You are ready to turn a corner in your LIFE and up your GAME HOW do you learn to Chart Your Course & Stay On Course?

Brené Brown wrote a powerful book titled DARING GREATLY.

It is here that she confirms for us that most of us are in a “spiritual crisis of disconnection”.  It has never been more difficult to get your bearings and make a significant change than now.  If you are someone who is ready to turn a corner, you want a do-over, you are waking up to some new truths and it is time for you to do things differently, then, then you are at the right place at the right time. Jane Herron, leadership development coach has created a year long program that will teach you how to dare greatly and how be more courageous than you have ever been as you navigate your way out of this spiritual disconnection and move toward true belonging.

True belonging is the spiritual practice of believing in and belonging to yourself so deeply that you can share your most authentic self with the world and find sacredness in both being a part of something and/or standing alone in the wilderness.

True belonging doesn’t require you to change who you are.   It requires you to BE who you are.

I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense once the hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with their pain.” James Baldwin

Learn to Chart Your Course . . . 
while Helping others to Navigate Theirs!

Jane Herron, wants to put a compass in your hand,
a map in your pocket and a commitment in your heart as she trains you to navigate your way out of the wilderness (vast disconnection from the SELF) so that you may reconnect to your heart and soul.

Maybe you lost yourself in a horrible relationship, you got fired from a job and lost all of your savings, sibling issues that you thought were behind you, have reared their ugly heads once again.  Professionally, you have roadblocks to deal with that ‘others’ have not had to deal with. You want to be a strong emerging leader, but some days you feel like ‘pigpen’ with a cloud of dust chasing you. CLARITY and a new level of consciousness would be great, but getting “there” requires vulnerablity – which ‘ain’t so easy‘ to do in front of others who live in the cheap seats ready to criticize every move you make!  Sound familiar??

Jane Herron was the first woman hired by Covey Leadership Center to teach Dr. Covey’s outstanding Leadership course: The 7-Habits of Highly Effective People and his amazing Productivity course: First Things First

Once you gather your bearings, find your true north, discover your purpose, you will be ready to move out of the wilderness and move toward manifesting your heart’s desires. It is only then that you will be ready to ‘magnify your manifesting’ and that manifesting process is truly amazing . . . but we have to get you out of the wilderness first, reconnect YOU to YOU before you can chart your course.

Our Chart Your Course Leadership MasterClass is simple, inexpensive (about $40/month) and great for anyone who feels the pain of living a disconnected life or a career that does not provide meaning.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think & Grow Rich said,

“The greatest gift you can give someone is the Gift Of Direction.

That is why we want you to learn how to chart your course with us, so that you can then help others navigate theirs.  SELF first, then others because this may be one of the most challenging journey’s out of the wilderness you will ever do in your life.

Your struggles become your opportunities as your biggest stumbling blocks dissolve into the stepping stones of success as you gain the clarity, focus, direction you need”.

Jane A. Herron has given the Gift of Direction to more than 300,000 participants in her live Leadership & Communications skills seminars that she has conducted around the world as a leadership educator, keynote speaker, success coach and G.U.R.U. helping executives and their employees improve their performance, access their true potential, and live lives filled with personal and professional satisfaction.  Additionally, she has personally hit many of the speed bumps that you are hitting in your life, so she has 30 years of training others, and working on herself to assist YOU.

While criss-crossing the country training, Jane saw a BIG GAP in the curriculum that did NOT address the needs of women in business, women managing women, women leading women, so she created her “chart your course leadership” training to fill that GAP.

The Chart Your Course Leadership MasterClass for Women  provides everything you (a woman in business) will need to reconnect to yourself, and then, develop your leadership, productivity, communication & sales skills so that you may give the ‘gift of direction‘ to others … to your team.

TRUST is the number one key ingredient in becoming a great leader,
followed by VISION, the confidence to EXECUTE, and then the ability to COACH, to mentor, to draw out the best in your people.

Here is a big secret, when women trust women, when women work together harmoniously, GREAT THINGS HAPPEN . . . but getting to the place of being an inspired LEADER will take some work & some time.

We call it your Year to Clear. Our program is ridiculously affordable for everyone, however, you noticed, we did NOT say it was ridiculously easy.

IF you are looking for a Sales, Leadership & Communications Skills training that will sustain you for a full year of personal achievement and progress then you need to join the Chart Your Course Coaching Masterclass!

TOOLS: You are buying a Manifesting Journal and a Productivity Planner and a year’s worth of trainings with a seasoned leadership trainer. The Mp3’s will come once a month for 12 months.

SUPPORT: Sequential spaced learning is extremely powerful when wanting to learn, try on, and progress with a new mind-set & skill-set. We teach, you apply the lesson to your goals, to your life for 30 days. We teach again and You apply more to more for another 30 days.

