Thanks And Grow Rich

THANKS & Grow Rich: ~SELF Mastery~ A Journal, A Planner ... A Year to Clear with Jane Herron
Become the Master of your own universe and do not let anyone else’s negative words, actions or deeds sway you from your purpose, goals or dreams.

SELF Mastery is the most important thing you can do for yourself in this lifetime! That is easier to say than to do. Eighty years ago, prolific writer Napoleon Hill wrote the all time best self-help book which has been foundational to every motivational speaker since.

What many do not know is that after outlining success principles in his 1937 Think & Grow Rich, he felt it was necessary for his readers to also understand the principles of failure, so in 1938 he wrote
Outwitting the Devil.

Interestingly, because so many more people were actively using the principles of failure his wife Annie did not want him to lose his good name, so that book was shelved and not published until June of 2011.

From these two books,
Jane has shifted the principles from the

Outwitting The Devil

17-Principles of Success


In Jane’s MasterClass, you will examine the principles of these two books as she has transformed them to

THANKS & Grow Rich.


The MasterClass is designed to give you a Year to Clear as you learn how to Magnify your Manifestings and Chart Your Course.

Our Philosophy of Success Rocks!
Where can you find an experienced leadership development coach who understands the personal needs of women in business?
HOW do you navigate the changing times as a entrepreneur, as a woman managing others?
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That’s where Jane comes in!  Jane will put a MAP in your pocket, COMPASS in your hand & COMMITMENT in your heart.

IF you have been going through your own personal HELL,
this is the MasterClass for you!

Watch how your life changes when you tune into your intuition, psychic senses, and the blessings that are coming to you from paying attention to the still small voice within [AKA] your spiritual guidance. By listening-obeying your Still Small Voice, you will change + improve your life.
 As Osho says,

Your intuition is your best teacher.

What does your intuition tell you about joining the
Chart Your Course Coaching Masterclass,
will you join us?

While attending a National Speakers Association Convention

I heard Mark Victor Hansen speaking about ‘stretching the rubber band‘ beyond your limit of possibilities.
To put some “rubber on the road”, Mark made a very bold, outrageous statement in 1994, stating:

“Jack Canfield and I will sell over 100 million books together!”

Such a huge audacious goal was one he could not get his head wrapped around it, but he announced this goal to the Universe, had a vision and made a commitment in 1994.

Little did Mark + Jack know that 44 publishers would reject the book and their literary agent would give up on them, saying he just couldn’t sell the concept of Chicken Soup for the Soul. But then it happened!

Before they knew it, they had a HIT on their hands.

He then said: I couldn’t imagine us doing more than 20-30 titles in the series and maybe sell 25 million books – at best!  THAT would have been a huge success . . . but was I ever WRONG!

My “limited thinking” was holding the two of us back as I was not allowing for our Success to Happen.

Their Art of Allowing came into daily practice and their sales blew past 100 million, beyond 150 million, not to mention other branding related products, TV interviews, and they were asked to be a contributors to The Secret [2006].  Mark and Jack then sold their company in 2008 for an enormous sum of money to a company who has expanded the Chicken Soup brand even further.

That expansion is another example of ‘stretching the rubber band’ beyond your limits of possibilities because most brand expansions fail, but not this one. Today, some 500 MILLION Chicken Soup For the Soul books have been sold!!

The 2006 best-selling book (and DVD) The Secret is another example of ‘stretching the rubber band.’ Rhonda Byrne’s book The Secret reached the top of the New York Times bestseller list, where it remained for 146 consecutive weeks (that is almost 3 full years). Since then, The Secret has been translated into 44 languages, and has over 21 million copies in print. Thanks in big part to the appearance in the Oprah TV show, the book and DVD have grossed over $500 million in sales.

Is it time to stretch your rubber band? Are you allowing for all of your good to reach you?

The Chart Your Course Coaching MasterClass
will stretch you.  Will You – Join US?

And please don’t keep us a Secret!!

We would like to send you a complimentary copy of our book teaching you
the Powers of using the Mastermind, titled
The KEYS to your SUCCESS is with the MASTERMIND
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When you combine your own strength with that of at least two or more like-minded persons — as well as that of the Mastermind [aka The Maestro], the collective abilities of each person is many, many times greater than the sum of the individual energies involved.

Coach Your Way to Success Mastermind GroupTo prove this to you, imagine a Maestro standing before only one orchestra member. The Maestro, aka Jane Herron-The Gutsy GURU could help that individual, but when the Maestro is allowed to bring in others members to sit with this one, this woman not only learns from others sitting around her, but she has more energy to go the distance performing at levels she could have never done alone!
The group made her better!

The Maestro masterminds the tempo and direction of the music being played.

The more skilled the players, the better the Maestro must be to lead the entire group to play their best!
Jane Herron is a skilled Maestro who has been working with executives, managers and entrepreneurs for over 30-years teaching team-building skills.

And a skilled “Life Player”comes into the group looking for “something more” she knows how to help this committed person to stretch, how everyone else in the group will up-level and even she the Maestro will grow.

Is this the sort of leadership experience that you’ve been seeking?

Law Of Success Mastermind GroupsNapoleon Hill explicitly taught that the mastermind had a spiritual element that would come into the group, network, solve problems, introduce resources.

He called this energy the “third mind.”


Because Napoleon Hill was forced to dummy down the “third mind” some people put up resistance before they could discover how the mastermind has gone to work for people for decades!

Jane designed the Chart Your Course Coaching Masterclass for women to give them the leadership mindset and tools needed to navigate through the thick of thin time.

We want to put a map in your hand, a compass in your pocket and a commitment in your heart!

And here is the good news, you do NOT need to start our program at the start of a new year. Yes, you start on the day that you decide to leave your NEGATIVITY behind.

The Year to Clear Productivity Planner is not dated, so you get the full 12 months of training no matter WHEN you begin.  We will be there for you ALL year!


The hardest part of your journey is just getting started,
so decide right now to join the Chart Your Course MasterClass.

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 Become the master of your own universe with US!