What Happens in Vagueness

Of course you’ve heard the slogan
What Happens in VEGAS Stays in VEGAS 

This slogan is one of the most famous and well known taglines in the history of tourism marketing.
That slogan has sparked the interest of millions of visitors to SIN CITY
because there is has created an emotional bond between the “Fabulous Las Vegas” and its CUSTOMERS.

WHAT is that emotional bond? FREEDOM

In Vegas, you have all of the freedom you desire to be, do, see, eat, wear, feel … things you would not do … at home.
In Vegas, you pay to play and embrace the temporary insanity with a delicious delight as you exercise your freedom to run away from home and forget yourself . . . it is here that you can forget all of your responsibilities.

The slogan says it well
:  What Happens in Vegas~Stays in Vegas
but pay attention here, ok? . . . just notice that . . .

VEGAS is a tangible place where you go—for a short periods of time, a place you go to completely forgot yourself … fully knowing that your short lived temporary insanity, your irresponsibility and lack of accountability ends at the edge of the city of Vegas because YOU are coming back to reality as soon as you walk through your front door.

VAGUENESS, on the other hand, is an intangible place where you go—for very looooong periods of time and you completely forgot yourself … never knowing if the temporary insanity needle is moving in the wrong direction; if you will remain irresponsible without any accountability; and/or IF you will come back to reality.

Did you catch the DIFFERENCE?
If not, read those 2 definitions again and again and again!

Because, it is also very true that what happens in your VAGUENESS, stays in your vagueness!

Until you decide to take action to get out of that crazy place where there is no accountability,  you will go NO WHERE fast!  BUT, oooohhhh that Buffet of Nothingness that you find at every corner sure is fun to go to, often with friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and even complete strangers.

VAGUENESS is a very serious place where people lose themselves … sometimes for years!

But getting OUT of VAGUENESS,
(Brené Brown calls it Braving the Wildnerness) means you must get clear on your strategies, vision, mission, actions, ideas, motivations and most enduring values.

You have to believe that you can transform you old ‘”mis-take” into a glorious “re-take”…
You have to believe in your vision like you believe in gravity.
You have to know it’s a sure thing—and to do that—having a coach who specializes in getting people out of VAGUENESS, having a coach who can help you Brave the Wilderness, regaining your self confidence, restore your relationships and the equilibrium around you!

That is what Jane does …
her # 1 purpose is braving the wilderness, getting you out of vagueness, waking you up to your own brilliance and magnificence, and watching you own your personal power. It may take a few months to get you out of vagueness (maybe less/maybe more).
But here is the cool part of working with Jane Herron, she will meet you where you are at right now, help you acknowledge yourself in new ways from your old “Mis-Takes” and then remind you they are your disguised opportunities just waiting for a great “Re-Take” designed my YOU.

Owning Your Story, then loving yourselves through the process, is the bravest thing you’ll ever do.” – Brene Brown
Like so many transformational leaders, Jane believes the best way to incorporate information is through sequential learning, meaning: she teaches, then you apply, then the next sequential step will be delivered in 30 days. And so on and so on for 12 full months. We do not send you ALL 12 lessons because we want to lay a foundation and then build a structure month by month that will stand the test of time.

We call it a Year to Clear because women have special needs and sometimes we have to eliminate some limiting beliefs and fears that have cluttered your head/heart before we can push ahead.

To do that we provide a you a powerful Magnify Your Manifesting Journal, a Year to Clear Productivity Planner, and and twelve Leadership + Individual Achievement Trainings that have been influenced by Dr. Covey, Napoleon Hill, Law of Attraction authors Lynn Grabhorn, Marianne Williamson, Brené Brown, Abraham Hicks, Rhonda Britton and much of Jack Canfield’s Success Principles.
The Chart Your Course Leadership for Women Masterclass is an incredibly inexpensive way to be coached for an entire year.

You notice, we did not say it was incredibly easy way to be coached for an entire year because change is not always easy–especially if–you have been stuck in Vagueness for way too long.

The best way to work with Jane (if you want to gain clarity, stop derailing yourself or others, have a great sounding board who will help you explore your beliefs) is by joining the

Chart Your Course Leadership “For Women” Masterclass.


Have you read Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly?

