Napoleon Hill, author of Think & Grow Rich believed
when you pull together bright people to help you, it naturally results in economic power, however it was the psychic aspect that happened when harmony was the underlying connection, that by combining unified intellect, the whole was greater than the sum of the parts. Great fortune could be gained in no other way.  


The Deliberate Creation
of Wealth, Health and Success 
Gaining Power through the Mastermind

A MasterMind Alliance is the coordination of knowledge and effort in a spirit of harmony between two or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose. Hill had lectured for years that:

No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind. You must tap into this third mind and use the Mastermind before you can use the Master Keys!”

The economic and psychic ‘synergy’ that Dr. Covey taught about in his 7-Habits of Highly Effective People, reminded me that when harmony exists, when this third mind, this invisible, intangible force appears within the group . . . when this psychic-spiritual energy appears . . . you have the power to borrow and to use the education, influence and the capital of others within the group (real or imagined).

It is through this principle discovered within a strong Mastermind Alliance, that you can accomplish more in one year than you can accomplish in a lifetime . . . and harmony is the most important element.

This reminded me of a time when I was training and coaching for The Covey Leadership Center and I had the opportunity to meet Rebecca Merrill, the woman who like writer Rosa Lee with Napoleon Hill’s TAGR organized Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s writing, recordings, thoughts and ideas. 

Just like Rosa Lee she condensed them, organized them, rewrote them into the form of a Best-Seller . . . The 7-Habits of Highly Effective People.

IF you go to Amazon and search Rebecca Merrill’s name, you will see she authored (or coordinated): The 7-Habits of Highly Effective People, First Things First, Principle Centered Leadership, The Speed of Trust and many more books that taught us all: to live, to love, to learn, and to leave a legacy.

They say, behind every great man is a great woman  … that saying is the definition of a powerful Mastermind Alliance.  You do not have to be married to that man to be the strength behind the man and let’s face it, there were very few women who were able to come forward with the spotlight on them and not on the man even though THEY may have been the one who did a majority of the creative the heavy lifting to put him into the spotlight. All of these strong women have been secure in themselves, in their own knowing of her individual contribution to the world.

Likewise, she knows that if she had tried to do this work completely on her own as a individual, she may not have had the chance to perform at the same level she performed by being part of a Mastermind Alliance.

WHO got the credit was less important, than how the work was affecting the world . . . she looked at the economic and psychic aspects of her work and knew she had made more and had contributed more, than if she – like Rosa Lee – had tried to write an all time best-seller flying solo!

As a motivational speaker who has been paid a great deal for a single event, I was still reminded (often) by both men and women that I was not Tony Robbins . . . in other words . . . remember your place. Realistically, this glass ceiling continues for many of us, even though we have broken through some barriers.  When a single woman breaks through, often there is a YES BUT effect. 

YES men will allow this ONE through the gate, BUT she is an exception . . .  meaning . . . if you are not exceptional . . . you will never be the TOKEN WOMAN in the group of successful men.  WE need to change that!

The Power of a Great Mastermind Group

The power of a great mastermind group will not only help you get very clear about your own vision, but it will inspire you to do things that you may never have been willing TO DO before joining the group.

No one is a born leader!

In 1937, Americans were suffering.  Napoleon Hill was called upon by President Franklin D Roosevelt to create a Mastermind Alliance comprised of members of Congress, newspapers, media + radio stations, churches and Unions. With the commitment and harmony of the positive psychology found in the principles in Think & Grow Rich, this Mastermind Alliance with Napoleon, Rosa Lee, Eleanor + FDR, collectively they raised America out of the Greatest Financial Depression!

Meet the Maestro

The power of the mastermind              Imagine a Maestro standing before an individual.

The Maestro could direct (coach) this one, however, when the Maestro is allowed to bring others to sit with this ONE, this new member not only learns from the other members sitting around her, but she also gathers the power and energy from the group to go the distance; to try things she had never considered; to give her unclaimed confidence that she never had before she had harmonious peers sitting next to her.

When you combine your energy, your strengths with that of at least two or more like minded persons—and the Maestro invites in the third mind—who will only show up for the group if they are playing well together—the collective abilities of each person is magnified many many times greater than the sum of the individual’s energy.