BONUS: The Masterclass includes direct access to Jane Herron for Q + A in a private Chart Your Course Facebook Group where you can also tap into empowered women who desire to empower others with their leadership skills. Our consistency, quality of training and the mastermind energy will help to rebuild and restore your confidence, credibility and creativity. [The 3-C’s=confidence, credibility, creativity]

NOTE: We are BIG believers in personal and professional coaching, BUT feel it is a total waste of your money IF/WHEN (you) are not clear about what you want or where you are going!!

You have heard the old saying:

If you don’t know where you are going,
any road will get you there!

AND, if you don’t know where you are going, that is exacting WHY this training is perfect for you: (1) you will have a Year to Clear with Jane (2) She sincerely believes in making things affordable, and $40/month is very affordable.

REMEMBER: Just because someone is good at marketing does not mean they know how to coach (you). Even worse, is (you) pay for a coach who is not certified and/or has not ‘done that’ or ‘been there’.

We suggest before rushing out to hire a coach . . . . to maximize your time, energy and money . . .

by letting us help you

Get you out of your Wilderness

You will get more bang for the buck by allowing us help you sort-sort-sort where you are now and where you want to go, and then, when you are very clear, then is the time to hire a personal coach, but give us the Year to Clear for about 40/month and let’s see where you are at in 12 months from now.

Our Magnify Your Manifesting Journal
is designed to help you sort-sort-sort!

Hiring a COACH to do YOUR sorting is expensive!  Let us help you do the sorting process while you gain clarity.

It is so much smarter to hire a good coach to train you on what THEY do BEST. You want to hire a COACH for their expertise, hire them for their years of experience, hire them for what is in their wheelhouse, hire them for the expertise and experience that you need for your skill-set.

Just because they are the HOT & MOST POPULAR coach is not a good reason for YOU to invest in THEM. You want to invest in the person, the coach who is going to invest in YOU.

Our Productivity Planner
is designed to chart you OUT of Vagueness!

One of the first lectures sent to you will be What Happens in Vagueness, Stays in Vagueness.

Jane is the best clarity coach on the planet and seriously will save you thousands of dollars by getting you clear and back into focus before you shop for the right coach.

Give yourself a Year to Clear with Jane Herron, and who knows you might feel that you got all that you needed from an expensive coach with this process of moving from a caterpiller to a radiant butterfly.

That is Jane’s intentions because she knows it takes time to learn how to fly.

The real magic of working with a transformational coach who takes you from a caterpiller to a butterfly is someone who is going to work with you to help you to discover WHAT it is that you are really really good at, what lights you up, what makes you sparkle, what gives you wind beneath your wings!!! And then, she is going to help you navigate how you are going to deliver your message, your good to the world.

So please don’t keep Jane a Secret!!

As her executive coach said to her: “I’d much rather work with someone who has 30 years of experience working with executive women, who’s sole focus is to see me succeed, than to work with a beautiful 30 year old who has no real life experience.” Jane gives you the time and space to takes you from a caterpiller to a butterfly.

And we would love to have you join our Women’s Leadership Movement.
One of the things we believe in is using the Powers of the Mastermind
(as taught in Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill).

We would love to send you a 22-page e-Book, titled:
The Power of the MASTERMIND

Join the Movement!

And you never know who needs you.

Joyful Energy is Contagious

. . . Please accept some of mine and be sure to share some of yours!

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17-Principles of Success



What is a Transformational Leader?

A transformational leader is not about hype; not all about looking good or sounding great, but they are about telling you the truth.

As Brené Brown would tell you: they are willing to tell you what you need to hear, not always what you want to hear.


Tranformational Leaders
are willing to risk your feelings temporarily
to affect your future permanently!

  • A true transformational leader speaks to all people like rising leaders — not their lucky followers.
  • A true transformational leader is not about constant SELFIES on FB, Pinterest & Instagram.
  • A true transformational leader does not need a PERISCOPE of themselves at the homeless shelter to let everyone see how benevolent they are. I am sure you know this sort of need for SELF aggrandizing is not transformational…but it is sure popular!
  • A ‘popular leader‘ knows how to HYPE, they can make you feel drunk and giddy from the intense EMOTIONAL BLAST they provide in an hour, a day, or over a long “very expensive weekend”.
  • They will make you walk on glass, break boards, get you on stage so you will “announce your junk” to people you do not know, and then, they do their best to fill your mind with ideas of wealth and fortune.
  • They say what you want to hear, when you want to hear it. They pump and pump and pump, but do they really teach you how to handle the rough times??
  • I mean really handle the nitty gritty hard decisions that people may not like (that you may not like) . . . and when their event is over, when they have deposited your money, when the HYPE is gone–how do you feel?? do you really feel you can sustain yourself and your team through the thick of thin times??

Jane Herron, true transformational leader over the past 30 years is all about helping YOU  … whether that is direct sales, within a company or within a community.

Jane Herron is all about your next step and how you are going to take it.

The best ways to gather your bearings and navigate your way out of the Wilderness is to join us in a Year to Clear in the Chart Your Course Leadership MasterClass with Jane Herron. I promise you will gain so much confidence because she lead you out of the ‘Wilderness of Disconnection’ and she will ‘get you out of Vagueness’!!