Jane uses Daring Greatly as a foundational piece to get you “away from” the Buffet of Nothingness, get you out of Vagueness!

For a second while you are here let’s explore your arena.

Close your eyes for a minute and visualize a huge arena – one you have visited or would like to visit. Then shift your vision and think of that arena as some aspect of your life. It doesn’t have to be huge; it can be a meeting, a new job, a challenging conversation.

Take a minute to consider, get curious, ask yourself:

  • What does your arena look like?
  • How do I want to show up here?
  • How do I want to be seen?
  • Where do I focus my attention? [box seats/supporters/cheap seats]
  • What do I see in the seats? Who do I see in the seats?
  • What messages come at you as you enter the arena?

Brené suggests there are four sections of the Arena that you should know about.

1.) The Cheap Seats – are filled with ALL of the people who frequent the Buffet of Nothingness in Vagueness. They are the ones who talk about showing up and what they plan to DO, but they never show up, and they never do anything important.

And these are the first people to JUDGE YOU for what “THEY” are NOT doing!

This is where we find the anonymous critics who are not connected to themselves or to you in any way, shape or form. The Cheap Seats are occupied by the naysayers, the opposing team and all of its fans …. ALL of whom love the Buffet of Nothingness!

2.) The Box Seats – These seats hold the people who built the arena and give you the messages about the expectations you must meet. These are the one who have the power to help you or to destroy you. There are alot of people who sit in the box seats!

3.) The Critics’ Section – These are the people who give you the messages of shame, comparison and scarcity. – reporters, announcers, analysts and pundits who weigh in with slanted views and negative opinions.

4.) The Support Section – These are the people who have empathy for you and show you compassion. Where do you sit in your Arena?

When Women support Women Incredible Things Happen!


Ask yourself these questions:

  • Where do I sit in my own arena?
  • Do I occupy any /all of these seats?
  • How do I sit in my Critic Section?
  • In your my Box Seats?
  • In mySupport Section?
  • What messages do I hear from each section?


Brené believes the Support Section – the source of empathy and self-compassion – holds the most important seats. This is where your go for sustenance and the energy to carry on while we’re in the arena.

The people in the Support Section are either OUT of VAGUENESS
or are also on the JOURNEY OUT of VAGUENESS.

Figure out who occupies the front row of your Support Section:

  • Who do you turn when you’re getting beaten down in your arena?
  • And if it is yourself, what do you see in your mindseye?
  • Who lifts you up, dusts you off and sends you back in to fight?
  • And if it is yourself, what do you say or do? What do you hear?
  • Who cheers you on and is proud to be there for you?
  • And if it is yourself, how does this make you feel?
  • Do YOU cheer for yourself?
  • Or do are you more of a personal critic who blames/shames you about what you should have done or said instead?

I got started as a professional speaker, corporate trainer, executive leadership coach in Los Angeles in 1986.  And seriously, there has not been a time that I have not faced tasks (and/or) task-masters that have make me feel extremely vulnerable.

Because I criss-crossed the country and was braving the wilderness in all 50 U.S. States, 10 Countries, and one working vacation of Royal Cruise Line for a good part of the past 30 years teaching leadership, self-esteem …
“I” had to learn how to fill my own self-compassion and empathy seats and create my own Support Section. I created my own cheering crowd in my own “front row” of people.

I’ve found the best defense against the Cheap Seats, the Critics’ Section and the Box Seats who were committed in keeping me in VAUGUENESS, who were committed in derailing me and keeping me from pursuing my goals … or even taking a new risk was to DO what THEY were too AFRAID to DO.

YES I too was afraid!  If they would have put cymbals on my knees, I could have lead the band … but guess what? I was NOT as afraid as them. WHY? because I was further out of VAGUENESS than they were.

They were still chowing down at the Buffet of Nothingness. And trust me, I had some of the harshest critics who did their best to put me 6-feet under.

This is why I am sooooooo passionate about (1) Getting you out of Vagueness and (2) Getting you into a position of Leadership where you too can inspire others to find their V.O.I.C.E. [values~outcomes~inspiration~confidence~enthusiasm]

Have you ever thought about who sits in your arena? Where do you sit?

Would you like to dig deeper with me and take a guided journey through Brené Brown’s
Daring Greatly” work?