Your personal power, the economic power, the psychic power of each member of the group is amplified by the power and greatness within the group.

The Maestro also has some skin in the game. The more skilled the players, the better the Maestro must BE to LEAD the tempo and direction of the music being played.  The Maestro has to know the players well enough to call upon the strength of a player at the perfect time so the collective performance is MAGNIFICENT for the audience!

Jane is the Maestro who specializes in the Psychology of Selling, Speaking, Self Completion. She serves Students of  Success by exercising their courage and their creativity muscles. Her favorite way of serving her student is through the creative process of the Mastermind Alliances that she orchestrates each Wednesday morning.

SELF Mastery is not a mystery, there is a method to RAISING & PRAISING women to their highest good. Jane does this for you in the weekly Master Mind group helping to train your internal compass to dial into your True North. Want to join US?

WE TEACH positive psychology each week . . .

You do not want to miss a single moment of inspiration that Jane Herron [your Maestro] uses to fire-up your creativity, your passion, and ability to tap into the well of wisdom from the group.

Yes you could go it alone, figure out all of the pieces of the puzzle all by yourself, only to be told that YOU are not EXCEPTIONAL and you cannot play in our BIG BOY arena.

OR for $25/week, you could join our Mastermind Alliance where all of the resources of this group could be offered to you (if and when) there is enough trust and harmony between the members.  You will be invited to attend 4-meetings per month for only $100 with a 3 month commitment so the members of the group can grow with you, and from you.

Mastermind Alliance with Jane Herron


Jane Herron is a powerful MAESTRO as SHE has first hand knowledge and experience with the Mastermind, she has first hand knowledge of what it means to be the TOKEN WOMAN allowed into the BOYS CLUB.

Jane promises not to dummy down the economic or the psychic powers of the Mastermind experience as Napoleon Hill was forced to do because people could not believe there was a Spiritual Force a Spiritual Element that could connect the dots with easy without the need to prove yourself as EXCEPTIONAL to a group of men who should not matter. She promises to challenge you to play better and to get more out of life than ever before. And she promises that your WINS will be more gratifying than those you may have experienced previously.


What Happens When 

one or more in the group decides to turn his back on the economic or the psychic powers of the alliance?


I write HIS because that is what Napoleon Hill did to his young wife Rosa Lee. 

The publication of Think & Grow Rich put Napoleon back in demand on the lecture circuit, so he was successfully filling lecture halls with people who wanted to go from rags to riches. Absence did not make his heart grow fonder for his wife (his Mastermind partner) who went through the labor pains of giving birth to this best-selling economic success! NO, old habits die hard, and his addiction to his tenth step toward riches in Think & Grow Rich: “The Mystery of Sexual Transmutation” was more powerful than the unity he had with his wife, his Mastermind Partner.

Rosa Lee made her discoveries of his trangressions and she filed for divorce. Did I mention that before 29 year old Rosa Lee allowed herself to engage in his tenth step, that 53 year old Napoleon Hill required this young writer to sign a pre-nup.  What he was not telling her directly is that he had racked up debt along the way and to stave off the creditors, if they put the royalties into her name, they could not touch him.

Napoleon Hill may have met his match when he met the talented eager writer Rosa Lee Beeland, because he did not consider that she would ever walk away from him for dipping his pen back into his tenth step while he was away from home. And with the dissolution of their marriage and their MasterMind Alliance . . . ALL of the future royalties for the work they collectively produced in the short time of their Alliance . . . went with HER when they dissolved the marriage.

For the fourth time, Napoleon Hill found himself without Love or Money!


In 1938 after losing the GOOSE who laid his Golden Eggs, Napoleon Hill was force to look at the opposite side of success by documenting the HABITS of Failure in
Outwitting the Devil.

After losing all of his royalty rights to Think & Grow Rich to his exwife Rosa Lee Hill, Napoleon was not so arrogant to believe that his love for or his addiction to ‘his tenth step towards riches‘ was not the cause of losing the GOOSE who laid his GOLDEN EGGS.  He knew!

