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Jane A. Herron is the founder of The Language of Leadership and creator of Coaching Leadership Success … Chart Your Course Programs.  As member of National Speakers Association since 1986, Jane has been a National Trainer for all of the largest Seminar Companies in America where she mentored thousands of women to success.  As a PhD Candidate in Positive Psychology, Jane has been teaching the Principles of Success (how to Master Your Mindset) and then compares those principles to the Habits of Failure. (how you really spend your time) on stage to Students of Success for 30+ years.

Our Philosophy of Success…ROCKS. You will love contrasting your own VAGUENESS (and the results you might currently have) with the power found in CRYSTAL CLARITY (and the results you get).  Jane leads expeditions OUT of VAGUENESS!!
And because the social distancing requirements that comes along with the pandemic, Jane is moving everything ONLINE, through ZOOM.

So please take a moment to fill in your form with your specific needs/wants of how you would like to hire Jane, and then, HIT SUBMIT.

Your Word is Your Wand

Train Your Brain ~ Tame Your Tongue

Learn how to Wave your Wand over Negativity

Watch it Vanish!

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Your WORD is Your WAND


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