That is just one BIG subject that we address throughout your entire YEAR TO CLEAR in the
Chart Your Course Leadership MasterClass with Jane Herron for about $40/month.

This is a full year working with a trainer and personal development coach who has worked with 300,000 participants in her full day workshops, and just one day workshop was about $200, so don’t keep Jane a Secret, this is her chance to give back and she wants you to take advantage of the exceptional price!

The Chart Your Course Leadership Masterclass is a powerful life-changing system that is designed for you, a woman in business, to lean for 1-Full Year. Our GOYA Strategies will push you from Stumbling blocks to new Stepping stones.


(1) A Magnify Your Manifesting Journal which helps you get your ideas sorted out, put meaning to them, and decide what’s most important.

(2) A Year to Clear Productivity Planner which offers you a “Do-Over” with 12 new months, 52 fresh weeks, 365 new days of unclaimed, uncharted territory.

SUPPORT: (3) we send you twelve Leadership & Individual Achievement Trainings over the course of the year (only one Mp3 per month)

(4) You have direct access to the Gutsy GURU to ask question in a private FB group and we hope you will also be who you are ‘an empowered woman who is willing to empower other women’ be we know that nothing success like cooperation and harmony.

: By learning new navigation skills, your preparation will meet opportunity after opportunity after opportunity. We navigate you out of Vagueness where the Buffet of Nothingness has kept you busy and bothered for way too long.






is A Best Selling Author…

Jane has recorded and produced several Best Selling Audio Albums + Journals:

  • Image & Communications Skills for Women-6 one hour recordings
  • Thanks & Grow Rich MasterClass™ – is a big part of the Chart Your Course Leadership…designed for Women…Masterclass!
  • Live In Gratitude . . . A Daily Journal
  • Passport to the Executive Suite: Leadership Skills for Women-6 one hour recordings

NSA-milestone-30 years

Strong Leadership and Management skills are the most important skills when achieving high levels of organizational performance. Strong leadership begins with a vision.

A vision then requires a strategy to move you and your team forward. And the momentum that will drive you forward comes with a productive, results-oriented attitude that is coupled with a declaration of purpose and a strong commitment to follow through.

The courage to stand out, to express innovative new ideas and to demonstrate integrity is what it takes to truly manage the vision, the strategy, and the purpose once established.

Effectively managed people tap a deeper level of consciousness and unity that produces new levels of profitability and productivity.

And in order to get what you want in life, you have to be willing to receive.

Are you open to receiving a complimentary copy of a 25 page eBook that will teach you how to magnify your manifesting by using the KEYS of the Mastermind?
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Member: National Speakers AssociationAs a member of National Speakers Association, Jane has been training Leadership & Management Skills, Image & Communications Skills, Negotiation & Selling Skills, Presentations-Platform & Sales Skills, Assertiveness, Powerful Communications Skills and NLP for 30+ years for some of the largest public seminar companies in America!

Napoleon HillJane believes that Napoleon Hill, Brené Brown, Earnie Larsen, Stephen R. Covey, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks, Edwene Gaines, Terry Gorski, Rhonda Britton were / are some of the best transformational leaders of their times because they revered the principles of self reliance, self completion, and self responsibility. However, feeling deep respect and admiration for these principles did not turn them into the ‘popular leaders‘.

A ‘popular leader‘ knows HOW TO HYPE, they can make you feel drunk and giddy from the intense EMOTIONAL BLAST they provide in an hour, a day, or over a long expensive weekend. They will make you walk on glass, break boards, get you on stage so you will “announce your junk” to people you do not know, and then, they will do their best to fill your mind with ideas with unstopable wealth and good fortune. SERIOUSLY!

They say what you want to hear, when you want to hear it. They pump and pump and pump, but do they really teach you how to handle the REALITY of the rough times??

I mean really handle the nitty gritty hard decisions that people may not like (that you may not like) . . . and when their event is over, when they have deposited your money, when the HYPE is gone and you are required to navigate yourself through the thick of thin times–how do you feel?? Principle Centered leadership is sustainability, while the popular leaders know if you are giddy with delight, your emotions will pull out your wallet when the leader on the stage tells you to go to the back of the room.

Transformational leaders are not about hype; they are not all about looking good or sounding great, but they are about telling you the truth. This means they are willing to tell you what you need to hear, not always what you want to hear.