Angry at himself as he faced his own economic and psychic depression, this situation required him to demonstrate ‘a level of tranparency’ first with himself, and then with his readers. He shared his failures and crisis of faith in his next book OUTWITTING THE DEVIL [OTD].

Love & Money had caught up with him once again, and once again, he managed to keep his ‘affairs’ out of the public domain while at the same time no one knew Rosa Lee was gainfully enjoying the royalty riches of  ‘their best-seller’ with his name on the front cover . . . but he was the one whom had required her to sign the pre-nup that ended up benefiting her.

Andrew Pelton, Think & Grow Rich‘s publisher set Hill up in an apartment and he began to work on a lecture series for the Presbyterian College, as well as a series of manuscripts, titled: Mental Dynamite published by Jacobs Press. (available on Amazon)

While PRINCIPLES may act like your North Star, old HABITS die hard!

That tenth step toward riches came into power once again when Napoleon caught the eye of Annie Lou Norman, the secretary to William Jacobs at the Presbyterian College (Jacobs Press) and very soon Annie Lou became wife #5 to Napoleon Hill.

It did not take long for Annie Lou to discover the truth about the Think & Grow Rich royalties and that she had not married a rich man!  As Annie Lou read about his “HABITS of FAILURE” in his new manuscript, she was ashamed and became filled with fear that if discovered, he would lose his good name and/or their potential for their next great fortune. . . not realizing that it was Rosa Lee who gave birth to that best-seller Think & Grow Rich.  So horrified . . . Annie Lou (and her heirs who followed) put away the OTD manuscript for 75 years!!

OTD was not published until after his death in 1970 and her death in 1984.  In June of 2011, the book was annotated by best-selling author Sharon Lechter and published by The Napoleon Hill Foundation.

Interestingly, Sharon Lechter, was much like Rosa Lee who co-authored (mostly authored) 15 Rich Dad Poor Dad books with Robert Kiyosaki.

She was not as lucky as Rosa Lee to walk away with the royalty rights of their collaborative works. I will leave the dissolution story marked as “private” because they are both working writers/speakers. ALL I will say is after 10 years post nasty break up, Robert Kiyosaki did apologize for the behaviors that left behind a great deal of emotional and financial hurt.

OTD is a strong story documenting the conversations Napoleon Hill had with the Devil. In this ‘in your face’ book, Napoleon Hill determines what it would take to Outwit The Devil.

In modern times, you could compare the genesis of this book to the TV show SURVIVOR where the winner must outwit, outplay and outlast the opposition.  IF you have watched the show, you know the winners of the million dollars had to depend upon alliance to make it all of the way to the end.

It is when you take your eye off the prize, live without a definite aim, or allow your mind to be consumed by fear, Napoleon Hill referred to those people as “drifters“.  The TV show Survivor simply kicks the “drifters“ off the island.

NH wrote in OTW: A majority of people begin to drift as soon as they meet with opposition and only “1” out of 10,000 will keep on trying after failing two or three timesWhere do you fall on that continuum?

SUCCESS & FAILURE are the mirror image of each other so it is imperative to understand BOTH

FEAR & FAILURE facilitate the Devil’s work in OTW because

FEAR subdues one’s enthusiasm, dulls one’s imagination, and destroys one’s definiteness of purpose, while FAILURE breaks down one’s morale and self-confidence.

Jane loves the history and the lessons found in both books because one teaches the principles of Success while the other teaches the habits of Failure.  Let’s face it, Napoleon Hill had a lifetime of BOTH.

Jane contacted The Napoleon Hill Foundation wanting to modernize Think & Grow Rich for Women by shift from the head to the heart.

The head [THINK] is considered masculine, while the heart [THANKS] is feeling based and feminine. The Napolean Hill Foundation said they would be delighted with this sort of update!

The Maestro is in the house every Wednesday morning, orchestrating the players to perform at a brand new level in her new THANKS & GROW RICH Mastermind Alliances.  IF you want to join in, hit the New Bookings link here at the MENU. [jb7]

What is your cluttered-chaotic life trying to tell you?

What Happens in Vagueness
~Stays in Vagueness~

You are so much better than that!

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Jane Herron