to do the “squirm dance” over “making BANK”.

Ask yourself:

Isn’t it time to take your message and PLAY
where a company is willing to PAY?

  • How to master the Art of Asking good questions-this required rapport which is the foundation to NLP. Jane will teach you all about asking good questions, pacing & leading into follow-up questions, and leading your client into a close with the answers to their own questions.

WEEK ONEFirst Impressions are Lasting Impressions!

This is a knock your socks off presentation that will open your eyes to what you need to do to start selling yourself!

First Impressions are Lasting Impressions Tele-Ritual-Image
WEEK 2: What Happens in Vagueness, Stays in Vagueness
What Happens in Vagueness-Stays in Vagueness

Staying in Vagueness too long is the surest way to lose it all:

losing your mind, losing matters of the heart, losing your money.

It is the foolish risk taker who stays playing the games in Vagueness. Sadly, Vagueness is so addictive, it is not easy to get out of.

And you may have heard this old saying:
IF you sit on the BENCH too long, all you get are splinters.

What will it take to get you to MOVE out of Vagueness?


“Definiteness of purpose
is the starting point of all achievement.”

W. Clement Stone


WEEK 3: “YOUR WORD IS YOUR WAND“Your Word is your Wand

Step into “The Magic Circle” and learn how your Self-Talk creates your reality.

Learn how to “Magnify your Manifesting” by use your psychic mega-phone to call forth that which you do desire. More customers, a higher rank, more confidence, an ideal job, an ideal mate, more income from doing what you love.

You name it!

You will love Florence Scovel Shinn’s body of work . . . and we will start with:




Additionally, we will do a very fun “Magnify your Manifesting” exercise
called “Tell~A~Vision” that you will LOVE … so do not miss our third week.


“If you work hard on the job, you will make a living;
if you work hard on yourself you will make a fortune.”

Jim Rohn


Jane Herron: Success Trainer on Retainer

Jane Herron, your Tribe Leader, was the first woman hired in outside manufacturing sales by three Fortune 500 Companies: Levi Strauss & Company; General Mills; and Blue Bell America-Wrangler Womenswear.

Jane was also the first woman hired and certified as a National Trainer and Executive Leadership Coach to deliver full day seminars at Dr. Steven R Covey three-day intensive retreats (to executives across America): The 7-Habits of Highly Effective People and First Things First.

Additionally, Jane delivered Full Day Seminars for the 5 Top Seminar Companies in the USA:  National Seminars, SkillPath Seminars, Career Tracks Seminars, the Stock Market Institute of Learning, and the Professional Education Institute for over 20 years.

Jane has been a member of National Speakers Association since 1986 and was coached and mentored by the President of the Greater Los Angeles National Speakers Association for 22 years.

Jane’s background is in Positive Psychology from her days working on her doctorate at LaSalle University where Napoleon Hill first taught how to use positive psychology in advertising.

Some of the full day seminars that Jane has trained nationally are:

Image & Communication Skills, Powerful Communication Skills, Leadership & Management Skills, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Skills, The Assertive Woman, Assertiveness Skills for Managers, Listening & the Power of Persuasion, Dynamic Public Speaking, Sales Strategies & Scripts, Persuasive Presentations: Creating Tele-Seminars + Webinars that SELL, Real Estate Start Up-learning to set up a profitable business.

Jane has a Masters in NLP

A masters in NeuroLinguistics Programming or (NLP) is foundational to strong presentation skills, strong selling skills, rapport building (especially valuable when networking) and a key attribute to strong negotiation skills. 

Neuro refers to your neurology; Linguistic refers to language; Programming refers to how that neural language functions. In other words, NLP is the language of your Mind!  When you are learning MindSet techiques, you will find the NLP Skills that Jane teaches you will be extremely valuable!

Additionally Jane has completed her doctorate work up to defending her disseration in Positive Psychology

When you combine the mindset secrets of NLP with the heart-centered truths of positive psychology, YOU have a winning combination!

A few other webinars & masterclasses Jane has trained . . .

We went to work for one month of Saturdays 

  • First, we “Tell~A~Vision“.  On our first Tele-Ritual, you will be learning how to write and to tell a vision . . . how to tell your vision.  We get very specific about HOW to write it, how to speak it, how to respond to others, so you don’t want to miss this first Tele-Ritual.
  • Second, we step into “The Magic Circle” and learn how your Self-Talk Creates your Reality
  • Third, we go to Vagueness because “What Happens in Vagueness, Stays in Vagueness“, right??
  • Fourth, and once out of vagueness, we will Magnify your Manifestingby teaching you how to use your psychic mega-phone to call forth that which you do desire.  More customers, a higher rank, more confidence, an ideal job, an ideal mate, more income from doing what you love.  You name it!



Deep Dive Goal Setting:

Get Your Butt off the Manifesting Couch

CREATE: what do you really do want?

CLARITY: it’s time to get out of Vagueness!

couch . . . so instead of moving the couch, how about moving some TIME?
Jane will teach you about moving your big pieces, your big projects into time blocks. 


GET NOTICED: Gain Access, Grow YOUR Business


Self esteem, Self worth, Self validation, Self confidence, Self motivation, Self reliance, Self responsibility, Self completion.  And HOW to overcome all of the FEAR and misunderstood EXPECTATIONS that leads to Self doubt, Self criticism, Self sabotage.   Jane believes when you have a true SENSE of SELF, it is then that you can give from the core of yourself . . . without losing yourself.


The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Speaking: PUBLIC SPEAKING!!

Do it LIVE on stage: give a keynote, a luncheon, a breakout presentation, and small training
–and then how to get PAID.

  • Tele-Conference (audio only)
  • Webinar(s) and how to Train and to Sell from each platform effectively.
  • EACH of these has a specific mind set, and presentation style that requires training to look + sound like a PRO! Jane has 30 years of experience to share with YOU and she loves to train this topic!
  • SELLING from the PLATFORM! Telling is NOT Selling, so if you need to sell yourself delivering your speaking, then you need a ‘Platform Strategy’.
  • Your platform could be in a meeting room, on a large stage, through a tele-conference, or a webinar, or even a Facebook group. HOW do you lay out a strategy that gets people to buy-buy-buy during your presentation, or directly thereafter!

3 ingredients 
it takes to build a business,
to build a team and so that you do not rust on the roost! 

Goal Setting-Vision Board

Here is my CAREER VISION BOARD listing who I have worked with + a 30 year membership with National Speakers Association.



Products written & produced by Jane Herron