Tranformational Leaders
are willing to risk your feelings temporarily so they may

affect your future permanently!

True transformational leaders, like Jack Canfield and Jane Herron speak
to all people like they are rising stars, rising leaders, not as if they are “their lucky followers“.

  • A true transformational leader does not need a PERISCOPE of themselves at the homeless shelter so you can see how benevolent they are. A true transformational leader is not SELF aggrandizing, they are about HELPING YOU get to the next level, whether that is direct sales, within a company, within a community.

Jane Herron is all about YOU.
She is your GURU (reminding you that G U R U)
and SHE wants to help you take your next step up.

Besides keeping you ON COURSE over the next year in the Chart Your Course MasterClass, Jane will bring you topics she has trained in Corporations and in Public Seminars over the past 30 years: Image and Communications Skills; Listening & the Power of Persuasion (NLP); Selling like a PRO; Public Speaking; Managing Assertively; Leadership & Navigation skills and of course Napoleon Hills: Think And Grow Rich. Jane will customize the monthly sessions to maximize your “stretch & growth” . . . to maximize your ability to navigate through the thick of thin times.

According to Dr. Covey, Empowerment happens when you share your power as a leader, when you help others to understand and own their power, when you meet them where they are at, your participants use their power step by step so that one day they no longer need you.

You cannot do this at a weekend retreat!

At Training Without The Travel, we believe is space learning where we teach, and then you apply the knowledge. Napoleon Hill reinforced the importance of applied and specialized knowledge.
We empower you to learn and apply, learn and apply. And everyone needs a GURU.

A GURU is someone who reminds you that Gee YOU are YOU (g u r u) and NO ONE does YOU quite like YOU. Jane is the Gutsy GURU who pays attention to your personal development and individual achievement In this mastermind alliance. The people you add to your group, your mastermind alliance acts as your personal Focus Group, so choose them wisely!
The Chart Your Course Leadership Masterclass is a very powerful!

The easiest and most economical way to work with Jane, is to enroll in her year long masterclass that will train you and give you a place to privately practice before you publicly perform …

It’s called Chart Your Course Leadership Masterclassand it will teach you these topics over your year to clear as you prepare for your success:
• Powerful communication skills that build courage, confidence, and clarity
• Success Strategies that will help you establish credibility in the workplace
• How to develop your executive presence so you look, sound, and act like a leader
• Dynamic Public Speaking: best practice for meetings, seminars, webinars, etc
• Learn how to navigate office politics, deal with difficult people, and more!
• Learn the lessons of Survivor: build strategic alliances, manage assertively
• Learn persuasion, influence and negotiation skills to apply to your sales conversations
• Learn how to manage your Time and Projects
• A dive into Brené Brown’s work on Daring Greatly

You are facing a personal or professional change that needs to happen, when you ‘have to get out of Vagueness once and for all . . . where do you begin?

  • How is your decision-making—which decisions involve whom? How does good decision-making build a staff that is motivated and empowered to get things done.
  • Have you identified the driving forces that set the speed at which you and your organization gets from point A to B.
  • How do you read the maps and road signs of change?
  • How do you get ready and prepare yourself and others for a change in terrain?
  • You will learn: Principle-centered goal-setting; Why putting the compass before the clock changes how you will establish your priorities; and Why nothing succeeds like collaboration, cooperation, and the elimination of competition.
  • You will learn the power of working together as a winning team!
  • Gear Shifting—problems generate paradigm shifts while paradigm shifts creates options.
  • We will examine the internal needs of what human being want in life…. the true keys to motivation!
  • We will learn how to manage and magnify those human needs to help your people do their very best!
  • How to lead the process of change-5 key lessons from a higher level of leadership
  • You will discover your major road blocks and how get around them. Once you learn it and practice it for yourself, then you can do this for others.
  • Specific techniques that will help you let go of the past, so you may move forward.
  • You will revisit your old internal map so that you may refocus and then re-script what you value most now.
  • You will return to yourself even stronger with a renewed sense of clarity, strength and wisdom.
  • Gain a greater send of inner confidence, genuine security and peace of mind.
  • You will leave this workshop: EMPOWERED, charged UP, and ready to drive yourself in a new direction that will give you JOY.
  • We make this affordable for everyone at about $40/month, are you ready?